A Guide to Cannabis Quantities

There are many ways to quantify weed, and most of them involve a scale. Cannabis is sold in grams, ounces, and even pounds. What do you usually buy? Dimebags, cheap grams, premium ounces or middle-weight eighths... let's measure the size, weight and value of our buds.
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How do you measure happiness? For some, it can’t be quantified in regular terms of measurement but is instead a combination of laughter, love and fun. For others, the measurement of happiness directly correlates with the numbers in their bank accounts. For us stoners, however, measuring happiness is simple – you can weigh it on a scale. How much weed do you have right now? There’s your simple, yet profound yardstick for happiness. Ounces, eighths, pounds, nugs, dimebags and joints make up the weird & wonderfully unique world of cannabis quantities. Some might say that many of these ways to measure weed are confusing because many people prefer many different quantifiers, but this simply highlights that many stoners treat cannabis more like an artform than a science.
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Whether you buy your buds in bulk, you purchase weed based on the potency values, or you seek the best dollar-per-ounce when you have a hankering for some dank dro, cannabis measurements can be very different from site-to-store, province-to-state or country-to-country. In an effort to keep our awesome readers at the top of their cannabis games, we’ve surveyed the lay of the land for cannabis quantities and we’re aiming to help you understand the scales of cannabis quantities.

How much is a quarter of weed in grams? How much is gram for that matter? What’s a half-ounce of weed in terms of price? How much is an ounce, even?! All of these questions and more we’ll endeavor to answer in Haute’s Guide to Cannabis Quantities.

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What Are Common Sale Quantities For Cannabis Flowers?

Whether you’re looking to make sure you’re getting the best deal or if you’re trying to find a more appropriate potency level to meet your cannabis needs, there are many cannabis quantities to choose from. Grams, eighths, quarters, halves, ounces are typically listed on most online cannabis dispensaries. Dimebags, dubs, singles or pounds are sometimes used as well, but these are less popular in the e-commerce world and are more closely associated with weed dealers.

For the purposes of this guide to cannabis quantities, let’s focus on ounces and grams.


A gram is the most commonly used measurement for cannabis flowers. Not all buds are a gram, and a gram of buds is not equal across the board. That being said, one gram is typically enough for a joint or two but this will largely depend on your skills as a roller. Grams are usually listed in terms of:

● 1 gram
● ½ gram
● ¼ gram

How much is a gram: Grams of weed are all over the place in terms of cost – you can find $1 grams, $2 grams, $4 grams, $10 grams and well into $30+ per gram for real premium stuff.

Dimebags & Dubs

Dimebags are a slang term used by many stoners all over the world. A dimebag isn’t always 1 gram exactly, but this moniker came from $10 for 1 gram in a small bag. A “dimebag” was often some decently potent cannabis that could be had for a cheap $10, so they’re a favorite term among many seasoned weed smokers.

Dubs, on the other hand, can mean two different things. First, a dubs can refer to 2 grams of some nice nugs. Secondly, dubs can also mean a 2-joint of prerolls that could be had for cheap. Dubs were often $20 – simply double the price of the standard dimebag. Both dimebags and dubs are commonly used today, so you can expect to see these measurements used from time to time.

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From grams we’re going to jump right into a full ounce of weed and then work our way down. An ounce is an American unit of measurement that many other countries don’t use all that often, but like a heavy bag of sticky buds it seems to have stuck with the cannabis community. An ounce of weed equates to 28 grams of buds.

This figure is often the most you can buy in dispensaries across the United States, and in Canada your legal possession limit is 30 grams. That being said, many dispensaries sell larger quantities, especially if you have a medical need for weed. 28 grams of cannabis can typically make 30-50 blunts or 80-100 joints, but always keep in mind that not all joints are rolled equally so these figures will vary.

How much is an ounce: High quality strains in ounces will cost $250+ per ounce, whereas lower tier buds can range from $125-200 per ounce.

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If an ounce of buds are 28 grams, then a half ounce would be 14 grams right? Yes… most of the time. Some dispensaries sell half ounce with a bonus gram, so 15 grams of buds instead of the standard 14. This really depends on the State/Province you’re buying your weed in, so hopefully you live in a region where a half ounce of weed price means more buds for your bucks.

14-15 grams of cannabis can typically make 20-30 blunts, 30-45 joints or a whole lot of edibles – we’re talking mad stacks of cookie trays! Half ounces are commonly purchased by DIY edibles makers because it provides enough for a couple batches with a bit left over for smoking (or garnishing).

Half ounce of weed price: Half ounces of weed can range in price like any measurement of marijuana, but the average falls around $100-120 per half ounce for middle-weight strains.

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How much is a quarter of weed in grams? 7 to be exact. This convenient size of buds is affordable, provides enough weed to enjoy yourself and then some, and can go anywhere with you in a compact – but not too noticeable – bag.

