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Haute Health

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Use Code: may50 for Enjoy 50% off!*

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Purple Kush Shatter – Indica


(513 customer reviews)


Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress

Flavors: Berry, Grape, Sweet

Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strain, this dank strain known as “Purple Hindu Kush” is a unique Indica with its vibrant colors and pleasant flavor. Purple Kush Shatter is known for having an uplifting euphoric head high that relieves pain and provides a slight introspective effect. Accompanied by a numbing body sensation its affects work its way through the body, providing a relaxed and sedated feeling you’ll love this purple shatter. Following the peak of the initial high, the come down provides a strong, pain free sleep that lasts for hours. Emerging from the Oakland, California region, this slow and relaxing full body stone was named Top 10 Kush Strain by High Times magazine in 2016. For the best purple kush price it’s gotta be Haute Health!

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513 reviews for Purple Kush Shatter - Indica

  1. tsmartin67 (verified owner)

    The old standby. It’s a tad harsh but, boy, it does the trick!

  2. bporta1993 (verified owner)

    Clean buzz tasty

  3. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Fav shatter

  4. d.layth22 (verified owner)

    Very Strong

  5. filionm82 (verified owner)

    très bon mais dur pour la gorge

  6. leigh_99 (verified owner)

    Great shatter for a great price! Would definitely buy again!

  7. robbie.123451 (verified owner)

    Live the taste and sweet high

  8. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    Sticky as all hell

  9. matt.cmo.31 (verified owner)

    Decent quality. Well worth the price

  10. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Will knock you over.

  11. dannymorisson (verified owner)

    Foncé, cassante avec bon gout !

  12. darianvanderwielen (verified owner)

    I’ve had better. It’s ok just not the best

  13. neweraexteriorrenovations (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this stuff… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  14. neweraexteriorrenovations (verified owner)

    This stuff hits all the marks!

  15. neweraexteriorrenovations (verified owner)

    Well worth the money… I’ve have gotten a lot worse for a lot more from other places!

  16. marcdagesse (verified owner)


  17. jafowler (verified owner)

    Never disappoints, I buy it by the 1/8th when on sale.

  18. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    My favorite

  19. Molly (verified owner)

    Love it

  20. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    5 stars

  21. donkz (verified owner)

    Bon joux

  22. NewBrunswick420 (verified owner)


  23. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    really good product

  24. GanjaManja (verified owner)


  25. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Gets me fried

  26. bradchymy86 (verified owner)

    great shatter i recomend nice sharp clean high made me more active then lazy not harsh fruity lemon taste

  27. mracine88 (verified owner)

    Juste wow

  28. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    My fave on sale or not!!!!

  29. tootsifraser (verified owner)

    TOOTSI F Hete to review PURPLE KUSH SHATTER. This is a great sleep aid as it is knock you out quality. Def a
    Buy again.

  30. dwyerkehoejarrod (verified owner)

    Great for the price , hits awesome burns clean , and love the couch lock indica it’s brings with every dab!

  31. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Good shatter

  32. keithsguest69 (verified owner)

    Great nose, smokes amazing, will be getting more

  33. snadjiwon (verified owner)

    Pain gone , thank you!!

  34. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    as always 5 star shatter and the price is good

  35. bcgrownmc (verified owner)

    It’s tastes great and is pretty powerful. It doesn’t look like the picture they advertise it to be. Good deal and will order again.

  36. danielle (verified owner)


  37. s.lavender (verified owner)

    another great buy

  38. jbierbrier (verified owner)

    Made super potent caps

  39. billdavidson949494 (verified owner)

    love the rush

  40. rokusan.sangen (verified owner)

    Pretty good!

  41. pqjoshua (verified owner)

    Gets you nice and high useful from needing energy to clean to getting the giggles watching shows

    On top of that looked just like the pictures on the site (I’ve finished my order already)

  42. jbierbrier (verified owner)

    Just tried to thumbs up

  43. Symbachat (verified owner)

    Just perfect for the price ❤️

  44. stretten.ash (verified owner)

    A little intense at first but mellows out great

  45. dream-big12 (verified owner)

    Great product even better when on sale

  46. bewc89 (verified owner)

    Unreal for the price.. great consistency and taste

  47. jafowler (verified owner)

    Me Likey, you Likey too

  48. billdavidson949494 (verified owner)

    best stuff yet

  49. kimberly.newton (verified owner)

    Delish. Will order again

  50. 1ssj85 (verified owner)

    So good for the price always gets me blazed

  51. 1ssj85 (verified owner)

    Always gets the job done ,every time.

  52. Tremblant1358 (verified owner)

    intense. ca brulle bien, le buzz est super

  53. Tremblant1358 (verified owner)

    tres bon!! imbattable.

  54. maddiewalton00295 (verified owner)

    Bought an eighth , was goof

  55. maddiewalton00295 (verified owner)

    A tad rough for me but I like it

  56. marcdagesse (verified owner)

    Real Nice i love it

  57. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    Anything purple is always a hit!!! Smoked lovely

  58. The Bakenator (verified owner)

    2nd order, couldn’t ask for better quality/price

  59. k.graw (verified owner)

    Tasty and strong

  60. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    It was actually purple

  61. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my stay! lol. Love HH!

  62. annie_0036 (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite shatter! A little goes a long way! You won’t be disappointed!

  63. sctdvs (verified owner)

    Hits quick

  64. jessica-lynn-stevens-1995 (verified owner)

    Did it for The price, not the best shatter to smoke but greed to add onto your bowls

  65. fournier_simon (verified owner)

    Pas le meilleur mes pas mauvais

  66. snow_boarder_8 (verified owner)

    Great smoke, tasty and smooth. Consistency is on the tackier side, which I prefer but like to point out for anyone who prefers snappier. I was surprised how nice and clear and flavourful it was, especially considering the price. Great value.

  67. Harry (verified owner)

    Bought for the 1st time and was pretty good

  68. darianvanderwielen (verified owner)


  69. d.r.88 (verified owner)

    Fu**ing great !

