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OG Kush – THC Distillate


(27 customer reviews)

Is there a strain more “OG” than OG Kush? The original gansta ganja from Florida needs no introduction, but this OG Kush THC Distillate from Haute Health is a new way to get one of the dopest dopes. A crossbreed between Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai and Chemdawg, this legendary strain smells like lemons, pine, spice, fuel and notes of skunkiness. OG Kush is a straight-to-the-head and body high that is a favorite among stoners after a long, hard day’s work. OG Kush THC Distillate is sure to take off any edge as its potent relaxing effects become super concentrated in this distillate form.

Budtenders beware, Haute’s THC Distillate products can hit fast, hard and last long so use caution and dose low until you know how your tolerance is. Trust in the OG with OG Kush THC Distillate and all your troubles will morph into rays of Florida sunshine.

27 reviews for OG Kush - THC Distillate

  1. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    Perfect for making edibles, will for sure order again

  2. climb_or_die (verified owner)

    This was OK for me. Really nice taste on the exhale. Creeper high is how it hit for me. A little stoned of the pulls but about 20 minutes later everything became much brighter and sharper. I’d also forgot how distillate hits. Nothing wrong with it at all.

  3. marcdagesse (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  4. E.L. (verified owner)

    I’d get this again

  5. nic.randell19 (verified owner)

    Wonderful! Packs a wicked punch. Put me to sleep just like I wanted! Very convenient to use! Just a little heat with a lighter and it was good to go!

  6. chrisboomboom4 (verified owner)

    Good shit

  7. philipmerritt76 (verified owner)

    just wow. a little heat to the syringe and off to the races. ty HH

  8. ngym88 (verified owner)

    Very nice, put it on everything

  9. adamwilliamchabot (verified owner)

    Great option for more discreet smoking, hit’s completely different from the bud though?

  10. seanmench (verified owner)


  11. bball4life1096 (verified owner)

    Very good distillate also can’t beat the price!

  12. leposuction (verified owner)

    Soooooo good

  13. simeonchalard (verified owner)


  14. d.ing (verified owner)

    Wow. This is the cat’s meow…

  15. d.ing (verified owner)

    Really nice..I am loving distillate..

  16. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    As usual, above and beyond with the best customer service you can ask for. I was also hooked up with a bonus bag during late December!

  17. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Very Potent Stuff and the Syringe is so very convenient

  18. burley710 (verified owner)

    Always top notch

  19. raill.james (verified owner)

    Very decent buzz, and nice clear consistency!! Great for dabs if you like cinnamon taste… Mine were totally clear, unlike the picture above.

  20. m (verified owner)

    I tried it for a first time and I liked it very smooth very very smooth with a smooth Buzz and for taste would be like an oil taste. Will try again if on deal.

  21. aprilnammour (verified owner)

    I recommend, at first I was scared and it seemed too good to be true but it was so good and worth every penny. I’m never going to buy from my local dispensary or delivery again. My new go to. Don’t think just buy

  22. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    kenabis *
    thank you very good quality I recommend

  23. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Amazing as always

  24. kajal_singh93 (verified owner)

    Buy this if you see it on smoking deals! Nice taste, good high, puts you right to bed!

  25. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Best distalate yet !!!

  26. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to get it 😜bet it’s amazing like the other distillates lol

  27. francis.106 (verified owner)

    Très bien mais le limon pour moi il est meilleur.

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