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Dolato – Indica Shatter


(28 customer reviews)

Dolato, also known as “Do-Si-Lato” and “Dosi-Lato,” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Do-Si-Dos with Gelato #41. Dolato has a beautiful range of colors in its colas—from light to dark green and red-wine purple to bright orange, all dusted with diamond-like trichomes. Dolato’s terpene profile features a fruity, earthy scent followed by a sweet lavender taste. Dolato may leave people feeling stress-free and sedated, making it perfect for a slowed-down night in, perhaps paired with a bath and a book.


Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative, Giggly
May Relieve: Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Depression, Nausea
Flavors: Earthy, Citrus, Sweet


Also known as Lavender Kush, this strain gets its name from its odor and the dark purple coloration on its leaves. It’s an indica-dominant mix of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian, and it has a 40:60 sativa/indica ratio. Lavender has a spicy aroma with floral tones and has a sweet lavender taste. This strain is well known for its unique flavor and smell. It produces a strong, relaxing high with euphoria and happiness. It’s frequently used to treat GI problems and mental disorders, as its soothing effects wash anxiety away and lift depression. Dry mouth and red eyes are possible, as is paranoia and headaches, though those are very limited. Lavender hits THC levels as high as 27%, making it one of the more potent and effective strains on the market. It causes a slight head high and then a powerful body high driven by the indica-dominant genes. Lavender is most popular on the West Coast, less so in the rest of the country. Its short vegetative cycle and easy cultivating makes it a good choice for patients who home grow. This

28 reviews for Dolato - Indica Shatter

  1. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    amazing stuff

  2. evelynjess (verified owner)

    Beautiful Golden Color. Sticky & Gooey. Feels more like a Sativa Hybrid than an Indica.

  3. qc.jean.3 (verified owner)

    Great stuff Great price

  4. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    This shatter is great, looks just like the picture.

  5. sarahddegen (verified owner)

    Really good hitting. 10/10 order again

  6. 1flinteastwood (verified owner)


  7. 1flinteastwood (verified owner)

    Super bon ! meilleur prix en spécial

  8. snowmann111 (verified owner)

    Nice I like this one

  9. keenankrysko (verified owner)

    Very nice

  10. jafowler (verified owner)

    Very nice shatter

  11. Dylan Edward (verified owner)

    I received darker shatter, I just bought 5g off and I usually find the golden colour shatter ones better. But It’s good!

  12. woodworks3825 (verified owner)

    Great product, smooth, nice flavor and high

  13. aqua_tom (verified owner)


  14. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Very nice shatter

  15. GanjaManja (verified owner)


  16. manu.chaurasia (verified owner)

    clear, grate taste, highs not bad. will buy again

  17. felixproulx25 (verified owner)


  18. maximebriere1669

    5 star shatter!i think is the best i ever smoke

  19. bradtilling

    another home run on the newer stuff. clear and light, huge kick

  20. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    awesome product

  21. qc.jean.3 (verified owner)

    Great product as always love hauté health

  22. savagelacroix91 (verified owner)

    Another amazing product u guys are kill the game as usual thanks again

  23. jafowler (verified owner)

    Never disappointed with this shatter

  24. Donny (verified owner)

    Good shatter. Nice light colour..will buy again.

  25. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Awsome shatter has a nice citrus hint to the blast.

  26. TeRoRiZeR420

    had that one a couple time and really good stuff !!!

  27. nickolassmith2001

    Absolutely amazing high with this, it smokes so well its not harsh and has great taste

  28. stefan_kolesnikoff

    Yummy goodness

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