  70. josh_ford77 (verified owner)

    Great shatter. Will definitely buy again.

  71. stockcar (verified owner)

    Awesome taste and texture

  72. stockcar (verified owner)

    Excellent produit pour le prix !

  73. maacodog (verified owner)

    Enjoyed very much especially as dabs

  74. alpitou69 (verified owner)

    extremely strong to the taste but the buzz is extremely powerful! for the price, unbeatable!

  75. laneleolewis (verified owner)

    Good stuff very pleased

  76. stevegates4201 (verified owner)

    Great shatter hits hard and you can’t find a better punch for you’re buck 9/10

  77. makewayman666 (verified owner)

    Very nice 👌 tasty smooth 😋

  78. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    Pretty decent stuff, well worth it when it’s on sale. Cheers everyone!

  79. buffalodarian16 (verified owner)

    Great stuff got in on sale also, got me nice and ripped

  80. Symbachat (verified owner)

    Orange colour good flavour and can be manipulate

  81. 420DabRip710 (verified owner)

    I love it made the right choice with this purchase. And would definitely recommend.

  82. 420DabRip710 (verified owner)

    Damn fire 🔥 for what I paid especially because I got it on sale.
    It’s got an amazing taste/flavor, hits nice and smoothly on my rig and my necter collector. Would definitely recommend if not on sale but always nice if it is on sale. So “hurry up and buy”. Lol

  83. nick.collicutt (verified owner)

    Great buzz

  84. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Dark shatter never the same when you order

  85. yngcapo856 (verified owner)

    Buy agian for sure

  86. aqua_tom (verified owner)

    To the moon

  87. francois.chatagnier (verified owner)

    Middle range concentrate

  88. francois.chatagnier (verified owner)

    I like it a lot but little sticky

  89. paaigesinclaair (verified owner)


  90. matthewstablet2013 (verified owner)

    Great taste perfect for going to bed and getting solid sleep!!

  91. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Great taste n high

  92. rivercity101 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourites

  93. justincooper405 (verified owner)

    PK shatter. Count me in. Flavor is always on point. very heavy hitter

  94. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    Very dark and kind of soft but awesome smoke

  95. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    This is great shatter great for giving you an appetite and great for getting in the movies

  96. tootsifraser (verified owner)

    The PURPLE KUSH SHATTER. Excellent for pain and sleep . Definitely a buy again. Smooth smoke n long high

  97. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Good price 👍 👌

  98. mattbonthoux (verified owner)

    Great strain done nicely in shatter form. Will most likely get it again.

  99. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Great Taste would buy it again

  100. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    It’s okay not the best probably won’t fight again

  101. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Top quality, super potent must buy if its on sale

  102. bwmcc53 (verified owner)

    Tasted amazing and was quite smooth

  103. bwmcc53 (verified owner)

    This one has the taste out of what I’ve tried so far

  104. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    Quality on point, it’s a great choice!

  105. rivercity101 (verified owner)

    Loved this one pretty fruity I like fruity !

  106. therealdavemoore (verified owner)

    Decent value

  107. bradsports2 (verified owner)

    Was not my favourite when compared to the other great strains haute stocks. It was a little bit dark, although it was glassy and stable and did taste pretty good. It’s just that tiny bit of chlorophyll bringing the overall score down

  108. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Instant favorite

  109. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Très bon produit. On ressent Très bien son côté indica. Donne Très très faim lollll

  110. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    1 of my favorites , and the wife loves it ,good, smooth, tasty i just love it .

  111. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Good taste great price

  112. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Loved that shatter. Love this website, amazing deal and good taste!

  113. ecs.1980 (verified owner)

    kinda like it

  114. ecs.1980 (verified owner)


  115. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Love it

  116. andrewgrienke (verified owner)


  117. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    As you would expect from purple k great taste and quality

  118. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Okay shatter that gets you there. I don’t think I ever enjoyed the purple Kush/ OG Kush strains. But there’s nothing wrong with this shatter!

  119. alicia.sage (verified owner)

    i smoke a lot of shatter and this has to be one of my favourites

  120. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Great price

  121. lhurrell13 (verified owner)

    Dark and heavy. A good hitter. Great for the price

  122. boardgame306 (verified owner)

    Very nice

  123. laturne12 (verified owner)

    Very nice shatter . Great taste and smell very good. Strong headrush for those who love that.

  124. leanne.dobbie (verified owner)

    Great value for the money. Dark colour and thick consistency, taste a little weedy but not bad at all.

  125. raebjornanders (verified owner)

    Not bad for its price

  126. ntcbond (verified owner)

    Puts me to sleep with ease. Will definitely buy again

  127. Simon154 (verified owner)

    Good stuff, a little sugary, but for 10 bucks can’t afford not to grab some.

  128. aqua_tom (verified owner)

    Great stuff… tasty

  129. jscott.obrien (verified owner)

    dabs were great ! there are hints of light diesely/piney but very good really , i would purchase again , i’m so high right now

  130. alpitou69 (verified owner)

    it smashes the head well, but the smell is disgusting !!! it smells like chemicals, nothing else! I will recommend one last time, another kind, and if it is the same, I will buy elsewhere. (thanks to the gifts received and the discounts, this means that I put 4 stars !!!)

  131. Donny (verified owner)

    I like I get an eighth whenever putting in an order . Fast becoming my go to shatter.

  132. Reidco27 (verified owner)

    very nice high! little stickier than i would like but can’t be picky with the great price!!

  133. rayewilson1 (verified owner)

    Great taste, great high.

  134. owen (verified owner)

    Great shatter ,great price ,dont hesitate ,haute health looks after u.

  135. aelechko (verified owner)

    Really nice shatter; especially when you can find it on sale! Absolute steal when it’s on sale!

  136. tannisthomas.6 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff especially when it’s on sale.. I think it’s the best bang for your buck I got 10 grams for $10 a gram

  137. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    goodprice but buzz is not long.. easy to use and i love this stuff maybe cuz the name lol

  138. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    loved it again and again

  139. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    couch lock

  140. SauceNWock (verified owner)

    Good for the price, solid high

  141. desjardinsmarlene65 (verified owner)

    Nice to the taste and love the feeling

  142. jellobaby (verified owner)

    not my favourite, but was okay

  143. desjardinsmarlene65 (verified owner)

    Love it will order again for sure

  144. jellobaby (verified owner)

    will buy again!

