250mg THC Chocolate Party Bar


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It’s not really a party until somebody busts out the THC Chocolate Party Bar. Rich, creamy, melty and loaded with 250 mg of THC, Haute’s Chocolate Party Bar is perfect for your next mixer, office shindig or gaming party. With a bunch of easy to break off, measured dose squares this THC Chocolate Party Bar is the ultimate “take one, pass it on” treat to have at any social gathering.

Chocolate has always been a staple in the world of edibles, but Haute ensures the top-notch quality in the ingredients used to make their potent edibles. Speaking of potency, Haute double-checks their extracts, concentrates and distillates to make sure they’re of the utmost quality and will give you the best high, every time. Hosting a birthday or anniversary event soon? Why not make it fun for the adults and share this delicious THC Chocolate Party Bar with your friends and family – just make sure it stays out of the reach of the littler ones.

7 reviews for 250mg THC Chocolate Party Bar

  1. parrodisefortnite (verified owner)

    Milky galaxy

  2. sctdvs (verified owner)

    Nice taste, sink into the couch kind of high

  3. dannybono911 (verified owner)

    taste was good and the high waS PERFECT. NOT TO STRONG…. FREEZE IT !

  4. designcore54 (verified owner)

    tastes amazing, and works even better, recommend putting it in the freezer, I also melt some with hot chocolate

  5. sctdvs (verified owner)

    This is really tasty! Seems like I get a better high with chocolate than with gummies

  6. TJ (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to try it! Saving in my freezer for my next night in with Netflix 🙂

  7. WonderWeaver (verified owner)

    Great taste, very relaxing

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