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Unlike most drugs, cannabis has a distinctive aroma that can be recognized by its dank and pungent smell. Weed odor sticks to everything it interacts with, leaving a strong odor on things like couches, clothes, most fabrics and any other object that can retain smells. Getting rid of the smell of weed isn’t an easy feat, whether you rent an apartment and you don’t want your landlord to smell it, or your in a hotel room and don’t want to get kicked out, eliminating the smell of marijuana takes time and effort. Here we will discuss how to get rid of weed smell, how long does weed smell last on clothes and much more on everything weed odor.

How to get rid of weed smell

Why Does Weed Smell So Strong?

Why does Weed Smell so Strong?

So you’re looking into how to get rid of pot smell, first let’s take a look at why weed is so stinky to begin with. Cannabis contains a variety of chemical compounds, many that influence the aroma of cannabis before and after it becomes combusted. Depending on the specific strain, those chemical compounds can be stronger, meaning some cannabis strains produce more odor then others. There are around 400 different natural chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant, with over 100 being classified as a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are a natural compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant, the two most known cannabinoids within the cannabis sativa plant are THC which provides the psychoactive effect and CBD which is the non psychoactive ingredient that acts as a healing compound helping with things such as stress and inflammation. But it’s a relatively unknown cannabinoid that provides that weed odor the world has come to recognize: Terpenes. Terpenes are the essential oils that produces the scent in both foods and herbs, besides cannabis, terpenes are found in a variety of other plants such as basil, mangos, spices and many more. Cannabis contains a list of terpenes that provide various different aromas such as limonene which provides a lemony scent, caryophyllene providing a spicy aroma or alpha-pinene which gives off a piney scent.  Many of the terpenes found in cannabis however smell like thiols, which is the chemical compound found within the skunk spray smell, this is of course the most recognizable smells when it comes to weed odor.​

Sometimes the best option is to avoid the smoke all together. Using edibles is an great odorless option that will provide the same results without the stress of any cannabis smells. 

How Long Does Weed Smell Last

How Long does Weed Smell Last

When lighting up a joint the aroma of weed dominates the surrounding area, whether you hot-boxed your car or lit one up laying on your couch, marijuana aroma finds a home in most fabrics and doesn’t leave. There are various factors to how long weed aroma will linger in the air and in the surrounding objects:

How well the area is ventilated? If your room is poorly ventilated they the smell of marijuana can linger for days and days, natural air flow is a key element when reducing a smelly room. Try and smoke in a room with a window or with good ventilation to help speed up the process.

How large is the space you are smoking in? Depending on the size of the room you smoke in, it may take longer to air out if the room is large. But small rooms can also collect more of the smoke and it can stick to the fabrics in the room. Having strong ventilation for both a small and big room is the best way to deal with a stinky room after a session.

How strong is the strain and how much weed was consumed in the area? Some heavy indica strains are known to have a stronger and more pungent scent, sour diesels and cheese strains tend to be the smelliest, so if you want to avoid that pungent skunk smell maybe stick to a lighter indica and sativa. You also might want to limit the amount you smoke to avoid stinking up your room and clothes, the more smoke you put in the air the more likely the smell will linger.

Every smoke session is situational and depends on a variety of factors, there is not definitive timeline to how long marijuana smoke will linger either indoors or on your clothes. It’s always best to smoke with as much ventilation and outdoor elements as possible, this will limit the smell of marijuana sticking to surrounding fabrics and lingering in any room.

How To Get Rid of Weed Smell?

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell?

Cannabis provides an endless amount of benefits, from reducing anxiety, increasing appetite and helping with sleep, but there is one major issue when it comes to smoking cannabis… the smell. Going outside isn’t always an option, whether you’re living at the top of your apartment building or there is a wicked snow storm outside, sometimes you have no choice but to toke up inside. But not to worry, there are a wide array of options to cover up any indoor sessions that can also make your place smell fresh. It goes without saying that when smoking indoors you should avoid the most detectable modes of smoking which would be smoking a joint or hitting a bong. If possible we recommend smoking a vaporizer indoors, they emit very minimal smell and can be easily covered up with little effort. You also should consider prep your indoor smoking area before toking up, always make sure there is some form of ventilation which helps with air flow, bringing the weed smell out of the room, whether it be an open window or an air duct, having a source of air flow can go a long way with limiting smell. Here we’ll look at the best way to get rid of weed smell.