  145. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  146. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price

  147. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    Good for the price, not as smooth as some of the others I’ve bought.

  148. Shelly (verified owner)

    couple good hoots and enjoy your sleep lol

  149. Shelly (verified owner)

    good price,makes you sleep grreatttt

  150. doucette.gregory.r (verified owner)

    Just bought a quarter again.

  151. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste!

  152. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    Good tasting definitely worth the price

  153. brittyd.kd2317 (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet taste 😌 and very affordable

  154. purpy32 (verified owner)

    very good shatter for the price, you cant go wrong with this 🙂

  155. dbanks1988 (verified owner)

    By far my fav

  156. rightandwrongproductions (verified owner)

    Got 5 G’s of this stuff and couldn’t be happier with the purchase…as good as any shatter I’ve had before, and can’t beat the price

  157. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    My new favourite shatter I loved the high and it tasted amazing

  158. SpecialEd (verified owner)

    Amazing aroma and smooth taste

  159. nathalie999 (verified owner)

    Shatter a bas prix 10 $ le g , Gold et De tres bonne qualiter

  160. nathalie999 (verified owner)

    Prix Parfait a 10 $ le g dans le daily deal , couleur Or , Bonne qualiter

  161. bartello34 (verified owner)

    Unbelievable for the price, this place makes great shatter

  162. Rachel (verified owner)

    One of my favourite shatters on the site and when its on for 10/g I literally buy in bulk

  163. raebjornanders (verified owner)

    It’s good

  164. melissacrandall0201 (verified owner)

    Just buy it! You won’t be disappointed!

  165. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    This is out Go too

  166. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    a little dark but for the price cant go wrong at all

  167. lhurrell13 (verified owner)

    Great flavor, not too bad of a smell. Got it on sale. Would totally get again. Gives a nice mellow high nothing crazy

  168. bakerp2017 (verified owner)

    Very nice stuff nice taste and color

  169. molly.dcmc (verified owner)

    Loved this stuff. Can’t wait to try more.

  170. tsmartin67 (verified owner)

    Dark, dank and heavy, love it!

  171. blackhorse802.tm (verified owner)

    Awesome taste and texture. Great product

  172. mikeflood123 (verified owner)


  173. mikeflood123 (verified owner)

    Love it

  174. mikeflood123 (verified owner)

    super dank

  175. ellsworthnathan468 (verified owner)

    Very good shatter definitely worth the money

  176. sknathanpayne (verified owner)

    Really good weed for a great price…. Thanks again

  177. corvidbloom (verified owner)

    Tastes very sweet and fruity. Mellow and chill. Not anxiety provoking. Great deal. I keep in fridge and it shatters nice so I can use just a teeny piece in my vape.

  178. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Would buy anytime. Great price too. Tastes great and a lovely Buzz

  179. maryanne.wong.maw (verified owner)

    Took me awhile to warm up to this one. Using a similar dose to other products, it just felt…heavy.
    Accidentally took a higher dose when trying a new dab straw – the bigger dose was a winner! Full body stone, and heightened kinesthetic ability (i.e. I could feel all my muscles, ask them to relax, and they would). Immediately took to a yoga mat and started doing gentle stretches, which immensely helped my shoulder/neck/headache pain. Then, heavy sleepiness took over and I passed out.

    If you want to enhance your pain reduction or stretch routine, give this a shot. if you’ve got insomnia (i’ve struggled with day night reversal for 3 years), this is the only thing that does the trick for me.

  180. ShawnP_420 (verified owner)

    Yummy every batch. Thanks Haute Health

  181. spec_v2.5 (verified owner)

    Very good tast as i expected good stuff

  182. Donny (verified owner)

    Wow ..nice shatter.. even though it’s in the budget section I really find it good stuff. Brittle with a lovely bright colour.

  183. dustinjohnjoe (verified owner)

    I’d buy this one any time. Really good stuff.

  184. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites

  185. tracylevesque23 (verified owner)

    Really nice

  186. Donny (verified owner)

    For inexpensive shatter to be so good is amazing.. Haute health rocks

  187. jacobmallett1 (verified owner)


  188. clayton.czaja (verified owner)

    $15 a gram for purple kush shatter! Definitely my new favorite shatter. Good pull and taste. Just lovely!

  189. saukrates69 (verified owner)

    Good and tasty

  190. ellsworthnathan468 (verified owner)

    Was amazing but what I got wasn’t the glass texture like all the other stuff this was wet like live resin or rosin but the taste omf the terpes were unreal in this stuff definitely going to try and id recommend it for everyone especially at this price

  191. sschreyer89 (verified owner)

    Love this one and the pink kush. So good

  192. treeplantingwizard (verified owner)

    Awesome dabs

  193. you8myshorts (verified owner)

    Great texture and colour. Nice high.

  194. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Awesome the best shatter great price

  195. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    J’adore fait pas trop tousser !

  196. c.89paul (verified owner)

    The taste and smell is very amazing, reminds you of the purple kush buds, and very potent! Careful small hits..lol

  197. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    Very pungent, texture is nice easy to work with, this stuff HITS!! Worth the price and you will be satisfied!

  198. philipmerritt76 (verified owner)

    a little gooey but nice effects,

  199. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    solid flavour. solid punch .thumbs up

  200. destinytrudeau76 (verified owner)

    great smoke , must try it!

  201. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  202. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this product, will buy again.

  203. molly.dcmc (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the price. Would buy again.

  204. drakerage15 (verified owner)

    I buy this every time I order pretty well, excellent strain with a awesome price. This is a must get if you love shatter !!

  205. sorciereyeuxdor (verified owner)

    Great Shatter , loved the colour and the texture. Will Buy again

  206. bewc89 (verified owner)

    Great shatter for the price. Nice color, snappy. I will buy this again.

