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Haute Health

900mg THC Chocolate Toblerone


The only thing higher than you after eating a triangle or two will be the Swiss Alps that these icon chocolates are inspired by. Literal mountains of chocolate, chewy nougat and THC goodness await you when you purchase this potent edible from Haute Health. This 900 mg THC Chocolate Toblerone combines one of Europe’s greatest chocolatier’s creations with the spaced-out, ultra-relaxing powers of Haute’s top-quality THC extracts.

The iconic mountain-shaped chocolate pieces break off nice and easy, and each creamy chocolate triangle contains 100 mg of high-flying THC so you can split up your doses or just enjoy an entire bar with friends. Climb to new heights of chocolatey goodness as your mind drifts higher than the peaks of the Swiss Alps when you bite into Haute Health’s delicious 900 mg THC Chocolate Toblerone.