Differences Between Infused Pre-Rolls & Regular Pre-Rolls

We've all lit up fat blunts and passed around dope doobs, but have you ever hit an infused pre-roll? Do you even know the differences between infused pre-rolls and regular pre-rolls?! Let's discuss the pros & cons of both infused pre-rolls and non-infused pre-rolls.
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Have you ever been toking on an impressively rolled joint when all the sudden it hits you like a brick of dense buds, right in the face? Chances are that the blunt you just hit was what’s called an infused pre-roll. These potent doobies pack a significant punch compared to regular pre-rolls you’re used to. This is because infused pre-rolls contain all the buds you’re after in addition to concentrates like hash, oils, waxes, kief and more.
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If you’re sweating just thinking about hitting this daring doob, don’t worry you’re not alone. You definitely need to have a firm grasp on your weed tolerance and be familiar with a lot of the more potent strains before summoning up the courage to smoke an infused pre-roll. On the other hand, maybe you’re bored with your current stash and you’re a true weed cannaseur? If this is the case, infused pre-rolls are a fun way to up your ganja-game.

What are the differences between infused pre-rolls and regular pre-rolls? What is a pre-roll even, and what kinds are out there? What’s the best bang-for-your-buds when it comes to infused pre-rolls and non-infused pre-rolls? Let’s roll up some knowledge, light it and take a big puff on the differences between infused pre-rolls and regular pre-rolls.

What Is A Pre-Roll?

Before we ponder the differences between infused pre-rolls and regular pre-rolls, we need to define what is a pre-roll. If you’ve never purchased a joint before – either you’re a cannabis noob, or you’ve always just used a pipe or munched on edibles – a pre-roll is simply a joint, blunt, cannagar or other kind of paper-rolled cannabis that comes pre-packaged and ready to smoke. Pre-rolls are super popular because rolling joints isn’t the easiest thing in the world to learn. Also, many people that are new to cannabis might not have all the fix-ins needed to roll their own – grinders, rollies, etc.

Pre-rolls are the ultimate in cannabis convenience – they’re rolled tight, packed with ganja, sealed for freshness and are often a cost-friendly way to try a new strain or cannabinoid profiles. Some long-time stoners prefer to roll their own, just like some hipsters like to roll their own tobacco. This is totally fine in its own right because it’s a great way to force yourself to practice and get good at making your own joints/blunts/doobs.

Now that we’re all on the same page for what is a pre-roll, let’s go over the different kinds you can find in dispensaries or online. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of unique variations of pre-rolls to be found, but in terms of categories there’s three that summarize the kinds of pre-rolls: regular pre-rolls, non-infused pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls.

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Regular Pre-Rolls

Regular pre-rolls are exactly as their name suggests – just weed, not plain and definitely not simple. Cannabis already comes in so many varieties with such a wide array of unique characteristics per strain that it’s no surprise that many people just smoke regular pre-rolls exclusively. You can always find exciting new cultivars, diverse cannabinoid and terpene potencies and a world of ever-evolving flavors & aromas inside every regular pre-roll.

Regular pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes – ½ gram, 1 gram, 2 grams, etc – but any amount of buds can feasibly be rolled into a joint. Pre-rolls come in different shapes now too, with shaped or sculpted joints becoming increasingly popular. The real important make-or-break factor for many regular pre-rolls has to do with their THC, CBD or other cannabinoids contents.

Regular pre-rolls are also popular as ever due to the “clean green” movement that many stoners have been swept up in. Concentrates like wax, shatter, rosins/resins and other are incredibly potent and have garnered a truly cult-like cannaseur following, but there’s still nothing quite like a good ol’ toke of a big blunt. A growing number of stoners are returning to their cannabis roots and investing in organically-grown, sustainably produced cannabis flowers. This has led to a resurgence in products like organic non-infused pre-rolls rolled in fair-trade rolling papers. Speaking of non-infused pre-rolls…

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Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

A non-infused pre-roll is hard to distinguish from a regular pre-roll in that they’re both full of weed, and that’s it. The lack of additives – whether they’re flavoring, aroma-enhancers or concentrates – makes non-infused pre-rolls essentially the same thing as a regular pre-roll. The main difference between infused pre-rolls and non-infused pre-rolls has to do with their cannabinoids.