  207. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Great shatter when on sale

  208. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    good especially when it’s on sale. not crazy strong, so nice for all day or going out

  209. alexandrusiek (verified owner)

    For the sale price I say this is a great idea you can feel a kick worth it on sale

  210. candace.hills (verified owner)

    Can get 3.5 grams of this stuff for about 35$ or 1g at the local for 88$.. this stuff still rips better;

  211. jak-a-lak (verified owner)

    Great shatter. Got it on a wicked sale! Will be buying again for sure

  212. kevenmaltaiscaron (verified owner)

    Still great

  213. kevenmaltaiscaron (verified owner)

    Awesome vape and smoke

  214. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    pungent, a little darker than in the pic, loved it

  215. guidry.gamer22 (verified owner)

    Mehhh tasting but does the trick!

  216. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Great stuff, very nice.

  217. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Omg must try ..great Flavio

  218. leposuction (verified owner)

    Right on

  219. jessicah22446 (verified owner)

    Very nice high daps very well

  220. leposuction (verified owner)

    Jump on it

  221. genailleluke10 (verified owner)

    Really good high will be buying again😃

  222. ishansmnt (verified owner)

    Smooth and strong

  223. kkiefyyyy (verified owner)

    LOOOOVE THIS SHATTER one of my many favourites

  224. cozmikk (verified owner)

    love it great buy

  225. mimieuxboheme (verified owner)

    the consistency and flavor on this strain are both top notch, cant go wrong with haute shatters

  226. Donny (verified owner)

    Really nice flavour and very reasonable price..tis the season to be merry…

  227. etk.fluffy (verified owner)

    You Had me at Purple !! A+++++

  228. ShawnP_420 (verified owner)

    The PK shatter is very tasty and Gave me an awesome high. I still cant believe I got this stuff for 10 bucks a gram!! 👍

  229. kev8909 (verified owner)

    I only put 3 Star cause Mine was half in “Suguar” but its Very potent stuff for sure ! a must to try !

  230. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    Bonne qualite!

  231. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    Rough, but taste good

  232. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Taste good

  233. e.beckhurst (verified owner)

    The best deal ever. Hits good and has been a real dependable option. Buy this!!!

  234. the_uncivilized (verified owner)

    good stuff good prices always

  235. g.w.mcqueen (verified owner)

    Loved it. Blew threw what I ordered way to quickly. Definitely pick this up

  236. donnyt.hockey (verified owner)

    This is my fav bargain shatter on here. A classic and very relaxing high. Definitely a nice option to come around to if you want a nice, chill high

  237. THCis4Me (verified owner)

    4 star all day long

  238. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    little sticky but love it

  239. kubota_kid_98 (verified owner)

    I loved the smooth dabs I get off it

  240. tsmartin67 (verified owner)

    Definitely a dank, earthy aroma. A nice mid-strength product at a great price.

  241. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Great Shatter for a great price, can’t go wrong. Definitely order again

  242. eric_lemke (verified owner)

    Pretty good strain! Overall great value for money.

  243. steve-st-onge (verified owner)

    Parfaite pour le prix tres bon gout!!

  244. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    Great taste and value. Didn’t stay hard like it should have

  245. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Potent Stuff! I really enjoyed this as it was my first time trying shatter from haute and they are the only MOM I use recently. Also you can’t go wrong with their daily deals!

  246. tmsdecker (verified owner)

    decent good when on sale

  247. tazzexplicit187 (verified owner)


  248. candace.hills (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure

  249. punk0804 (verified owner)

    Not the strongest there is but for the price, I absolutely love it.

  250. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    I LOVE this stuff

  251. bren.keough055 (verified owner)

    Tastes good, darker than the last batch. Still smoothe

  252. sknathanpayne (verified owner)

    We were happy with the buzz and the consistency…

  253. Marc Ginale (verified owner)

    one of my favorites!

  254. Marc Ginale (verified owner)

    Amazing shatter! Very nice price as well.

  255. snowhard27 (verified owner)

    Very smooth and effective.

  256. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    Great shatter for the price

  257. brandidziaduck (verified owner)

    Definitely will buy again! Tastes good and great buzz

  258. Dee89 (verified owner)

    Good high but very sticky and hard to work with.

  259. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    cant complain for the price great high

  260. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    cant complain about the price, wicked high

  261. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    This was mys first time smoking shatter and this super strong stony high blew my mind. Loved it.

  262. imran.qasimali (verified owner)

    Great Price. Great Base for a solid Shatter.
    Not the ultimate best, but up there for sure.

  263. johnngo13 (verified owner)

    good shatter very stable

  264. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the potency
    Unfortunately makes my mouth pretty dry but all and all a good purchase. Great to pick up on the Smoking Deals page when it’s on sale!

  265. shmeep (verified owner)

    Picked up on sale, great deal for the price that’s for sure! Dark and sticky, snaps in colder temperatures. Taste is pleasant enough, not too harsh and delivers a nice chill stone.

  266. Simo (verified owner)

    Lively on sale is the deal

  267. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    Didn’t know what to expect will buy again

  268. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Nice taste

  269. bass_arcanemaster (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, good buzz too!

  270. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    I always add this to every order, defiantly a must have for kush lovers

  271. brandonmousseau (verified owner)

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  272. tomtherrien97 (verified owner)

    WoW i never have a perfect Product at this price, Thanks a lot

  273. larissameunier (verified owner)

    Amazing for price. Amazing!

  274. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Fantastic shatter! At that prices you can not go wrong .i cant wait to buy more.thanks

  275. raebjornanders (verified owner)

    Does the job after 3 globs of this shatter and 3 bowls of weed…

  276. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Hubby loves it, and when he loves something we rebuy, such a picky man lol

  277. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    regular purchase. can’t go wrong for the price. great product

  278. kermackkj (verified owner)

    Excellent for price and a nice high . Vapor was a little harsh even with ceramic coils though.

  279. jackcandy (verified owner)

    You cannot go wrong at this price. Good shatter for the most. Excellent bang for the buck!