Handheld Smoke Filter

One of the most OG ways of covering up the smell of weed is the homemade spoof, also known as a sploof, mute or a whoopee. This homemade filtration device is a handy tool that is assembled with minimal effort. Using either a paper towel roll or a toilet paper roll you wrap one end with a dryer sheet securing it with an elastic band. After taking a hit you simply exhale through the roll and the smoke filters through the dryer sheet, providing a flowery, laundry type aroma instead of the stinky cannabis smoke. There are also more mechanically created spoof devices that are less DIY and more efficiently created which can be found online. But if you want a cheap easy option to keep the smell out, the homemade spoof is the way to go.

Bowl full of Baking Soda

This is a great pre smoke routine to get into when figuring out how to get rid of pot smell. Much like having a box of arm and hammer baking soda in your fridge, having a bowl of baking soda in a smelly room also can help control unwanted odors. This age old trick is very straight forward, use a shallow bowl and pour in 2-3 inches of baking soda, stir around and leave in the room that you’ve just hot-boxed. This should help trap the unwanted weed odor and reduce the pungent skunk smell that comes with smoking weed.

Air Fresheners

This is a tool most regular smokers usually have readily available, when you get into a car or a room that heavenly smells like Febreze there is a good chance someone was smoking up a few hours earlier. Some air fresheners however don’t necessarily get rid of the smell but mask the weed odor. You want to make sure you use an odor eliminating air freshener, instead of covering up the pungent odor it physically removes odors from things like fabrics. Make sure they are non toxic though to keep both the environment and your pets safe from harmful chemicals.

Smell Proof Storage

Sometimes the best way to get rid of weed smell is to not emit any smell in the first place. Various strains such as sour diesel and cheese are extremely pungent and can give off a more powerful odor then when it is lit. One way to avoid this is storing your weed in a smell proof device, such as smell proof bags and mason jars. This will capture any unwanted scent from your pungent buds and will eliminate any risk of an unwanted smells.


A largely underrated way of reducing the smell of cannabis is cooking up a meal or some food in your kitchen, this is also great for satisfying those munchies after a few bong tokes. Most food prep will help reduce the smell but specific aromatic ingredients like garlic, onion of ginger will fill the room with flavourful aromas and get stop any lingering cannabis smells in its track.


Candles were designed to create an appealing aroma within a space, they come in various scents from cinnamon to mango, creating a comforting and relaxing feeling. To cover any unwanted scent get a candle that has a pungent aroma such as cookies, pumpkin or lavender, after a short while these candles should help mask any cannabis odor left behind and leave your room smelling fresh and delicous.

How To Get Rid of Weed Smell Out of Clothes

How to Get rid of Weed Smell out of Clothes

Whether your hot-boxing your living room or toking one on your patio, there is a good chance the potent aroma from your session is going to stick to your clothes, though some love the smell of cannabis others may not appreciate the stench attached to your clothes. If you’ve ever tried to get rid of your cannabis smell clothes you know the process can be difficult, but there are various ways to eradicate the skunk scent out of your t-shirt and have you walking around feeling euphoric without anyone being the wiser.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

The most natural way to get rid of unwanted odors in your clothes is good old fashioned sunshine and fresh air. Leaving your clothes outside in the sun can help release odors from materials due to the high head and consistent airflow. This is obviously a bit more time consuming then other options but if you have a few hours this is one the best ways to have your clothes smelling so fresh and so clean.

Air fresheners

This option isn’t the best but if you are in a tight situation and need to get rid of the scent of weed right away then it will do the trick. Things like Febreze are a good masking agent, replacing the scent of weed with a potent chemical like aroma. Spraying an air freshener on your clothes won’t get rid of the smell, it will just mask the strong aroma sticking to your clothes, it won’t get rid of the smell, just provide a temporary fix for a period of time.


Vinegar is an age-old odor repellent for clothes, the key element of vinegar is the acetic acid which gives it the ability to reduce odor, brighten fabric and soften your clothes.

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