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Who doesn't love a strong a potent marijuana bud? Now imagine it coated in kief, and oil sounds tasty eh? Cannabis caviar buds are dipped in hash oil then rolled around in kief. Caviar cannabis can be extremely potent, with some caviar weed strains getting up to 90% THC. The combination or high potency caviar weed strain, quality kief and cannabis oil, make caviar cannabis a powerful explosion on THC. When we say caviar weed is strong, we mean really strong, once you have a few puffs you'll be flying high for hours on end. Our Death Budda caviar weed, Strawberry caviar weed and Queen Wookie caviar are all extracted through the BHO process with a potency of over 90%. If you want to try weed caviar there are different ways to do so. Smoking cannabis caviar in a joint, spliff or blunt isn't the most effective but still a popular choice among most caviar smokers. Breaking it down and sprinkling it into a joint will add some zest to your smoking experience. Vaping is another common way, using a a vape pen or vaporizer add your caviar into the chamber and puff away, after one or two hits you'll be taking a trip to the moon. Dabbing is the number way to smoke weed caviar, this way you will get the most out of the 90% THC and have you feeling the full effects that weed caviar can give you. Haute's cannabis concentrates are of the highest quality and the best prices online anywhere in Canada. Hautes offers the best weed deals in Canada, make sure to try our various $15 grams of concentrate! Buy caviar weed online today!