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8 ways to grind your weed when you don't have a Grinder

It’s one of the worst feelings you can experience as a weed smoker, frantically patting down your pockets, rummaging through your bag, checking every nook and cranny for the last piece of the puzzle…. your grinder. We’ve all been there, you’ve bought a fresh dank bag of Haute cannabis online , a squeaky clean bong, incense are lit but your grinder is in the back of your buddies car. Don’t worry, all is not lost! Just because you don’t have your grinder doesn’t mean can’t enjoy your fresh herb. There are numerous ways to grind down your weed when your grinder is nowhere to be found!

The average grinder rarely strays far from the coffee table in your living room, breaking cannabis down into small consistent pieces is a vital step to getting the best out your stash and is arguably the most important process when smoking weed. The finer the weed is ground up the better your joint, bowl or vape will burn, resulting in a smoother higher quality toke. You also don’t loose out on that precious Kief we all rely on when our stash is low and we need an alternative to smoke before buying more cannabis online with Haute Health.  There are always moments where your grinder is nowhere to be found but there are plenty of alternatives that can do the job of your missing grinder. Our brains have been grinding with several ways you can break down your ganja without the help of your trusty sidekick, let’s sit back, relax and jump into it to the 8 Ways To Grind Your Weed When You Don’t Have A Grinder.


Coffee Grinder
The coffee grinder, the distant cousin to the herb grinder and arguably just as important to most cannabis smokers. If you’ve smoked cannabis long enough you understand the importance of a strong cup of coffee, whether to wake yourself up after smoking a strong bowl of Purple Kush indica or bringing yourself out of a foggy haze after a late night session, coffee and cannabis are a necessary duo to all the functional smokers out there.

A coffee grinder is a pretty obvious alternative to your herb grinder, but there are two things you need to think about before tossing in your $10 eighth that you just bought online and start grinding away. First and foremost you need to clean out your coffee grinder, which can be a bit of a process, unless you enjoy your cannabis with a hint of your roasted house blend. You also need to clean out the coffee grinder after using it to grind your bud, especially the blades which can be layered in Kief, or your morning commute may seem like you’re still in bed dreaming. Secondly you need to make sure the weed you are grinding up is fresh and dank, coffee grinders are designed to break down hard coated beans and will no doubt pulverize older dried out cannabis. Some cannabis users prefer coffee grinders when grinding up larger amounts of weed especially after buying wholesale cannabis online through Haute Health. Coffee grinders can be excellent alternative to your traditional herb grinder.


Knife and Chopping Board

This method requires your motor skills to be in tact and some decent hand-eye coordination. We also don’t recommend this option if you’ve already been smoking, nothing ruins a high like some missing fingers and a trip to the hospital. Using a knife and cutting board requires you to channel your inner Action Bronson. Make sure your cutting board and knife are both clean and dry. Dump your bag of fresh Bruce Banner Sativa on to your cutting board making sure you are using a non-serrated blade, buds can be quite small and fragile so make sure you are cautiously optimistic when you begin to chop. Take it slow and cut your buds as finely as possible, soon you’ll have a finely chopped Canadian Cannabis salad ready for you and your dinner guests.


Break it up with your Hands

This method is fairly obvious and is probably the first choice alternative once you realize your grinder has disappeared into the abyss. Breaking down buds with your fingers sounds fairly straightforward but it can prove difficult when you have freshly cropped weed. Ripping apart fresh bud can prove to be tough to rip apart and notably quite sticky, resulting in Spiderman hands. Spiderman hands might sound cool, but try rolling a joint after your fingers feel like they are covered in super glue. If your bud is just too sticky to pull apart, try leaving it out to dry for a few hours, or throw it in your freezer for a bit. Most of the time, your bud should break down fine and you’ll be able to tell another tale of life without your grinder.


Pill Bottle and a Coin

You may not know of this method but it’s one of the oldest techniques for grinding up cannabis. This method is extremely efficient and is used by some cannabis smokers as their main source of grinding their weed. A few things to note before you give this a try. Make sure the pill bottle you are going to use has been cleaned out, most pill bottles collect residue from what was in them before which can linger on the sides of the bottle. The last thing you want is your weed to be coated with another substance, make sure to scrub the inside with soap or some sort of alcohol disinfectant to ensure your bottle is cleanest it can be. Another sanitary tip is to also make sure the coin you use is clean, coins pass through thousands of hands on average leaving a lot of lingering germs that you don’t want to be inhaling off of your weed. After you quarantined both your pill bottle and coin you’re ready to shake what your mamma gave you. Take your pill bottle and fill it with a few buds, push the buds down so you have some room at the top to insert the coin. Once you put the coin into the bottle, seal the bottle tightly with the cap and start to shake the bottle up and down like pain mixer at your local hardware store, a penny or dime is best suited for this grinding method. After about 30 seconds to a minute of shaking, all your buds should be broken down into the perfect mixture, ready for you to sprinkle into your desired smoking method.


