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“AA” cannabis, also known as “dubs” is one of the most savvy options for stoners on a budget. “AA” weed are typically on par with most novice growers’ homegrown supply – decent potency, looks okay, tastes/smells like weed should, but lacking those vibrant colors, hard nug density and are usually diminished in overall smokability.

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Dubs buds are definitely a cut about single "A" cannabis, but they won't exactly wow your friends, family or fellow stoners. That being said, many "AA" cannabis flowers can get you high enough to suit your needs - where they're truly lacking is in their visual/olfactory department. Many dispensaries offer a wide variety of "AA" buds as their best cost-for-cannabis option.

Haute Health employs a strict quality/quantity checking system and promises to deliver top notch cannabis flowers. No matter the grade, you'll be packing/rolling the best buds for your bucks.