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Haute’s Shatter Syringe of Fruity Loops has potent effects that’re are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.

If using a shatter syringe for the first time, always start low and go slow. Wait at least an hour for the effects to kick in. Once you understand how you react then you will have a better idea on how you can consume our shatter syringe.


  1. b_marty (verified owner)

    Perfect for dabs!

  2. kirkfbennett (verified owner)

    So tasty

  3. mrbjornblanchard (verified owner)

    Tasty asf

  4. jbierbrier (verified owner)

    Arrived fast. Waiting to try

  5. Donny (verified owner)

    Very handy, easy to use and as usual a great product. thanks.

  6. Donny (verified owner)

    Lovely colour and flavour..the syringe makes easy to control.. potent product, will buy again.

  7. CM (verified owner)

    My favorite syringe. Great taste and beautiful buzz. Kills my pain and I’m able to relax. Highly recommended!

  8. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    Taste fruity! I loved it make sure to heat the container for a sec before your hoot or you’ll struggle.

  9. rborder9 (verified owner)

    Ordered lots more…love the flavour

  10. chrisnikole162009 (verified owner)

    These are actually nice to get and use.

  11. snowmann111 (verified owner)

    Great product

  12. seb_tremblay (verified owner)

    Great taste
    Perfect for coating a joint and roll it in kief

  13. k.graw (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes amazing!

  14. kkieneker1 (verified owner)

    Very tasty, will buy again!

  15. lynnjasper10 (verified owner)

    Taste was good, convenience was excellent, the high was one that you want to repeat 😊 and for the price it’s not too bad.

  16. taz144038 (verified owner)

    Had it once before, so good I had to have it again.

  17. kkieneker1 (verified owner)

    I used this for dabs and it was strong but something about it made me cough like crazy.

  18. rborder9 (verified owner)

    Favourite flavour

  19. rborder9 (verified owner)

    ordered more good stuff

  20. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    Love these syringes !! Great price on sale and smoke so smooth In dab rig

  21. rborder9 (verified owner)

    Love it

  22. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Awesome that’s all I can say

  23. shaunsmith002005 (verified owner)

    These syringes are the bomb. This is the third one I have tried and all have been top shelf quality at a budget buds price. The syringe makes it super easy and not messy and I have added it to joints or to a bowl and also dabs. Works great in all ways I have tried it. To make it easier to squirt out just heat the glass syringe with a lighter for 2-3 seconds!

  24. smalebrun (verified owner)

    Great taste and very convenient. Works great in a wax pen.

  25. c.89paul (verified owner)

    Super good 👍!!

  26. viper2000_69 (verified owner)

    Very nice and tasty 😋

  27. rouletteterry (verified owner)

    This syringe is my favorite flavor so far! It does have a fruity taste! And of course its very potent. Syringes have become my favorite devices because I don’t even have to touch the product. 10/10

  28. B88R88 (verified owner)

    Very convenient. Syringe is a little small and can get a little messy but great overall product!

  29. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Great on a bowl with keif n weed omg …🥴🥴🥴

  30. ecs.1980 (verified owner)

    Love the cute glass syringe and fruity loops packs a nice punch I will be ordering this again for sure!

  31. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I really like that frutty loops the taste is was more strong that that way…hit hard yet still easy to dabs with.

  32. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    First time trying a syringe of shatter instead of distilled and was very happy with what i get…will buy again when it come to sale.

  33. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Super new shatter ! I thing its a bit better than distilled syringe because of the smell and the taste of it …exept that it is pretty close hitting buzz either way.i will definitly buy that one again for sure .i did get it at 50% sale so it’ s a win anyway!! Thanks guy’s!!

  34. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    Kenabys :
    good but taste that reminds me of vitamin ?…

  35. War73 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, nice buzz, by far my new favorite shatter. Next time it goes on sale I’m stocking up

  36. paularmstrong_700 (verified owner)

    Really nice in a vape cart

  37. seansigur (verified owner)

    Excellent product. A little “dab” will do ya!

  38. bret.t23 (verified owner)

    Beautiful colour & taste ! Might be my new favourite distillate out of em all ! Glad I bought a couple !

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