  280. donnyt.hockey (verified owner)

    This shatter was great quality for price. Will buy again 👍

  281. A Happy Customer (verified owner)

    Made some really tasty thc vape juice using Bubba OG Terpenes, turned out great! Was a little darker than what I usually prefer but still hit smooth, will purchase again for vape juice and the occasional dab.

  282. burley710 (verified owner)

    Grabbed this in a daily deal, for 10$ a gram. I was reluctant to reorder as the last batch was a little dark and harsh, but from my experience with haute, and after talking to haute, every batch can be different. And it’s always worth another chance. I was blown away by the quality of this pk shatter. 10/10

  283. Rachel (verified owner)

    Great especially when its on sale for 10$ a g

  284. 45wizzy (verified owner)

    If your seeing it while it’s $10/g that’s a no brainer, this is good shatter. Sticky and resiny, that price can’t be beat

  285. justinorr79 (verified owner)

    👌👍 great

  286. sbecki833 (verified owner)

    Got me right ripped lol

  287. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    I would order this again time and time again. My favorite yet. Great price, great taste. It was always firm, even at room temperature.

  288. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)


  289. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)

    This tasty treat DEF gets a 5 star salute from mee! I like to use it as the icing on my bong bowls! Will be a favorite that I’ll always want on hand! Thanks again for the smokin’ daily deals to trial new products!

  290. matthewkolenko (verified owner)

    Great wax for the price. Can’t beat it!

  291. tynew240 (verified owner)

    Got this on the daily deal, figured it would be sub par shatter but it’s actually comparable to the higher end stuff I’ve gotten from here, but pretty sticky

  292. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Got upgraded to my favorite shatter, death star OG, so 5 star rating from this guy no doubt! Big up hautehealth and all ganja smokers worldwide!

  293. fr88.mail (verified owner)

    for the price better than i expected

  294. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Nice quality

  295. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Très bon au goût. Pas dure sur la gorge. Bon buzz. Je recommande surtout à ce prix.

  296. ryan_horner (verified owner)

    This is a great indica shatter. The only downfall is it is quite sticky at room temperature. Keep it in the freezer or garage now that it’s winter.

  297. amorse18 (verified owner)

    Amazing price and quality

  298. ap0u4dzam (verified owner)

    Thx for the upgrade and the gift , taste good , buzz good

  299. kwewitch (verified owner)

    thx for the upgrade, great site, smoke so smooth

  300. theuhph (verified owner)

    Nice shatter, smooth, easy to handle when kept in the fridge

  301. MistyDN (verified owner)

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  302. bren.keough055 (verified owner)

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  303. amorse18 (verified owner)

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  304. derick842122 (verified owner)


  305. sethlem (verified owner)

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  308. H.W. (verified owner)

    I almost cant believe they sell this for so cheap.

  309. michaelppoulette (verified owner)

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  310. michaelppoulette (verified owner)

    Very nice n clear nice taste n smell to it

  311. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    I was sceptical cuz of the price but I’m going to add this to every order I can . Thank you!

  312. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    very very very satisfied and what about the speed of shipment … thank you very much to the whole team

  313. amy.penner02 (verified owner)

    Tasty AF!

  314. starchild (verified owner)

    An amazing product, for such a low price! – You can go wrong with this one!

  315. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Love it a lot

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  317. craigmx (verified owner)

    Pretty good for the price. Got the job done a slightly more then satisfactory.

  318. frankrex1960 (verified owner)

    A very nice smoke for rest and relax. you will find your mind drifting. Very much recommend to a friend. It is mainly a body stone but if you sit to long your going to sleep.

  319. wertz21 (verified owner)

    Great smoke gear flavour a classic

  320. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    This is one of my fav lower grade ones but for the price it gets me pretty high it’s always in every order usually

  321. sethmcjarvis (verified owner)

    Im not usually a shatter person. Saw this I think on sale one day and thought why not lets try it. was good! id get again

  322. chuckychuckdoe (verified owner)

    Real nice

  323. chuckychuckdoe (verified owner)

    Really good! Nice taste and blessed flavour. Nice texture with nice Chrystal!! And the high…: Potten!

  324. chuckychuckdoe (verified owner)

    Really good! Nice taste and blessed flavour. Nice texture!! And the high…: Potten!

  325. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Smooth and the Smell and taste wasnt bad at all for it being a darker colour

  326. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    thank you!very consistent and Good stuff

  327. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    thank you! Good stuff

  328. karriwillick1 (verified owner)

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  329. karriwillick1 (verified owner)

    One of my favorites

  330. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    please haute pute 15$ shatter back!! i know you can do it

  331. alecleray (verified owner)

    Love it still smoking it now

  332. Rose (verified owner)

    Was upgraded to pink kush, which was great.

  333. bcguy (verified owner)

    set yer enail at 525 and those rips go on forever

  334. bcguy (verified owner)

    like the old saying ” gotta cough to get off “

  335. THCis4Me (verified owner)

    Decent shatter, taste like was made with shake,trim, low grade.
    Kept its consistency.

  336. doum_100 (verified owner)

    Awesome shatter, at 15$ its a steal! Nice high, good taste.

  337. kelvinmarley96 (verified owner)

    Dark and more like taffy than glass but pretty good for the price

  338. craycraytay98 (verified owner)

    Hands down my fav one it litterally taste like grape

  339. vkanteman (verified owner)

    Despite being 1/4 gr under weight it’s still a good deal over all.

  340. theuhph (verified owner)

    Always loved the purple , in any shape or form
    Nice stuff

  341. toddhorrocks (verified owner)


  342. craigmx (verified owner)

    Great taste, even better price! 👌

  343. iverson.t (verified owner)

    bang for your buck on this one. this will put you right to bed. Nice stuff

  344. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Best shatter on this site !!!

  345. cashwaypete (verified owner)

    might be one of the best high’s ive found, love it.

  346. canishadewar (verified owner)

    Cheap shatter but really does pack a punch. A little lighter than in the photo but I guess it is batch dependent.

