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When you’re looking for a certain kind of quality cannabis, which strain comes to mind? For many seasoned stoners, there’s only one phenotype that can scratch their dope-itch: Kush. This famous family of cannabis cultivars are among the most storied and well-loved on the globe. Pink Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Hindu Kush; you name it there’s a whole world of Kush-hybrids that have gone on to have cult followings of their own.
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“Kush” is almost synonymous with the word cannabis itself, and the legend of this legendary family of strains continues to grow with every puff and each pass. When you’re looking for good Kush, where do you turn? Well, many avid smokers and edibles ‘cannaseurs’ have been looking to for a number of years. Get Kush is a popular online dispensary that offers tons of cannabis products for very generous prices.

Ever wondered if Get Kush is legit? Looking for Get Kush reviews before trying them out? Haute Health is committed to doing the legwork on reviewing its competitors to keep you informed on the pros & cons of other online dispensaries. Let’s do a full review and decide whether you should truly get your Kush from this popular website.

Is Get Kush Legit? reviews as a mid-upper tier online dispensary that has operated out of Western Canada for a number of years. Started by a team of brother & sister, this cannabis e-commerce site have channeled their westcoast passion & expertise with weed into a successful site. has continued to grow in sales, product offerings and customer support/satisfaction steadily over their tenure.

To put it simply, Get Kush deals in a lot of weed, with a lot of variety, for a lot of decent prices. They are certainly a legitimate online dispensary that tries to go above-and-beyond the average competition. Get Kush reddit reviews praise them for their commitment to craft growers and providing the latest & greatest in cannabis strains coming out of the vaunted BC-cannabis scene. LEGITIMACY SCORE: ⅘ Buds

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Get Kush Deals

When it comes to promoting the best deals on dro, review scores are pretty high. Get Kush deals are known to be among the best in the business – offering consistent discounts on many top-rated products. Get Kush deals often range from 30% to -70% off, but they do boast some decent event-sales that can go beyond these discounts for a short period of time. reviews on their “Mix & Match” feature are fairly positive as well. With this discount system you can acquire the following GetKush Deals on bulk cannabis purchases:

● 1 oz of weed = 10% Off
● 2 oz of weed = 15% Off
● 3 oz of weed = 25% Off
● 4 oz of weed = 30% Off
● 5 oz of weed = 35% Off
● 6 oz of weed = 37.5% Off
● 8 oz of weed = 40% Off
● ½ lb or more = 45% Off

GetKush has also consistently given away free weed – a headline that is sure to catch the attention of any red-eyed stoner. This means that their average prices might be higher than some competitors, but Get Kush rewards its customers for buying larger orders with free grams of top-choice flower or bonus vape pens/cartridges.

Speaking of rewards, GetKush Rewards are their in-house points system that provide benefits for each $ you spend at their site. Typically, $1.00 will accumulate 25 points of GetKush Rewards, but sometimes they will host events or sales where bonus points can be accrued. All in all, Get Kush is a solid source for high-quality BC-buds. Even when you buy their cheaper selection of bulk/wholesale flowers, you’re getting a lot of quality westcoast weed, so the prices seem to be right across the board. Some customers have found their vaping products or edibles prices to be higher than others, but their pricing has been rated mid-low level on average. DEALS SCORE: ⅘ Buds

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Cannabis Dispensaries Selection: Get Kush Inventory

Discounts are sweet, but what kinds of selection does Get Kush have for different kinds of cannabis products? Deals are only as good as the product you’re getting a discount on, so we think an important part of reviewing all online cannabis dispensaries is their inventory size, selection and variability. Get Kush has all the big categories of cannabis products you’re after:

● Flowers
● Bulk Weed
● Concentrates
● Edibles
● Vape
● Magic Mushrooms

Get Kush’s inventory seems to cover all the major bases for product selection and quality. Their inventory certainly shifts frequently enough to prevent it from being perceived as stale or outdated, so they get plus marks for variety.
Where Get Kush reviews a little low is in the premium cannabis products department. They do offer A – AAAA grades of cannabis, but they seem to be targeting value-buying customers specifically.

There are lots of bulk/volume sale discounts on, but what about a VIP program or exclusive deals for the highest-quality buyers? This is where Get Kush scores a bit lower as most online cannabis dispensaries offer premium-grade/VIP services for their most esteemed stoners.

Get Kush also offers its popular “Mix & Match” program for all of the above product categories, in addition to a variety of deals on an ever-expanding list of products. In this regard, Get Kush provides a decent offering of products in a variety of potencies, flavors and sizes. is a great place for mid-level value products of all types, so if you’re looking for bulk deals then Get Kush is certainly a good place to get your weed. SELECTION SCORE: ⅘ Buds

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Get Kush Reddit Reviews

What is everybody’s favorite chaotic information platform saying? Reddit reviews on Get Kush are mostly positive and supportive of this cannabis dispensary. There are a few hot-button issues that some people have had with Get Kush in the past, so here’s a summary of some of the highlighted comments:

● “ FREE SHIPPING is too high” – their $129 lower limit on acquiring free shipping is much higher than most of their competitors. Obviously, because they’re designed to be the leader in bulk cannabis sales, their average transaction $-figure is likely higher than some. Nevertheless, most competitors offer $75 minimum order for free shipping, so this leaves something to be desired in some cannabis aficionados.

● “Get Kush has a lot of good information” – reddit reviews are pretty high when it comes to helpful guides and a decent amount of information in their “LEARN” section. Get Kush offers guides on shatter, vaping, concentrates like honey oil & resins, and all the cannabis news & updates you’d expect from an online dispensary.

● “Get Kush deals are great for bulk weed” – many of GetKush’s cannabis is grown and processed in BC “Bud Country”. This means that the good prices you’re getting on the high volumes of their “Mix & Match” program can score you some great deals on decent cannabis. That being said, some customer reviews have suggested that they’re lacking in the premium grade cannabis flowers department.

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Does Get Kush have good deals?

In general, many Get Kush reviews are positive as they offer a wide variety of cannabis products that are priced to sell in bulk. Get Kush deals include their popular “Mix & Match” program on every category of cannabis, as well as periodic discount events that offer anywhere from 10% to 50% off.

Is Get Kush reddit a good place for reviews?

Reddit offers a lot of user-managed information on numerous cannabis websites. Get Kush reddit reviews are mostly positive with many customers quoting good customer service, solid selection and fairly priced low-mid grade cannabis products.

Where can I find reviews?

There are many sites that review online cannabis dispensaries in Canada, so check out your favorite search engine with the tagline “ reviews” for the latest on this particular e-commerce site.
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