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One of the best medicinal options for using cannabis is its ability to aid with sleep, even those suffering from insomnia are able to find relief with the use of certain marijuana strains. Cannabis has been a well documented sleep aid, tracing back to the early centuries. Some strains provide energy, others provide relaxation, so finding the correct strain for your sleep needs is extremely important. Here we’ll look at the best strains for sleep, the best strains for insomnia. Indica strains for sleep and everything else cannabis and sleeping.

Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep & Insomnia

Cannabis and Sleep

Cannabis and Sleep

Research linking both cannabis and sleep is only beginning to scratch the surface, it has long been a rule of thumb that a sativa will provide you a burst of energy and is best suited for day time use, whereas Indica provides a strong relaxing effect used for nighttime and aiding with sleep. This theory surrounding indica and sativa is however questioned as some believe it is the terpenes and cannabinoids that effect whether you get a boost of energy or a relaxing sedation feeling. There is however more proof in the pudding when it comes to CBD and THC affecting sleeping in different ways. THC is the cannabinoid found in cannabis that provides the psychoactive feeling when you consume cannabis, while CBD which provides no psychoactive effects interacts with certain areas of the brain to provide medicinal relief. CBD doesn’t posses much in helping with sleep but it can contribute to other factors leading to a better sleep. CBD which interacts with the endocannabinoid system can help with things such as pain relief, stress, anxiety, inflammation and much more. When CBD aids with these ailments such as anxiety and pain, this can have a knock on effect leading to the body feeling more relaxed and comfortable, evidently leading to a better nights sleep. CBD can also provide an energy boost during the day which can help reduce sleep during the day leading to a better sleep at night. The same can be said about THC but has more of a direct effect on the human sleep cycle then CBD does. High THC strains, especially specific strains can help induce sleep. THC contains intoxicating components which have been associated with sedative effects, this is true in various heavy, high THC indica strains which are grown for its sedative effects to help with pain, sleep, stress and other such hindrances. Though there is no concrete evidence, many believe cannabis terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, linalool, terpineol and caryophyllene which are more commonly found in many indica strains are known to cause sleep aid. This has pointed to why certain strains act as a better sleep aids then others.

What We Know About Cannabis and Sleep

What we Know About Cannabis and Sleep

Before we jump into the best strains for sleep we want to provide a bit more information surrounding marijuana and sleep so you can make the best choices for your needs and choose the best strain for sleep.

Cannabis reduces REM Cycle sleep and Dreaming

Yes, cannabis has shown that it can increase the amount of deep and longer sleep, it does however though affect both the time you spend in REM cycle and reduce dreaming. When using cannabis strains for sleep before bed it has shown to reduce the time you spend in REM sleep, which results in no dreaming during your sleep cycle. This is a commonly used remedy for those suffering from PTSD, allowing for less nightmares and reducing any negative memories appearing in their dreams. This however has its warnings, REM is there to help with the formation of memories and maintaining a healthy chemical equilibrium. So for those who have used cannabis for a long time then suddenly stop, they will experience increasingly vivid dreams during the REM cycle, known as the REM rebound where the brain tries to balance itself out without cannabis.

Cannabis Hangover

Though it’s not to the extent you get after drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much cannabis before bed can cause a fuzzy hangover the next day. After a heavy night of smoking it’s possible you can wake up with a headache, feeling dehydrated or feeling fuzzy and unclear. So when using marijuana strains for sleep make sure you don’t over do it or you’ll be feeling the after effects the next day.

Aged Cannabis

Usually an aged cannabis isn’t what cannabis smokers are looking for, a fresh off the plant bud is always the best for potency and effects. However when it comes to sleep aid you might want to let your cannabis mature, this can allow the cannabis to become more powerful making it an even better sleep aid. This however is a year long process, during that year THC is replaced by cannabinol which is a very potent sedation component.

Best Strain For Sleep

Best Strain for Sleep

Every individual has their own biochemistry, meaning marijuana strains for sleep will work differently on different people. The way both THC works on the body and how CBD works on the endocannabinoid will be somewhat similar but it’s always good to try various strains to find the best strain for sleep.


This is on most lists you’ll find throughout the internet, largely due to its high CBD content. This high sativa hybrid strain has a ratio of 5:2 CBD to THC. Harlequin is commonly used to help with relieving pain, dealing with stress and handling anxiety. This strain posses great attributes to help with calming people down, leading to a fall into a restful calming sleep, many also use it to deal with their anxiety which makes it one of the best cannabis for sleep.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

This indica dominant strain is a popular choice among those looking for top strains for insomnia. GSC typically contains 20% THC and 2% CBD and is commonly used to help deal with depression and help people sedate themselves. Due to its powerful nature GSC is a popular strain that can be quite powerful, so make sure to take it slow when using GSC indica strain for sleep.

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White Widow

A top indica strain for sleep, with 20% THC and 2% CBD makes White Widow one of the best pot strains for sleep. This strain is a well-balanced strain with a strong psychoactive effect. Due to its powerful nature many used White Widow to help with anxiety, depression and is one of the top strains for insomnia.

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Grape Ape

Grape ape is a top strain for insomnia with it’s couch locking heavy effects. Grape Ape is different then other strains as it creeps up slowly on more smokers which is why it is a great option for those looking to fall asleep and stay asleep. Grape Ape is known to have higher THC levels which makes it a great for dealing with anxiety and being a strong sedative for those suffering from lack of sleep.

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Tahoe OG Kush

Looking for one of the best cannabis for sleep? One of the best strain for insomnia is Tahoe OG Kush, it contains various analgesic properties and is a heavier Indica hybrid. One of the strongest kush strains available, Tahoe provides a strong potent high that will help you relaxed while rocking you to sleep like a little baby.

Purple Kush

Another heavy kush that is known as one of the best strain for insomnia is Purple Kush, also known as the pain relieving king. This is a pure Indica known for its sweet taste and high THC content, it is a go to for anyone looking to mellow out. Many who suffering from aches and pain use Purple Kush to relieve those ailments to help get a better night sleep. Use Purple Kush about an hour before bed and you will ease right into a relaxed state while falling into the mother of all sleeps.

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God’s Gift

Known for being one of the best pots for sleep, God’s Gift is an extremely heavy strain and should only be used at nighttime and for crashing out. Most God’s Gift strains are off the charts when it comes to THC count with most being above 25%, sedating even the high tolerance smokers.

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