  347. zahra1010 (verified owner)

    For the price, it’s worth it. It’s more on the harsh side, but it does it’s job.

  348. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Most deff best bang for your buck 😜deadly shatter for price o

  349. bullfrowg (verified owner)

    For the price you can’t complain at all, really love this shatter!!!

  350. brown_shayne (verified owner)

    Got me walking funny

  351. darthpotzy27 (verified owner)

    Pretty decent bang for your buck ! I can’t wait to try another strain of shatter from HH. ! GREAT PACKAGING !!

  352. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Très belle couleur , goûteux et pas trop dure sur la gorge.. je le recommande. Merci Hauté

  353. iverson.t (verified owner)

    This site has the best bang for your buck in my opinion. Great shatter for an even better price. Good taste good smoke.

  354. danylaramee248 (verified owner)

    vraiment tres bonne pour le prix fais 2-3 fois jen commande et je vais en recommander!! pour le prix sa vaut la peine!

  355. chuckychuckdoe (verified owner)

    IT took a lil longer to come but it came straight weight. It look nice it doesn’t smell that strong but for the price it’s kinda good I think… Anyways for me it was satisfying enough I got what I expected just lil delay but it’s ok.

  356. cab911 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite

  357. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Amazing as always

  358. grills.brock (verified owner)

    Cheap and gets the job done!

  359. deidrich1996 (verified owner)

    Wow an 1/8th for $50 and I was good. Nice earthy flavor definitely trying this again.

  360. markharrison (verified owner)

    Good, clean shatter that came slightly over-weight with a free preroll, edible, and silicone container

  361. severight.mel (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the upgrade to OG Kush Shatter! Will be definitely be buying Purple Kush in the future.

  362. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    My favorite

  363. x.kristinarichard.x (verified owner)

    Worth the price

  364. jenn.k.davis86 (verified owner)

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  365. jy66489 (verified owner)

    Great taste and awesome buzz can’t beat the price.

  366. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    last batch was bit too much sticky for me but nice taste and buzz

  367. akumatyson (verified owner)

    Well worth it

  368. lowkeyg187 (verified owner)

    Pretty good. Smokes well. And hits hard

  369. lowkeyg187 (verified owner)

    Pretty good. But not the best of the other ones at this price point.

  370. topdime1 (verified owner)

    Nothing to say other than its amazing

  371. Blueberrylover (verified owner)

    This stuff is definitely you end of the day budget shatter!
    Can’t go wrong!
    May not be the strongest, but more than enough considering the price point!

  372. toddhorrocks (verified owner)

    Awesome product, will buy again

  373. alexaleduc2 (verified owner)

    good price, taste good. not my fav!

  374. karriwillick1 (verified owner)

    Great shatter. Good solid tokes.

  375. karriwillick1 (verified owner)

    this was great stuff. little harsh but hey!!

  376. madesigns1410 (verified owner)

    Great stuff with great taste for a good price. As an indica Kush this will coutch lock you on the spot. Great if you have trouble sleeping but don’t expect to smoke this then try and get shit done cause it aint happenen. Love it will order again if then its still available.

  377. benmaclean19 (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff will get more awesome

  378. alecleray (verified owner)

    Great heavy hitting INDICA. Made gummy bears with them and by the end of the night you’re definitely ready for a good sleep.

  379. lordihatethis (verified owner)

    We ordered this last time and we are grabbing more right now. Awesome stuff for a wicked price.

  380. jenn.k.davis86 (verified owner)

    Amazing shatter! Definitely recommend trying it out

  381. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Deadly shatter for price!!!

  382. shun08191983 (verified owner)

    This stuff is unbelievable. I read the reviews and bought it and glad I did.

  383. tsmartin67 (verified owner)

    Such a powerful high for the lower price category. These guys make some nice stuff! Thanks.

  384. justinlachaine (verified owner)

    First time ordering this product it was 5 star broke apart like glass and see through second time around I ordered a halt oz expecting the same product instead I got black tar looking shatter

  385. kittymonster (verified owner)

    Ended up being more of a sugary wax but also kinda a bit like shatter, not complaining at all tho, This stuff tastes great smokes great cant go wrong for the price

  386. alex_alexson (verified owner)

    It’s a good smooth rip, will buy again

  387. jacinda8 (verified owner)

    Great high

  388. tazwolf13 (verified owner)

    Good smoke although the last 3 times that I have ordered it has a different taste but very good for the cost

  389. frankrex1960 (verified owner)

    Nice day time use. When it says keep cool it means it. Room temp. will melt it. Will buy again for sure. Enough buzz in 1 hit to relax the body (1st hit lol).

  390. Pooh (verified owner)

    AND again, an excellent buzz!
    Very dark and extremely sticky but I def should have bought 2 for the price & quality. Naked me cough and as the saying goes, “U don’t get off unless you cough”. 😛

  391. curtis.gibson (verified owner)

    Alright for cheep shatter

  392. devin.hockey (verified owner)

    Good stuff and worth the price. Wasn’t as dark in person as it is in the picture

  393. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    I had never bought before because of the prices too high my the I took the risk at this price and do not regret it thank you will spread the word

  394. mimieuxboheme (verified owner)

    good quality, good price, yet another top notch shatter from haute

  395. agriel92 (verified owner)

    Great Value. Gets a little coughy if you smoke alot tho

  396. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)


  397. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Fait très bien la job surtout à ce prix là. Certains que je vais en recommander de nouveaux 😉 Does the job very well especially at this price. Some I will recommend new ones 😉

  398. danylaramee248 (verified owner)

    tres bonne,pas collante et ce manipule bien!! une de mes preferer pour le prix,elle vaut vraiment la peine!! fais 2 fois que je commande et surement pas la derniere! 🙂

  399. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    Pretty decent for the garde I love it

  400. craycraytay98 (verified owner)

    My favourite one! I love the taste, smokes good in a joint or rig or pokes. Got me and my significant other very buzzed we use it for bed helps us sleep all night without waking up!

