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Do you know a weed smoker who might love some new fun gadgets and toys this year? Do you know a smoker with everything who is impossible to buy gifts for? Or maybe you’re secretly shopping for cool things for yourself – don’t worry we won’t tell! Whatever the case we sent the staff at Haute Health out to scour the net for the best and most exciting gifts for stoners and gifts for smokers that they could find; let’s find out what they came up with! Here are some of the best stoner gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Best Stoner Gifts

When it comes to gifts for stoners the prices can range from the cheap and simple to the extravagant and expensive. The ideal gift for the stoner in your life definitely depends on what type of cannabis personality they are! Some cannabis smokers prefer to keep it classy and refined and might be hard to shop for, especially on a budget! Some weed smoking folks are much easier to find gifts for smokers for because they are easygoing and enjoy the fun trappings of stoner culture. Read on for some great gift ideas for either type of toker in your life!

Affordable but not Awful

Let’s face it some aspects of stoner culture can be downright tacky and embarrassing at times. Some people certainly embrace this aspect of being a smoker and for them finding a cheap and funny weed themed gift should be easy. But what if you want to give something heartfelt or useful that isn’t just a corny cliche? If you’re looking for stoner girlfriend gifts or a surprise for a picky stoner in your life you might want to try to get a little more creative with your ideas. Here are some suggestions that won’t break the bank or make your friend or loved one feel like you think they have tacky taste when it comes to cannabis culture!

Best Stoner Gifts Grinder

A Cool Grinder

Etsy is a great source for cool and crafty gifts and when it comes to cannabis accessories you can find nearly anything you might imagine! If you’re looking for something beautiful to serve as a great stoner girlfriend gifts check out some of the great customized and beautiful four piece grinders from the shop CustomizeLazerWorks. They have cool pink holographic style grinders that any stoner girlfriend would likely die for as well as a wide range of other cool and unique varieties available to choose from. Let your loved one grind their weed in style this year!

Best Stoner Gifts Artwork

Some High Minded Artwork

Or maybe a gift to dress up your loved ones living space is more in line with yours or their personal aesthetic needs? Take down the black light or marvel movie posters in the living room and add a little chic cannabis artistic flair instead. This fantastic and affordable print in the style of the famed Andy Warhol soup cans by Jenna Rast on Society6 is sure to class up any living space while simultaneously declaring a passion for toking and the fine arts! And best of all it couldn’t be more affordable at under $20!

Best Stoner Gifts Cannabis Themed Pins

Adorable Cannabis Themed Pins

Who doesn’t love a cute set of pins to wear with an adorable outfit? If you’re putting together a stoner gift box don’t forget these little cuties from Towne9 on Etsy. The adorable bong, weed baggie and pot leaf set in cool pastels is certain to put a big smile on her face this year and they can be used year round to make any outfit pop. Or you can pin them to a corkboard and display them next to the cute new grinder and artwork.

Best Stoner Gifts Cannabis Rolling Tray

A Super Cool Rolling Tray

To finish off your affordable but not tacky stoner gift box for him or her why not also grab one of the super cool artist series Raw rolling trays by Ghost Shrimp. These cool and stunning rolling trays not only give you a nice dedicated rolling surface so you can keep your countertops and coffee table clean and free of cannabis debris but they also feature incredible and stunning conversation starting and graffiti inspired artworks. I mean just look at that beautiful thing!

For the Classy Cannabis Connoisseur 

We all know that one smoker who looks down their nose at the dank memes and hates the tacky look of anything that screams “Stoner Culture”. For these picky tokers who already have much of the finer things when it comes to cannabis accessories it can be very difficult to find gifts that might suit them and not send them running to return it as soon as you are out of the room.

A Beautiful Walnut Smoking Set

This Black Walnut Smoking Set from Bespoke Post has the power to class up any smoking session or smoke spot. Elegant and minimal, like a restored vintage piece of mid century modern furniture handed down or discovered at an estate sale. The pipe, in handblown glass and black walnut, is crafted for smooth smoking and fits perfectly in the hand — it’s even balanced to rest securely on a flat base. And the crystal ashtray has a detachable poker (to keep your piece clean), a felt base, and a rim in the same swirling black walnut. To die for style and elegance for any toker and one of the best and most unique stoner gift ideas we have seen this year.

Best Stoner Gifts Hand Blown Artisan Fruit Pipe

Hand Blown Artisan Fruit Pipe

If your giftee’s taste is a mix of the fun and tacky with an appreciation for beautiful custom glass pieces then you may want to put a handmade glass fruit pipe from Edie Parker in your stoner gift box! Much larger than you might expect this beautiful and fruity pipe piece fits in the hand but is much larger than a fist making it the perfect display piece for your fanciest stoner friend’s bookshelf or smoking nook. Feeling extra generous? Pick up the banana, orange and cherry pipe too and gift your loved one with the ultimate stoner gift box – a giant bowl of smokable fruits!

And for our last two suggestions we’re bringing out the big guns. These are gifts that are ideal for the most dedicated, discerning and higher class of cannabis connoisseur.

A High Tech Top of the Line Infuser

Best Stoner Gifts High Tech Infuser

Do you know someone who loves to cook with cannabis? Why not blow everyone else’s gifts right out of the park (who needs more cannabis cookbooks anyhow!) and set them up to supply you and everyone you know with the finest edibles, oils and infusions you can possibly make in your kitchen at home? The Levo II takes the confusion out of infusion allowing you to create extracts, oils and butters using cannabis – or any other herb you like for that matter – without making a mess or driving yourself up the wall. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving and it is available in a fun range of different colourways.

The Classic and Undefeated Volcano Vaporizer

And finally last but not least a true undefeated classic of cannabis technology and a holy grail item for any stoner who doesn’t already have one: the often imitated, never duplicated Volcano desktop vaporizer! This titan of THC technology is available in a range of colours including the classic silver, spooky black or beautiful gold. If you want to blow their mind and their socks off at the same time you really can’t get much better than a piece of technology that both revolutionized the weed smoking game and then stayed at the top of every cool-gadgets-for-stoners wishlist for well over a decade. If they have it all when it comes to bongs, rolling trays, pipes and other cool accessories you can go big and bring them home a timeless classic in their stoner gifts basket this year!

We hope these suggestions got the wheels turning in your mind and inspired you to check out some new and exciting stoner gifts ideas you might not have considered before. Of course if none of these items are suitable there is one surefire never fails gift you can always put in the weed gift basket this holiday season that’s sure not to disappoint: some high quality cannabis products from your favourite online cannabis resource Haute Health!

Haute Health

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