The Best Sweet, Fruity, Candy Cannabis Strains & Edibles To Try In 2022

2021 was a great year for buds - not so much for anything else. 2022 is already looking up though, especially if you're keen on trying out the sweetest, fruitiest, most candy-like cannabis that 2022 has to offer. Let's review some of the top strains that you need to pack this year's bowl with.
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We’re a couple months into this new year, so it’s about time for a rankings list on the best THC gummies, the top exotic strains to try, the most fruity or sugary buds you can find, and maybe even the most brain-melting potent concentrates to keep your eyes on. We all have different weed needs, unique taste buds and an ever-expanding knowledge of cannabis in all its varieties. What’s on your wish list for cannabis in 2022?

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Maybe you’re the kind of person who craves the sticky icky bud sugars of one of Haute’s AAAA+ top choice strains? Perhaps your fancy lies in the tropical flavors & aromas of island weed? Or you might have your eyes set on the best THC gummies that taste as good as they get you high?

No matter what your heart desires, Haute is the best place to find the internet’s best prices on all the cannabis products you’re after. Haute Health offers everything from grade A to AAAA buds, wholesale or bulk orders, edibles, concentrates and vape products. HH is proud to service their Canadian customers – the best and most seasoned stoners in the world – and this list was put together by their expert team of cannaseurs.

Without further ado, here’s the best THC gummies in 2022, the top exotic strains to try in 2022, the most amazing fruity strains for 2022, the most sugary buds in 2022.

Best THC Gummies for 2022

40 mg Coke Bottle THC Gummies

As refreshing and satisfyingly sweet as a coke, these classic gummy candies combine the nostalgic flavors you love with a potent cannabis infusion. These gummies are sure to bring you back to the fond days of your childhood picking out 5 cent candies at your local gas station – albeit with the added benefits of a smooth cannabis high.

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40 mg THC Gummy Bears

Another classic favorite, if you haven’t ‘chased the bears’ on an edible trip with these fruity, chewy and delicious gummies then you haven’t really experienced cannabis edibles. With 40 mg of high quality THC, these gummy bears provide a balanced high that should be enough for most savvy stoners.

40 mg Blue Feet THC Gummies

Sensing a pattern here? 40 mg is a great intermediate dose that suits a lot of different cannabis tolerances. Blue Feet are one of our most cherished candies from the days of old, so why not add a decent dose of THC to the mix?

150 mg THC Infused Pot Leaf Gummies

Speaking of leaves, these colorful pot leaf gummies don’t change color but they are perfect for any season. Each fruity, chewy, sweet and satisfying pot leaf gummy contains a strong 150 mg dose of THC. Take one, take a couple if you’re experienced, or share them for a night of star-gazing that will truly blow your mind.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

1000 mg Giant Gummy Pot Leaf

Now we’re talking! This whopping 1 gram (1000 mg) THC oversized pot leaf gummy is Haute’s take on the iconic hand-sized pot leaf gummy. With enough THC to keep you flying high for days or even weeks, this huge gummy is also great for sharing with friends at your next stoner party.

Top Exotic Strains To Try in 2022

Red Headed Stranger

What’s more intriguing, enticing or alluring than a red headed stranger? Mr. Willie Nelson, the legend himself, engineered this sativa-dominant hybrid and named it after some mysterious, fiery-haired muse. Looking for an exotic smoke for your next bowl or blunt? Chase the velvety smoke, sharp citrus aromas and herbal-minty flavors of Red Headed Stranger.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

William’s Wonder Hybrid

What’s exotic about William’s Wonder? How about feelings of being transported to exotic foreign landscapes where your mind escapes the stresses of the day and your body is freed from its burdens of pain, fatigue or insomnia? It’s no wonder why William’s Wonder is one of the highest average-rated strains of 2022 so far.

Dirty Girl Strain

Get those thoughts of exotic dancer girls out of your head! This strain was named after its progenitor plants – hybridized from Cinderella 99, Lemon Wreck and Dirty Talk. All innuendo aside, Dirty Girl brings long-lasting relief from anxiety, depression, migraines and discomfort as its earthy tones and fruity after tastes.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Durban Poison

Absolutely pure sativa, this product of South Africa hails from Durban – its namesake city. This poison is joyously intoxicating and seeps into every fiber of your body as it uplifts, energizes and relieves you from any mortal woes like soreness, stiffness or tiredness. Durban Poison is a favorite strain for explorers and adventurers looking to get into the great outdoors but feel a little buds buzz too.

Amazing Fruity Strains in 2022

Fruity Pebbles OG

What list of amazing fruity strains would be complete without the OG of fruitiness – Fruity Pebbles. Bursting with tropical flavors, scents of citrus and berries, and wrapped up in a potent high that tantalizes your every sense… sounds like an amazing fruity strain to us. If you haven’t already tried these nugs, make sure you try Fruity Pebbles OG in 2022.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Mango Dream

The sweet, seductive, piney and perfect flavors of mangos go well with almost any occasion, and the same goes for Mango Dream hybrid. A favorite for its sharp aromas and sour-sweet flavors, this dream strain is great for a night of euphoria, laughter or socializing. Slip into the cerebral high of Mango Dream for sweet day or night dreams.

Grape God/Goddess

The deity of the purp, Grape God is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Crossed between Grapefruit and God Bud, this sativa-dominant hybrid isn’t overwhelmingly sweet or fruity but its mind-numbing effects will leave you in a state of pure satisfaction. This strain has taken Canada by storm, leading many canucks to call this new supreme being their one true deity. Join the cult of the Grape God/Goddess and bask in its infinite fruity goodness!

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Cherry Pie

Cue the hit song from Warrant in the background… This Cherry Pie is sure to wow you and bow you down before its fruity majesty. One of the highest rated in recent years, Cherry Pie is a hybrid of one of our earlier top strains – Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Cherry Pie is known to seduce your senses into relaxing, fill your head with ease and light up your imagination.

Most Sugary Buds for 2022

Bay 11

A strong, sugar-coated start to our list is Bay 11. This cross of Appalachia and a mysterious other makes for a unique high experience that is both calming but uplifting at the same time. Known for its mind-candy potency THC values and eye-candy bud sugars, Bay 11 is a safe place to berth on your next cannabis journey.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

9 Pound Hammer

It’s like taking a 9 lbs hammer to the face! (in the best way possible). These buds are drenched in sweet weed sug, providing a happy mix of chill body and cerebral thoughts. To go with its appearance 9 Pound Hammer is sweet to taste/smell.

Presidential OG

‘The Prez’ of Sugarville is here in a fan favorite: Presidential OG. Also referred to as Presidential Kush, this OG strain came about from crossing Bubble Gum and OG Kush. With piney flavors and earthy tones – not to mention a king’s ransom in bud sugars – this strain is sure to be a leading candidate on any stoner’s list for the 2022 ballot.

Grape Ape

More covered in sugar than the silverback of a gorilla, this hybrid also packs a punch as strong as its namesake. Spicy, sweetness, berries and grape lingers on your tongue while a heady sleepiness takes hold of your mind. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself lounging in the branches of tall trees after smoking this beast of a bud.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Skywalker OG

Size matters not? Well it does when it comes to nugs! Skywalker OG is one of those strains that always seems to find its way into every top list for cannabis. You can’t do or do not, only try this strain once and we dare you to resist the temptation of its dark side. Vibrant colors, sparkling sugars, pungent fruity-earthy aromas and a spicy-sweet flavor that will make you feel the living Force flowing through you. Ignite your sense like a lightsaber and take yourself on a lightspeed journey – bonus points if you can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! – with the one, the only, the master Skywalker OG.

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