Shatter Bars vs Regular Shatter

Shatter needs no introduction - it's ultra-potent, ultra-delicious, and ultra-popular. How can shatter possibly get any better? Why not drown it in chocolate?! Shatter bars are quickly rising up the ranks, so let's see how these potent shatter edibles stack up against good old ganja glass.
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Can You Overdose On Marijuana?

Back in the days of smoking weed in the 1980’s and 90’s, the most potent buds you could probably find came in delicious brownies, weed cookies, or could be lit up in a big, fat blunt. You could still hit the bong, still find cannabis topicals for life’s injuries & ailments, and getting a hold of some edibles wasn’t impossible back then.

However, one thing missing from all of the stoner options of old were the high potency THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that we have become so used to in the modern realm of cannabis.

What used to be considered a “dank dro” strain in the 80’s and 90’s is more likely a AA, mid-tier strain today. The edibles some of us used to drop might have seemed like an intense ride, but compared to the insane Tetrahydrocannabinol levels in most candies or baked goods it’d be like comparing the ride in a Honda Civic with a Lamborghini.

Why are cannabinoid levels so vastly improved in the 2000’s? For starters, technology is simply better than it used to be. Advancements in cultivation, harvesting, processing and extraction have made leaps and bounds since the late 1990’s, so we’re able to get a lot more out of our plants than we even knew was possible.

Speaking of what we know, the cannabis industry and its consumers have also learned a ton since the late 20th century. Cannabis research and innovations made by growers and smokers alike have led to valuable insights into plant chemistry, high yields, cutting edge cultivation techniques and a number of advanced extraction techniques. We’re able to get more out of cannabis and hemp because we understand them better, so a product like shatter is part of the natural progression in our pursuit of cannabis excellency.

Shatter is aptly named because it truly shattered all of our expectations for what was possible with cannabinoids potencies. Did you know that there are actually multiple kinds of shatter? We’re going to compare two of the best sellers today: regular shatter and shatter bars. In this article we’ll explain the pros/cons of both shatter bars and regular shatter, discuss different shatter effects and which shatter weed strains make for the best ganja glass or bud bars.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Shatter Effects: Why Shatter Is Better

Shatter has become one of the most popular cannabis products in the past few decades. The 2000’s have been dominated by ganja glass, and if you’re not familiar with shatter’s effects then there’s a few things you should know about this high-potency extract.

Cannabis wax, resin, distillate and shatter are just some of the more common extracts that you will find in stores and online. Shatter is meant to be dabbed, but it is also commonly found in vapeable or smokable forms as well. Because of its glass-like texture and look, a growing number of the stoner populace have fallen in love with these kinds of concentrates because they are extremely potent and fast-acting. When vaped or dabbed, shatter can enter the bloodstream within minutes and deliver intense psychoactive experiences, or induce strong sensations of pain-relief, relaxation or euphoria.

Shatter is obviously not for beginners, but when you’re feeling brave (or have a strong enough tolerance to THC) it can offer a lot of benefits.


Can Marijuana Kill You?

Some of the most common reasons some Haute customers have reported using shatter for include:

Fast-acting, long-lasting head & body highs

Immediate relief from fatigue, anxiety or depression

Intense visions, hallucinations or episodes of creativity

Enhance focus and the ability to formulate very complex thinking or ideas

Immediate pain-relief, reduction in swelling, relief from nausea

Induces very deep sleep/relaxation

Because cannabis affects everyone differently – especially if you’re dabbing high-potency concentrates like shatter – it’s tough to predict what exactly you’ll feel when under its influences. The important takeaways are that you need to be absolutely prepared & informed on the potentially powerful effects of a high-potency extract like shatter. Now that we know the stakes, let’s talk about two of the best kinds of shatter: regular shatter and shatter bars.

Regular Shatter

Regular shatter covers a wide spectrum of resinous, waxy and glass-like extracts that are typically golden or amber in color. Shatters might all seem alike if you’re not familiar with them, but there’s actually a lot of complexity to this premium potency cannabis product. The textures of shatter, for one, can be quite multifaceted – sappy and syrupy, taffy/toffee-like or brittle like hard candy. Some shatters are bright and translucent while some are dark and opaque.

Regular shatter also comes in endless varieties when it comes to flavors and aromas. There are thousands of amazing shatter weed strains that can produce an infinite number of unique tastes & smells. The terpenes and cannabinoids unique to each shatter weed strain can determine the textures/colors of a shatter as well. The “pull & snap” of a high quality shatter – aka it’s pliability or softer texture – can indicate greater THC contents. Conversely, shatter that is high in the raw form of THC (THCA), is typically more brittle and breaks apart like glass.

In this way, viscosity is very important as Tetrahydrocannabinol is sappy or oil-like at room temperatures, so these kinds of textures can be an indicator of a certain quality of shatter. Shatter can be high in CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV or hundreds of other cannabinoids as well so the texture or colors of a shatter don’t always point to inferior quality – it depends what you’re after. That being said, most premium regular shatters are sold as very high potency THC products.

As is with most cannabis products, you need to decarboxylate the cannabinoids within in order to activate the THC, CBD or others for the desired shatter effects. To accomplish this, most stoners dab, vape or smoke shatter. You can ingest shatter in edible form, but it has to be decarboxylated already, otherwise you won’t experience the intense psychoactive effects it is so well known for. Speaking of edible shatter bars…

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Shatter Bars

Like their name suggests, shatter bars combine two of many peoples’ favorite things: shatter and chocolate. In its most basic form, shatter bars are just high-potency cannabis edibles that include decarbed shatter inside a bar of chocolate. The reason shatter bars are so popular has to do with the high levels of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids per bar. Instead of the usual 50 – mg of THC per edible, shatter bars typically range from 250 mg, 500 mg or in the 1000’s of mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

These upper tier THC values clearly aren’t for everyone, so just like dabbing shatter you really need to know what you’re doing before you try any kind of shatter products for the first time. People with high THC tolerance levels, or those who require cannabis for serious medical needs can certainly benefit from these powerful shatter bars. Shatter bars are also a great option for anyone who either can’t smoke/vape/dab due to a lung disorder, or for anyone who is trying to cut down on their inhaling and get their buzz on from different kinds of buds.

Another reason that a growing number of shatter-heads are trying shatter bars has to do with discretion. Smoking, dabbing or vaping shatter is very obvious and can require equipment to consume. So, when you’re on the go or traveling and you don’t feel like explaining your dab rig to airport security, then a simple shatter bar is an awesome way to get your THC/CBD fix.

We should mention that shatter bars aren’t just limited to chocolate. There are also a lot of shatter toffee bars, peanut or candy brittle shatter, shatter cookies and much more. The quintessential shatter bar is usually in milk or dark chocolate, but there are tons of options out there. You can also make your own homemade shatter bars, but we’ll leave that up to you DIY chocolatiers.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Best Shatter Weed Strains

There are a lot of shatter weed strains out there, but the team at Haute Health is always on top of providing the absolute best shatter & concentrates your money can buy. Here are some of the best sellers you need to try if you’re keen on shatter or shatter bars. Keep calm and shatter on!
Can Marijuana Kill You?
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