1000mg THC Giant Cinnamon Foot


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Are you ready for the ultimate giant cinnamon foot candy? 1000mg of infused THC in delicious flavors! This is the longest, largest edible infused giant cinnamon foot you are likely to find anywhere. Impress friends and family and bring enough to share with everyone! Or keep it all to yourself and work your way through it segment by segment. This is the ideal gag gift or surprise treat to liven up any party situation. We advise not attempting to eat one of these alone – you won’t have a good time – but bring this along to share with the group and you’re sure to be the life of the party!  Our giant infused gummies are one of the coolest party favours you’ll find anywhere! Available in a wide range of fun shapes and gummy flavours but always infused with 1000mg of powerfully potent THC.  Make sure you store it sealed in a cool dry place. How much gummy can you handle? Pick your favourite flavour and shape and find out!

1 review for 1000mg THC Giant Cinnamon Foot

  1. bananababy66 (verified owner)

    Just received this yesterday and could smell the cinnamon right away. It came only in a ziploc bag that wasn’t totally sealed. Everything else was sealed well in the order. The pot leaf I previously ordered came wrapped in wax paper and then vacuum sealed. I’m going to cut this into small edibles, wrap in wax paper, then freeze. Hopefully it will hold up.

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