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If you only smoke the “Trips”, you’ll always be ripped! “AAA” cannabis flowers are the perfect blend of high-quality, high-potency buds at a fair cost per quantity. Trips nugs are very consistent in THC content and are graded particularly on their coloration, flavors and aromas with respect to the price per gram.

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"AAA" buds are far more common than in days past. Trips used to be the highest quality cannabis in the mid/late 1900's, but with modern technology and expert growers cropping up all over the place, we stoners have been able to achieve this level of cannabis far more frequently, consistently and efficiently.

Trips flowers always offer strong aromas, long-lasting flavors and enough THC + CBD for almost any cannasseur. Discoloration or muted tones can still affect this grade of buds, but they make up for their appearance once you light them up. Clean ash, rich smoke and a rounded, enjoyable smoking experience can be expected with Trips weed.

Haute Health has one of the largest inventories of "AAA" cannabis on the web. Check out the Trips library and find your new favorite intermediate buds today at Haute Health.