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ACDC – Premium Grade Shake


(35 customer reviews)
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Sativa Dominant Hybrid

70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Sociable
May Relieve: Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Neuropathy, PTSD, Seizures, Tremors
Flavors: Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Peppery, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
Aromas: Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Spicy, Sweet

Our Premium Grade Shake is perfect for those looking to make edibles, hash, tinctures and much more.

Product Description

Our Premium Shake consists of small pieces of cannabis flower that break off of our larger buds, generally as the result of regular handling. Perfect for creating THC edibles.

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35 reviews for ACDC - Premium Grade Shake

  1. snadjiwon (verified owner)

    Awesome foe edibles!!

  2. Pooh (verified owner)

    Affordable and too easy for baking.

  3. superusers420 (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about this stuff, but wow an amazing find and at a great price. Will buy again for sure!

  4. scottdyment (verified owner)

    Great price

  5. ericayotte1081 (verified owner)

    For the price you can’t go wrong ,full of little bud ,and do the job ,thanks haute health 👍

  6. Pooh (verified owner)

    Bought this many times now. It is absolutely perfect for my tea! I use it to treat my headaches and no longer need a narcotic, for my headaches and pain. The price is awesome, otherwise I would not be able to afford it! Thanks HH 😊

  7. cat.top (verified owner)

    Not the strongest by far, but really enjoyable and just a great value. Very good for edibles and vaporizing

  8. Harry (verified owner)

    Pretty good for joints

  9. ericthegreenleaf (verified owner)


  10. nathaliemc (verified owner)

    Pas cher pour le prix mais pour moi sa gele pas merci

  11. dankweedwizard710 (verified owner)

    Some of the best shake I’ve bought from anywhere good for joints, bowls or making edibles if your into that either way good strain for pain and hunger!

  12. art.reid (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I have bought the ACDC shake twice now. First time my intention was to make some high CBD gummies but after smoking a few bowls (my first high CBD strain) I found myself not wanting to go back to my usual cast of smoke and blew through an ounce in 5 days. LOVE IT! I know according to everyone the THC levels are too low to get the euphoric feeling but my head buzzes when I smoke this. Its honestly one of the most enjoyable highs I have encountered.
    I have a QP now, going to try to make those gummies this weekend (and have a couple ounces to smoke)
    Thank you HH!

  13. twitchforky (verified owner)


  14. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Good smell, taste, smooth and nice. Great hybrid for pain and stress.

  15. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Good shake, not a lot of stems, seems to be good amount of grinded bud, enjoyed the amount, price and taste. Great for pain, decent head high. Better for making edibles, but still good filler for bowls and joints.

  16. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Made very good edibles

  17. Harry (verified owner)

    Solid shake

  18. lzoppa (verified owner)

    good for price on sale!

  19. justincooper405 (verified owner)

    Good Price

  20. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Good for the price when 1/2 off!

  21. bpabla6 (verified owner)

    Great for edibles!

  22. thisisalovestory420 (verified owner)

    Seems to be a glitch when reviewing strain/product online from mobile Android.. Keeps asking to be signed in when I am!! Ughh other then that.. Affects rating score!

  23. thisisalovestory420 (verified owner)

    I personally enjoy this top smoke as a mixture with other strain. Its pretty big thc so I recommend using to make coconut oil infusion. For edibles or lube 🙈💦😃

  24. myballs27 (verified owner)

    Pretty Great for the price👍
    Thx HH✌

  25. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    Not bad..would have like some buds but still good

  26. andrew.desruisseau (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for. Great flavor!

  27. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  28. paul.g.stanghetta (verified owner)

    The yield was nuts! Way more than worth the cost

  29. pfiddes (verified owner)

    made great edibles…top notch shake pre ground up and ready for use

  30. trcleveland99 (verified owner)

    Astounding quality! Basically a bag of buds! Awesome flavor and taste, great pain reliever. Best budget smoke I’ve ever had!

  31. reliableaustino (verified owner)

    Decent smoke lots of leaf but still very strong great deal for fillers or for parties with alot of stoners !

  32. jy66489 (verified owner)

    Excellent for pain highly recommend this one.

  33. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    Great Hybrid for afternoon walks/activities 🙂

  34. alf16 (verified owner)

    Great deal!! Not many stems! Plenty of keif!

  35. mjfh123 (verified owner)

    Mild smell, good for edibles. Lots of keif in this stuff too.

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