Nepalese Black Hash


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Smell: The aroma is very spicy, heavy and quite sweet. It is particularly potent if a piece of Hash is broken-up.
Taste: Highly aromatic and sweet, more so than Afghani but still less harsh on the throat.
Effect: Very physical and stony high.

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Nepalese Black Hash is an extremely high quality sticky black hashish, originating from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. Known for its extremely high THC percentage, Nepalese Black Hash is a highly sought after product. What makes it unique is the fact that it is not pressed with a machine, but hand pressed giving it its soft and flexible texture.

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9 reviews for Nepalese Black Hash

  1. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    nice hash i miss please put it back quick <3

  2. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    Good hash, preferably rolled with greens 😉

  3. kweznil (verified owner)

    It’s black alright, and smokes like a dream.. I’m dreaming of ordering more!

  4. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    really nice potency for the bucks!!

  5. pperiard (verified owner)

    thanks for the upgrade on my thanks for the upgrade on my order very please. this hash is very good for the price will buy again

  6. thatguytomwon (verified owner)

    Great for smoking and baking. Brought me back to high school

  7. softyounow (verified owner)

    A little disappointed in the aroma and flavour. Tasted and smelled more like bud or keif than hash. That unique, spicy hash taste was missing. Good buzz though.

  8. kubota_kid_98 (verified owner)

    One toke and I was good. Great for bed

  9. dilispi898 (verified owner)

    put 3 little balls smashed head

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