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CBD Gummy – Cherry Coke Bottles Full Spectrum


(2 customer reviews)
  •  Fresh and crisp cola taste with a hint of cherries
  • Full Spectrum (3-5% THC)
  •  40 mg per candy
  •  160 mg per 4 pack
  •  240 mg per 6 pack

When you crave that fresh, crisp, cola taste with a hint of cherries! Cherry Coke Bottles are a refreshing treat your taste buds will love! Our Full Spectrum CBD infused edibles may help with a variety of alignments. You’re buying therapeutic deliciousness in each edible gummy.

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2 reviews for CBD Gummy - Cherry Coke Bottles Full Spectrum

  1. fDM8bLx5lO

    I found they had a stronger weed flavour compared to some of the others here I’ve tried, but they still taste good and help alleviate my joint pain and anxiety.

  2. fDM8bLx5lO

    Powerful product with the right spectrum CBD to tweak my pain receptors. There isn’t a buzz, but I felt kind of a healthy charge alongside the pain relief. I agree with another reviewer that the taste is not good, but this is medicine and the medicine works, that’s is the crucial part. I experienced better than average pain relief with this product.

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