Quarters typically roll 10-12 blunts or 15+ joints making them a great quick/easy pickup before stoner parties. Quarter ounces seem to be one of the most popular purchases from online dispensaries in both Canada and the U.S.

Quarter ounce weed cost: Quarters are all over the map because they are offered for lesser, middling and greater qualities of cannabis. Nevertheless, quarter ounces typically range from $50-75 per quarter.

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Before you ask, we’ll answer your nagging question: How many grams is an eighth of weed? Despite what your stoner brain is probably telling you, no it’s not 8 grams. The term “eighth” refer to 3.5 grams – half a quarter ounce which is 7 grams. An eighth is usually 5 dense nugs, but this will vary from strain to strain.

An eighth fits in your pocket and makes for 5-6 blunts, 8-10 joints or so. Like with half ounces of weed, some dispensaries offer bonus grams in their eighths making them 4 grams instead of 3.5. In most cases, larger eighths are used to incentivize smokers to buy lower quality buds. Always keep your eyes open for deals like this, however, because you can get some real high-quality eighths for great deals if you know where to look.

How many dollars is an eighth of weed: Eighths are pretty consistent when it comes to pricing. A typical eighth will range from $25-30, depending on the quality of course.

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We know what your munchies-brain is thinking: Pounds? Quarter pounds? Burgers?! If you’re a bulk buyer or you consume cannabis throughout the day in order to treat a medical condition, then the idea of buying weed in pounds isn’t so far fetched. A pound of cannabis will fetch you a whopping 448 grams – that’s enough to give anyone the green-eyes. If a pound is around 450 grams, then QP’s or quarter pounds equate to 96 grams of buds.

These staggering amounts are not for the faint of heart/lungs. Pounds aren’t very common, but if you’re a medically licensed patient you can get your hands on these kinds of cannabis quantities a lot easier – and hassle-free – than most others.

Because pounds and quarter pounds aren’t super common, the prices for them depend a lot on the dispensary you’re buying from. Some stoners reported paying $800-1200 for a QP, whereas others have mentioned buying weed in $3000 per pound. This illustrates that the pricing, quality and availability of pounds of cannabis is very unique to the growers/sellers and should be approached on a case-by-case basis.

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When Should You Buy A Gram? An Eighth? An Ounce?

All of these measurements represent the price per weight of cannabis you’re purchasing, but how do you decide when you should buy a gram, an eighth or an ounce? We’ve talked about strain/genetics affecting the cost, as well as the overall bud quality impacting the prices you pay but what about potency?!

THC strength, CBD contents and the presence of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN or THCV will also greatly affect the price per gram. THC/CBD concentrations exist in many combinations, but the typical ranges that cannabis are grouped into are:

● 10-12% THC | 5-10% CBD
● 15-25% THC | 10% CBD
● 30-40% THC | 15-20% CBD
● 45-65% THC | 25% CBD
● 70-80% THC | 30% CBD
● 90% THC | 35-50% CBD

These figures are simply averages that certainly don’t include/exclude every kind of cannabis flowers out there. Nonetheless, these provide a good baseline for cannabis shoppers to use in comparison to the prices they’re paying for their ounces/grams. If an ounce is really expensive compared to what you’re used to paying, check the potency values – they’re probably really high in the 70+ percentiles for THC or CBD. On the flip side, super cheap grams are typically very low in potency to match their low cost.

Quick Weight Conversion Guide


1 g = 1/28 oz = 1/448 lb

3.5 g = 1/8 oz = 1/128 lb

7 g = 1/4 oz = 1/64 lb

14 g = 1/2 oz = 1/32 lb

28 g = 1 oz = 1/16 lb

448 g = 16 oz = 1 lb

This quick weight conversion guide for cannabis breaks everything down to grams, to ounces to pounds. To avoid confusion, remember that:

● 1 ounce = 28 grams
● 1 pound = 16 ounces

Many guides to cannabis quantities list a pound of weed at 452.5 or 453 grams/lb. This is accurate, but for the purposes of easy conversion we’ve decided to keep it at the even 16 oz (i.e. 448 grams). A pound of weed will likely be measured on a scale by this 448-452 range, so in the end it might come down to how the buds themselves fit into the pound-bag, how dense your nugs are or how picky your dispensary/dealer is.

Don’t forget that potency matters a lot when you’re considering the price per weight of weed. How much mass there is in buds certainly matters, but it’s what’s in those buds that is where your money is really going.

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We hope that this guide to cannabis quantities has help to answer some of your questions about common sale quantities for cannabis flowers. Just to make sure it all made sense, here’s a quick quiz for you to see how much you stoners remember:

How much is a quarter of weed in grams?
5? 7? 9? 13?

How much is a gram of weed in ounces?
1/12? 1/18? 1/24? 1/28?

How much is an ounce of weed in grams?
12? 20? 28? 48?

How many grams is an eighth of weed?
3.5? 8? 16? 28?

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