AAAA Kief – Biscotti


(29 customer reviews)

Biscotti is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. This strain produces a cerebral high that leave consumers feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head-to-toe. The effects of Biscotti are known to creep up on consumers, so it’s best to take it slow with this strain. In terms of flavor, Biscotti tastes like sweet cookies with undertones of diesel.

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Kief refers to the resin which contain the terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis so unique. While marijuana without Kief still contains cannabinoids, the resin that develop on flower pack the biggest punch.

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29 reviews for AAAA Kief - Biscotti

  1. brandonhoskins1993

    Nice stuff enjoyed

  2. blxstteam

    This stuff hits hard!! Crazy tastes too just straight up cookie taste coats your mouth with the lovely cookie terps

  3. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Purely loving this. Better than some other AAAA Kief.

  4. robertfantauzzi

    (volcano classic to water pipe via SSV tubing on 7) nice, clean feel and relaxation; calm, mellow but still clear-headed. Nice biscotti flavour!


    Was good kief helped with making the J’s more potent to relieve pain

  6. jhwelder4life

    The free sample worked. I want more!!!

  7. k.vizino

    5 STARS
    Got a free gram and it was fantastic!
    Made a great goodie to enjoy on top of all the other products! Taste is good burns clean.

  8. reredrum666

    Got this as a freebie and love it. Will be ordering

  9. quadriplegic63

    top pocket find ….. great blunt filler easy to handle

  10. chrisleeder_

    decent stuff, i put this in my volcano with some bud and blast offfff, nice comparable to shatter

  11. byronpopiel7

    I Get as a free gift everytime I order. Decent Stuff. I just put it in my ganja box and forget about it until I run out of shatter but it’s good stuff yup

  12. vrichard_86

    Nice produit

  13. cluckshoefisher

    Good for supercharging doobies

  14. johnbreau987

    Good stuff

  15. mcdonaldds1991

    Gave me that free with another purchase. Thanks! Good for when you run out of weed

  16. missber624 (verified owner)

    Love this!

  17. fortierfranco9

    It’s like spiking your drink . Way stronger

  18. laiddragon

    Perfect Moon Rocks = Shatter + AAAA Kief – Biscotti

  19. guillaume.gagnon666

    Very good tasting and smooth kief.

  20. jayleomac

    good clean tasty with some bud. clean awake high.

  21. djsappier2015

    Nice and smooth to be honest. Add this with some hash as well in your joint. Gives it a boost 👌🏽👌🏽

  22. Cindy

    A smooth & sweet tasting smoke. Enjoyed the powerful buzz!

  23. Bubba.s

    Good and white compact

  24. vrichard_86

    J’adore et je vais en recommandé

  25. vrichard_86

    Verry nice for the price

  26. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    This is a great additive for any puff,I use it in my cookies too

  27. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    Makes for a great additive for every puff,use it in my cookies sometimes

  28. Donny (verified owner)

    Added some of this to a bowl and wow… It really kicks it up a notch. Will buy again .

  29. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    Love this product, adds that extra kick to your hoots

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