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What is CBD or THC Phoenix Tears?

  Phoenix Tears, otherwise known as "Rick Simpson Oil", was pioneered by its namesake in the early 2000's. Since it's inception, Phoenix Tears have been relied on by Canadians with the most urgent and serious medical needs for cannabis. Buy Phoenix Tears online in Canada when you need the absolute most potent cannabis extracts possible - upwards of 80% THC! CBD Phoenix Tears as well as THC Phoenix Tears are gaining popularity in Canada as the medical benefits of cannabis continue to develop.

Why do Canadians use Phoenix Tears?

This ultra-potent cannabis concentrate extract has become a very effective treatment for many of life's ailments - ranging from everyday pain & inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and even the symptoms of cancer. Because cannabis Phoenix Tears are so potent, it's recommended that you start very low doses and limited frequency - the size of a kernel of rice can sometimes suffice once a day for some people.

Buy Cannabis Phoenix Tears

How much you take very much depends on your THC tolerance or your medical conditions, so when you buy Phoenix Tears online in Canada be sure to do your research on how to optimize your dose.