  401. kamchaudry18 (verified owner)

    Best deal on this site great buzz

  402. shawtristian137 (verified owner)

    Very good taste, hits solid

  403. jose1929 (verified owner)

    Good stuff and fantastic price. Recommended.

  404. bret.t23 (verified owner)

    For the price it gets the job done ! A bit dark in colour but still gives u a nice high . Tastes a bit earthy almost like green oil.

  405. lil_tree79 (verified owner)

    Perfect colouring, looked just like pic, nice high and would recommend storing at cooler temps to keep from being so sticky icky.

  406. vonkatheviking (verified owner)

    I cant complain at all what a great deal when there is a sale. it was a bit light but for the price it is absolutely wonderful.

  407. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    One of my favorites not the strongest but a great pick me up. Not as dark as the pinteres but damn still awesome.

  408. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Great in the bong but even better in the Vape , ordered a few times now and will again

  409. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    taste good same collor and amazing price

  410. tylrgrey (verified owner)

    it was okay =\ don’t want to trash it, but it wasn’t for me

  411. georgekays (verified owner)

    Great Shatter, even better price!! Definitely wasn’t dark, like the pictures.

  412. paularmstrong_700 (verified owner)

    Great price and the buzz is decent
    Been smoking on oz for about 2 months and it still does the job
    Next order will be a step up in quality

  413. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Ça faisait plusieurs mois qu’on en avait pas acheter. Nous avons un prix juste un gramme et fuck, on aurait dû en prendre plus ! Il était clair jaune transparent ! Il n’a jamais été aussi beau

  414. yummy-mummy-87 (verified owner)

    Taste amazing allways keeps me comming back

  415. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    Taste a bit strong for me but high is potent no doubt about it

  416. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    Thanks HH for the upgrade! I got lemon haze shatter. Was tasty!

  417. junior.clement (verified owner)

    Pour le prix, c’est un excellent produit.

  418. Sunflower1234 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  419. kviola (verified owner)

    Unlike other reviewers the color was definitely not golden, it was dark. That being said the price is amazing, the taste is good and the high is awesome. Will definitely be getting more a,s a p!

  420. rdoyle62 (verified owner)

    I’m vary happy with your product have already placed another order and just to Mention big appreciation on the upgrade to the pink Kush was suggest everyone to try it hits good nice Tasting stuff The only crappy part is when you run out

  421. jimmy2014new (verified owner)

    Pour le prix c’est le deal vraiment bon je vais en recommandé!!

  422. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    This is a great item haute always has the best prices definitely my favourite site

  423. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    This stuff is a steal!

  424. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)


  425. noah.osborne (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Not too bad to work with for tackyness

  426. owen (verified owner)

    just fantastic stuff not like pic …ull never beat the quality and price

  427. yummy-mummy-87 (verified owner)

    It taste amazing and smokes well had to buy more Definitely would be reoccurring customer

  428. snadjiwon (verified owner)

    Very good product, tastes great and awesome price!! Will be buying this again!!

  429. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    Thanks for the upgrade! It was taisty. 👌

  430. mvarkove (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with this shatter. Excellent product for the price!

  431. juneaipellee (verified owner)

    Great product. I ordered this but had an upgrade instead. Also, had a freebie on my first order. I’m impressed. Thanks haute health.

  432. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Perfect taste and perfect for right before bed time to help with sleep.

  433. carsen379 (verified owner)

    Ordered 3.5g, they didn’t have any in stock so they shipped pink kush shatter instead! decent deal thanks hautehealth

  434. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite

  435. rebeccaemilyzdrill (verified owner)


  436. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    This is my go to for basic shatter and maximum value for the purchase!

  437. steph89desj (verified owner)

    Very good shatter… for the price, the taste and the High. Better taste than Pink kush imo.

  438. hope_marshall (verified owner)

    reminded me of candy. tasty

  439. thandrahan_6 (verified owner)

    I dont get shatter often, bought this for something different and it’s great! Tastes awesome and gives a strong buzz. For the price it deff cant be beat!

  440. paul.g.stanghetta (verified owner)

    Best stuff at this price on the internet

  441. janicewellon83 (verified owner)

    This is really tasty shatter. I don’t dab my shatter. I pull it apart and warm it a bit and pulled it into strings and lay it on a paper to smoke. What a crazy high.

  442. LovingHauteHealth! (verified owner)

    Bought this received Chocolope. Happy with it. Price is great!

  443. jasonobrady (verified owner)

    This was what I ordered but we were upgraded to Pink Kush. Definitely a great high, smell and taste are nice as well

  444. goodguysteve (verified owner)

    Just got my order an ot os bomb the color is beautiful an the creeper high is amazing not to mention the free stuff they sent as well will be ordering again thank you HH

  445. blakeharry9 (verified owner)

    I ordered purple kush shatter and got upgraded to pink kush shatter! Thanks HH 👌I appreciate it.

  446. mrettie1979 (verified owner)

    Very potent and extremely affordable! I will be purchasing this again!

  447. prevosttrevor (verified owner)

    I thought it was an amazing price tastes good will buy again

  448. fredrmz28 (verified owner)

    nice stuff for price!

  449. justinlachaine (verified owner)

    Will order again soon heavy buzz good flavour

  450. robvidal78 (verified owner)

    A bit sticky but that spicy aroma is among the best I’ve tried taste wise on 40+ strains and 5 different producers!

  451. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains

  452. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    yellow color and strong buzz

  453. archi-cat (verified owner)

    Upgrade to rockstar

  454. wduffett7988 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, effects and price point! Will order again! 🙂

  455. jessmkiss (verified owner)

    Definitely a hard hitter here. I bit harsh for me, very strong taste. Gets me coughing. But you will get a wicked high!

  456. bethechange16 (verified owner)

    Potent flavour, productive high.

  457. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    15$ shatter and it’s actually nice! A lot of places would over charge on something like this!! Recommend

  458. yan_champ (verified owner)

    super produit ! j’en commanderai d’autre certainement !

