How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

Pumpkins and cannabis... now there's a combination for ya! Thanksgiving & Halloween are even better with cannabis (like most things are), especially if this upcoming Octoker you're ready to make your very own pumpkin pipe. How, you ask? Let's find out how to make a pumpkin bong to make this year extra special.
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We know what you’re thinking…

“Um… It’s Spring… Pumpkin carving season was half a year ago…?!”

Before you click past this out-of-season blog, hear us out! We’ve decided to tackle the task of creating your very own jack-o-lantern bong really early in the year because you’re going to need months to practice!

Creating your very own weed pumpkin carving is no easy feat even for the most artistic of stoners. Besides, with all the hype and praise around the game of Elden Ring right now, we’re all a little Pumpkin Head Mad (if you git it, you know it’s gewd). Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to make a pumpkin bong? What are the pros & cons of toking out of a pumpkin pipe? What are potheads saying about their experiences with weed pumpkin carvings? Let’s cut out the top, scoop the guts & seeds and illuminate with a candle on the weird, wacky world of weed pumpkin carvings.

Why Make A Pumpkin Pipe?

Smoking from a pumpkin pipe or making your own pumpkin bong can require a bit of work & artistry, but it’s a fun way to light up both your buds along with your Halloween spirit. Why settle for smoking a bowl when you can smoke an entire jack-o-lantern?!

What are some of the pros of learning how to make a pumpkin bong?

For starters, it’s as festive as you can get during the spookiest month of the year. Cannabis has always had a strong connection to Thanksgiving & Halloween. Although Thanksgiving is a newer holiday in terms of the span of history, Halloween – or Day of the Dead, Hallow’s Eve, All Saint’s Eve, etc – is eons old. The celebration of all those that have passed through the veil of the afterlife has typically led many cultures all over the world to partake of psychedelics and psychotropic substances. Consuming cannabis can be therapeutic for those honoring their passed on loved ones, or it can just make all the scary, spooky, creepy fun parts of costumes and trick-r-treating even better.

Pumpkin pipes are also popular and practical for October because they’re a great way to share your buds with your buds. Weed pumpkin carvings are not only a great way to impress your stoner clan with your inner artist, but a good pumpkin pipe is built for sharing. The sheer sizes of the things make them difficult to finish on your own, so puff-puff-pass the pumpkin around with your best-costumed friends for a truly memorable Halloween experience.

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Now for the part that’s a bummer…

The cons of investing in making a pumpkin pipe are quite obvious: it’s made of organic plant material, so the pumpkin itself doesn’t last very long. Even the longest lasting pumpkins become a pile of orangey-brown mush after just a couple weeks, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be smoking out of a jack-o-lantern anytime close to their expiry date. This makes weed pumpkin carvings a very short-term accessory, albeit a fun and infinitely customizable one.

Another negative aspect about pumpkin pipes has to do with how they can affect your precious nugs – if you’re not being careful, that is. We’ll go over the steps to learning how to make a pumpkin bong for yourself shortly, but what we’re addressing here has to do with pumpkin guts. We’ve all carved pumpkins before, and we’ve all experienced what it’s like to be up to our elbows (literally) in stringy, sticky, goopy pumpkin innards and seeds. If you don’t scrape out the pumpkin fibers and seeds, you’ll risk too much moisture building up inside your pumpkin pipe which will in turn lead to faster deterioration of your pumpkin bong & weed.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the positives and negatives – and let’s face it, there’s no downsides to weed pumpkin carvings if you’ve paid attention to the details – let’s lay out the tools you need and the steps required to make your very own pumpkin bong.

The Art of Weed Pumpkin Carving

Tools & Equipment:

The finest looking pumpkin in the patch
Glass or metal downstem/intake tube
Carving knife (serrated is best!)