Scissors and a Shot glass

Some people just use scissors to cut up their weed, either with a grind box, on a plate or on their rolling tray. Cutting up your weed with just scissors can be tedious with having to hold small buds and trying to cut them accurately. Here enters the shot glass. No, not to have a shot of whiskey to steady your shaky hands. One day some genius was attempting to nurse a hangover by cutting up some bud with their scissors to get rid of a nasty headache, as his patience ran thin while cutting up the cannabis they accidentally dropped a bud into a leftover shot glass from the night before. Noticing the bud is in a controlled area and can’t go anywhere they started to chop up the weed INSIDE the shot glass, moving twice as fast as before and not losing any valuable bud and kief on the way. This started a revolution for those without a grinder and has helped the shot glass business double in profits….. Now this story is completely made up, but it makes sense right? Chopping up your weed with a shot glass and scissors is as straightforward as it sounds. Throw a bud in a shot glass, use your scissors to cut the weed, once it’s ground up to your liking, dump the weed out, insert another bud and repeat. It’s that easy and is a great alternative seeing as everyone has at least a pair of scissors and a shot glass lying around their house. 


Pestle and Mortar

The pestle and mortar technique is straight out of an episode of Breaking Bad, except without the near death experiences and millions of dollars. Now you may not have one of these lying around in your house, but we guarantee your grandma does! Used for grinding up things like spices, herbs and nuts into almost a paste, the mortar (the bowl) is typically made out of hard wood, metal, ceramic, hard store or granite and the pestle which is a heavy blunt club shaped object is usually made from the same material. This technique is definitely the oldest on our list, dating as far back as 35000 BC. Yet here we are in 2019 using it to break down our Chemnesia Sativa so we can get baked and watch El Camino on Netflix. Before you start make sure your weed is generally dry as it is hard to break down wet, dank weed. After that all you have to do is fill the mortar with your weed and start grinding. Make sure you don’t grind it too hard as you don’t want to reduce you buds to dust, after crushing your buds for a few seconds, take a look and re evaluate from there.


Blend It

This is probably one of those options where you read it and wonder what we’re smoking over here at Haute, but trust us, using a blender to bust up your weed isn’t that crazy. Now we don’t recommend you use an industrial blender that’s able to destroy a un-cunt pineapple in 6 seconds, we don’t want your weed to break down into particles and be lost forever. It’s your safest bet to use a smaller food processor, like a Magic Bullet or something similar in size. We also recommend using this technique when you have more then just a single $3 gram to bust up, the method might be best if you’ve just recently purchased cannabis online from one of our wholesale options as you are likely to lose a bit of cannabis during this process. Like the coffee grinder technique it’s important you clean your blender out before you start, we love a good strain of pineapple express, but not in the literal sense. You also want to thoroughly clean out your blender after, again focusing on the blades which can collect a lot of useful kief. From here all you have to toss your weed into your blender cup, and hit the power button. Some blenders come with multiple blending options, but considering how fragile cannabis is, all options will work equally as effective. Make sure you only blend it for a few second then take a look, that should be ground up enough for you to stop cooking with Martha and Snoop and to start smoking with Martha and Snoop. 


Cheese Grater

Last but not least is the trusty cheese grater, found in almost every household this is a simple and effective way to grind up your weed when you have no other options. Cheese graters can actually be quite sharp so make sure you are somewhat sober when doing this, the last thing you want is a bloody massacre when your just trying to simply medicate yourself for the evening. Cheese graters are designed to deal with more rugged foods like carrots, cheeses and raw ginger and are designed to be tough, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you run your buds down the side of your cheese grater. Run your buds up and down the grater choosing either the smaller or bigger grates depending on how fine you want your weed to come out. It’s also important to use one bud at a time, this way you aren’t fumbling around with a handful of weed. Once you’ve ground it up, simply lift up the cheese grater you should see a beautifully small mountain of freshly ground up bud ready to be combusted into a magical experience. We know this isn’t the best option but it’s an option none-the-less and don’t forget, it’s for the grater good….. see what we did there?


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