  459. aleesaoleman (verified owner)

    Taste like grapes

  460. evanchecker17 (verified owner)

    This is really well worth the buy.. smokes good and is going to be ordered again

  461. rissa_22_ (verified owner)

    love it

  462. phatbody2012 (verified owner)

    I thought it came really fast and I loved how easy it is to handle it’s like Taffy it’s not sticky til you heat it up, the taste is awesome through my shatter bong or my vape love the flavour and the buzz is great too want to try some of your more pricey stuff with all the crazy deals love you guys will keep on referring to all my friends even strangers!!

  463. en.sepc23 (verified owner)

    A great deal and a price you cant beat

  464. yoleau123 (verified owner)

    Really good product i recommend even for the money its brown shatter but soooooo good and tasty

  465. en.sepc23 (verified owner)

    I thought it was a good taste and a unbelievable price. Great job guys

  466. en.sepc23 (verified owner)

    I thought it was a really good taste and the price is unbelievable

  467. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    Taste is ok. High is amazing! Really great deal, unbeatable!

  468. amcpacer (verified owner)

    I ordered this stuff because it looks great and is a great price. Turns out it was out of stock but I got upgraded to 30$ shatter for the same price !

  469. lildrewdizzle (verified owner)

    I ordered this purple kush but got a better quality Rockstar instead, guess they ran out. The rockstar is absolutely awesome!! The color, the taste, the texture, and the HIGH ! i love it, as well as the purple kush too i had it before and loved it as well, especially for the price.

  470. daunais (verified owner)

    Super potent shatter

  471. dwfm29 (verified owner)

    Great taste, and the price is unbeatable

  472. alexaleduc2 (verified owner)

    Great shatter, soo tasty too

  473. mimieuxboheme (verified owner)

    good quality, good price, tastes good, a classic

  474. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    really great shatter for the price!! got me high all day and night

  475. tayllorp6 (verified owner)

    Smooth taste. Not to sticky. Gives a good high

  476. shawnmcfadden24 (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing.

  477. lotsabass (verified owner)

    Fairly dark and softer more like taffy, less like ‘glass’ style.
    Spread it on a paper with a warmed up pin leaves a great taste and a bit of cotton mouth down the road.
    Earthy spicy grapish after-taste. Very smooth.
    Great bang for the buck.

  478. patmorehouse51 (verified owner)

    Very stable and it definitely packs a punch ! For 15 you can’t go wrong. Get 2

  479. maxine-xx (verified owner)

    Loved it! sticky but for $15 what can you expect! put me in the couch

  480. ryanjstewart282 (verified owner)

    Great taste and very stable

  481. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I really like this one ! Good golden color taste also good ,will buy again! Thanks

  482. alopierre40 (verified owner)

    Tres bon produit

  483. m (verified owner)

    For 15$ a gram this has a nice dark golden color and the taste is good I was impressed. nice buzz very uplifting. will definitely buy again.

  484. Akira (verified owner)

    I thought maybe it would be really dark but I was mistaken.. it was lighter, tasted really good and gave a great buzz 🙂

  485. mr.gas69 (verified owner)

    Very nice. I find the taste very mild but nice and the buzz is on point. I cant believe the price – great deal!

  486. danylaramee248 (verified owner)

    vraiment tres bonne,un des meilleurs que jai gouter dans sest prix!livraison rapide!

  487. francis.106 (verified owner)

    buzz 6/10
    prix 10/10
    texture 7/10
    livraison vancouver/quebec city 24h… 20/10

  488. lsmithbc43 (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and the best price you’ll find.

  489. brettk792 (verified owner)

    I will definitely be getting this again. A good choice, great value.

  490. mapatry1978 (verified owner)

    Bon goût brûle très bien merci

  491. vanroonk (verified owner)

    nice colour good taste

  492. markdepelham (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this shatter. Expected the dark and sticky stuff, received terpy amber shards. Cant beat it for the price 🙂

  493. richardcarroll293 (verified owner)

    nice soft texture. nice burn nice taste 7/10 buzz 8/10… price 15/10 yes 15/10… I was nervous at first thinking its cheap must be some gross shatter but its better than some 30+$ shatter I tasted before.. so yeah its awesome cheap good shatter. ca fait la job en sale

  494. preevost (verified owner)

    Un des meilleurs !

  495. Tc99 (verified owner)

    Good product would order again

  496. mrmachine6 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this shatter, will definitely order again. Thanks H.H.

  497. patrick.d.macmillan (verified owner)

    its products like these that make Haute Health worth switching too.

  498. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Good product, taste less than some other but still do the job like it should.thank you

  499. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    At this price you get what you pay for ,but still do the same job like some higher price shatters, it’s just much more sticky and dark an less tasty.thanks

  500. danylaramee248 (verified owner)

    vraiment bonne!!une de mes préféré a date!! solide et buzz solide!

  501. newfigirl11 (verified owner)

    It wasn’t the best taste like oil and was extremely sticky … but the site was quick to get back to me about it and help solve the issue 😊

  502. luiscaixeiro (verified owner)

    Great high and relaxing outcome.

  503. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the price and good quick buzz

  504. vremlinger (verified owner)

    Awesome shatter with a nice taste and smooth hoots ! Nice color and good buzz !! For the price you can’t go wrong at all! I’ll be buying again for sure!
    Thank you guys for such wonderful fast service !

  505. War73 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat this for the price , Good shatter , nice flavor and decent buzz , will buy again

  506. jtb421 (verified owner)

    Dabs are ok. Taste??? Cant complain for the price tho.

  507. fridayblue88 (verified owner)

    First time buyer, I was impressed. I’ll be back to buy more 🙂

  508. ampinn (verified owner)

    Not bad!! decent quality – awesome price! Happy camper here 🙂

  509. myrafletcher (verified owner)

    decent quality and arrived quickly

  510. beckieburke (verified owner)

    Great texture, pleasant taste and smell. I didn’t find it very potent, but for that price, no complaints!

  511. alex_kaine (verified owner)

    Great product, great taste. Definitely will be ordering more.

  512. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Excellent produit pour le prix ! Plusieurs grammes ressemblaient a du crumble

  513. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Great shatter. Good solid rips. Will definitely buy again.

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