The hardest and most important step in the entire process? Choosing the pumpkin vessel for your marijuana smoking masterpiece. Whatever you prefer in a pumpkin – plump vs slender, round vs misshapen, fiery orange vs mottled green – just be sure to check for a few must-haves for a good pumpkin pipe:

Strong, solid stem

No rotting/mold underneath or soft spots around the sides

Manageable size (not too big if you’re smoking alone, not too small if you’re sharing)

We recommend making two weed pumpkin carvings when it’s that time of year – a small, handheld pumpkin pipe you can enjoy to yourself, and another larger jack-o-lantern that you can carve closer to Halloween day to be enjoyed by all your fellow ghosts & ghouls.

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Just like with regular pumpkin carving you never want to just start cutting without mapping out your top, pumpkin face or the intake/mouthpiece inserts. With your sharpie you’re going to want to mark on the pumpkin:

Mouthpiece insert – near the top at the desired angle, to check where is best simply hold the pumpkin up to your mouth and envision where is ideal

Intake/downstem insert – opposite end and a bit lower than the mouthpiece, at a 45 degree angle

Pumpkin top/lid – cut it in whatever shape you want, just make sure it’s large enough to fit your hand/spoon in to scoop out the guts

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Carefully cut out the top of the pumpkin using saw-like motions and a steady hand. Equally carefully, removed the top once you’ve cut around the edges once or twice and gently pull out the top. Keep this piece intact and put it to the side for now – also carve away the lingering guts/seeds attached to the pumpkin pipe lid.
Can Marijuana Kill You?


This is the fun part for some, the gross part for others. With a large metal spoon start to scrape, carve and scoop out the pumpkin innards. Make sure you get all the mushy goop first, then scrape some more to get the residual fibers and seeds out. The inside of your pumpkin should look like the inside of a house from the Flintstones – it might not be completely smooth, but it’s scoured clean of anything but solid bedrock (in this case, solid pumpkin walls). Finish with a good wipe down with an abrasive rag and flush with some water. Cleaning the outside of your new weed pumpkin carving is also a good idea for good high-gene.
Can Marijuana Kill You?


Next, you need to carve the holes for the mouthpiece and intake/downstem. It’s important to keep the intake insert at a 45 degree angle to prevent any splashing. Also ensure your mouthpiece isn’t cut too low down the pumpkin, for the same reasons of splash back.
Can Marijuana Kill You?


Now that the rigging is ready, you need to add some clean water to your newly fashioned pumpkin pipe bowl. Less is more when it comes to creating an ideal environment for your pumpkin bong – smaller volumes of water work best for many bongs, and weed pumpkin carvings are no different.


As much as you’re going to want to carve out eyes, noses and ghastly smiles for your pumpkin that would kind of defeat the purpose of the bong. Instead of cutting more holes, we used sharpies, markers, paints, and even a few crafty decorations to make our pumpkin pipes shine with personality. Also, you have to name your pumpkin bong, it’s not optional – we went with Dave, because Dave is a stellar dude with some wicked weed time and again.

There you have it! Enjoy toking from your pumpkin bongs, be sure to take lots of pictures, incorporate your weed pumpkin carving into your costume and always be safe & have fun on Halloween. It’s the end of March as of the date of this article, so only 7 long months to practice! See you in the month of Octoker.

Can Marijuana Kill You?


How do you smoke from a pumpkin?
Smoking from a pumpkin pipe requires a few tools (carving set, intake pipe, bowl, etc) and some patience, artistry and a steady hand. Simply cut out the top, scoop the pumpkin innards out as usual and carve additional holes for the intake pipe + mouthpiece. Installing a bowl inside the pumpkin is important as you don’t want to risk gooping up your cannabis. When you’ve accomplished these steps, fill your bowl, light it up, cover the top with the cutout stem and inhale the pumpkin-pot goodness!
Can you put a smoke bomb in a pumpkin?
Yes, many people have started putting colored smoke bombs in their pumpkins around Halloween time. Make sure the smoke bomb is on a hard surface inside the pumpkin to prevent it melting/burning the pumpkin’s interior.
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