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Buy Hash Online

  When it comes to buying hash online in Canada, there's a lot of grades to try at many different prices. If you've sampled all the buds, had your fill of all the best edibles and you're ready to dab the best hashish & high potency hash oil, look no further than Haute Health.

Order Hash Online

  Why buy hash online instead of making your own? Whether you prefer ice water method, bubble hash or good old finger hash you can count on the most potent highs and smooth flavors when you order hash online at Haute. Making your own hash at home can be tough to learn or difficult to get the consistency right, so rely on Haute's hash for all your grass cravings.

What is Hash?

  Hailing from the Eastern fringes of Europe, the Middle-East & Africa, hashish is cannabis concentrate made from the resin of a marijuana plant, which has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. The waxy, resinous substance contains concentrations of terpenes and trichomes, as well as some plant leftovers which gives it the distinctive "grass" flavors and aromas.

How to Use Hash

  Hash is commonly rubbed together on fingers or hands when you physically handle the cannabis plant - "finger hash" - or made into oils or full melt products by combining dry sift kief and a liquid base. Hashish roughly translates to "grass", so it should be one of the first things you think of when you have a need for getting stoned. Order hash online from Haute.health today, taste & feel the difference in high-quality hashish.