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1000mg CBD Immunity Tincture


(5 customer reviews)

Cold & flu season have been pretty difficult to escape the past couple years, so it’s high time you invested in a potent, natural CBD Immunity Tincture from Haute Health. High-quality hemp CBD extract combined with ginger, turmeric, angelica and astragalus roots for maximum immunity boosting powers. Don’t stress about getting sick – chill out and stay healthy with 1000 mg CBD Immunity Tincture from

These days we are all probably a lot more aware of germs and bacteria and the potential to catch harmful diseases than we would like to be. It never hurts to have extra defenses in your toolkit when you are battling an unknown and overwhelming enemy. That’s where our immunity boosting CBD formula fits perfectly into your already healthy lifestyle. We’ve combined a massive 1000 mg of medically beneficial and immunity boosting CBD sourced from hemp and blended it with ginger root, turmeric root, angelica root and astragalus root to promote better health and boost the immune system. Reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis CBD without the overwhelming psychoactive high from the THC which has been excluded from this special mixture. Simply use the dropper to place a small amount directly onto the tongue or add a drop to your favourite food or drink to add the medical and immunity boosting benefits of this special CBD mixture!

5 reviews for 1000mg CBD Immunity Tincture

  1. gilslaroo (verified owner)

    Not the best taste , but that goes and away and than it helped me sleep

  2. 321car (verified owner)

    I lost my sense of smell/taste 10 years ago, this is the most flavour I’ve had since! I can even smell it in my sweat! Nice!

  3. ecs.1980 (verified owner)

    my goto bed time tea mix

  4. Green Thumb Scientist (verified owner)

    Maybe good for the body but it taste worst than Buckley’s syrups. Burp it out for hours and I took it before breakfast. I don’t know what give it this taste but it’s awfull.

  5. mfj (verified owner)

    pretty good for anxiety

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