A regular pre-roll can range anywhere from 10% to 50% or more in THC, CBD, CBG, CBN or other sought after phytocompounds. A non-infused pre-roll doesn’t contain any added wax, hash, kief or other potency enhancers but they are typically comprised of more potent strains with higher THC/CBD values. So, non-infused pre-rolls are essentially stronger regular joints that are filled with more expensive, high-quality strains. A good way to distinguish between regular pre-rolls and non-infused pre-rolls is to go by the weed grading – regular pre-rolls generally contain grade A – AAA, whereas non-infused pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls are made with AAA-AAAA+ top quality cannabis by default.

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Infused Pre-Rolls

And now we shift our focus to what truly drew out attention in the first place: the intense flavors, the pungent aromas, the mind-melting potencies of infused pre-rolls. Simply put, these pre-packaged, ready-to-smoke joints, blunts and doobies are made with the best selection of top quality buds. The most highly sought after strains, growers and the industries most artistic rollers prepare these superbly crafted joints with true cannaseurs in mind. Infused pre-rolls aren’t for the faint of heart – nor the low of tolerance. This is because the secret ingredient(s) added to these magnificent blunts is some whopping concentrates like wax, oil, resin, rosin, kief or hash.

Infused pre-rolls can provide some staggering THC levels – we’re talking about Phoenix Tear’s levels in the hundreds of milligrams or near-to 100% THC concentration. Infused pre-rolls can have hash, wax or other concentrates on the inside and outside (sometimes they buds are rolled in potency additives, rolled up and then the rolling papers are dabbed or dipped in another form).

The experience of smoking an infused pre-roll vs a non-infused pre-roll is akin to driving a Ferrari along the Italian Riviera vs going for a cruise in your BMW – there’s nothing wrong with a BMW… but c’mon man, it’s a FERRARI! Regular pre-rolls have nothing wrong with them, and in most cases these kinds of doobs are more than enjoyable for the average stoner. On the flip side, many seasoned cannabis users need more than just a smooth smoking, tasty and potent strain of nugs to rev their weed-engine. This is where infused pre-rolls have entered the market and taken hold of the wallets of experienced cannaseurs.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Buy Infused Pre-Rolls Online, Or Make Your Own!

Infused pre-rolls have taken the cannabis world by storm. They are certainly one of the most popular products online and in-stores, and for good reason – infused pre-rolls bring together the convenience of blunts with the intense highs of concentrates like wax, kief or hash. There are a ton of high-quality pre-rolls you can buy online, both infused and non-infused, but you can also easily make your own.

To craft your own infused pre-roll, simply grind up your favorite potent strain with kief, hash, wax or preferred concentrate. Then, channeling your inner sushi chef, roll up the combined buds + concentrates in a joint of your desired size. Make sure you lick or moisten the edge of the final fold to seal the blunt up nice and tight. Additionally, if you’re really feeling brave or have an extremely high tolerance, you can also roll the infused doob in oil, wax, kief, resin or rosin to pack even more potency into it.

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Can Marijuana Kill You?


What does it mean when a pre-roll is infused?

Infused pre-rolls are joints, blunts or doobies that in addition to containing a significant amount of potent cannabis flowers will also have hash, kief, oils or concentrates like wax, as well.

Are infused pre-rolls stronger?

Yes, infused pre-rolls typically contain double or even triple the cannabinoid & terpenes contents of a regular pre-roll.

What kinds of pre-rolls are there?

Typically, pre-rolls can be categorized into one of the following: doobie, king-sized doob, dipped doobie, caviar joints, cannagars, blunts, infused pre-rolls, canna-cigarettes, shaped joints/blunts.
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