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Use Code: may50 for Enjoy 50% off!*

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25mg THC Capsules


(5 customer reviews)
  • 25 MG THC per Capsule
  • Sold as individual capsules

Parent Category: Cannabis Edibles

Our 25 MG THC capsules provide the benefits of consuming cannabis without the risk factors associated with smoking it. These THC capsules can help with a variety of ailments such as: pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, arthritis, headaches and much more. Each pill is a great discreet way to consume cannabis without the fuss of smoking. All our THC capsules are extracted in a professional manner and extracted from the finest Canadian herb. Perfect for a fun daytime high or a perfect dose for melting into the couch for a relaxing night in.

Wait 1 hour after consuming each capsule before taking another.

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5 reviews for 25mg THC Capsules

  1. suetyo007 (verified owner)

    I tried this to help me sleep…a bit TOO strong, i still felt a bit high in the am. but at least now i know. 😉

  2. paaigesinclaair (verified owner)

    Nice body stone

  3. alexaleduc2 (verified owner)

    this is awesome and perfect dose 50 is abit to high lol!!

  4. supa_gurl_3621 (verified owner)

    Potent and fair amount in each cap wish they were 4.80 each tho ,but they are great if your mixing edibles and want to up ur thc intake

  5. benji.awesome (verified owner)

    I got these for my partner who doesn’t always like to smoke. She says that 25mg is the perfect amount to control your dose; 1 capsule takes the edge off, 2 capsules if you want to get more high.

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