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Cinderella 99 – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


(169 customer reviews)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

85% Sativa / 15% Indica

THC: 16% – 22%,

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress
Flavours: Berry, Diesel, Strawberry, Sweet
Aromas: Diesel, Floral, Pungent, Strawberry, Sweet

Rated as a Top 10 Strain for High Times Magazine, Cinderella 99 strain is the girl from the ball you’ve been in search of. A cross between Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk, Cinderella 99 is famous for its citrus and tropical aromas. Packed with fruity flavour, Cinderella 99 is a perfect daytime high producing an energy boost for those who suffer from fatigue. It also helps with things like stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, nausea and increasing appetite. Don’t let the name fool you – she may be a fancy girl but Cinderella 99s price is more than worth it!

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169 reviews for Cinderella 99 - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  1. johnathan.hovinga (verified owner)


  2. bryanmartinkijiji (verified owner)

    Great taste

  3. kimberly.newton (verified owner)

    Loved this so much. I’m deff getting more.

  4. jessica-lynn-stevens-1995 (verified owner)

    Clean burn great taste will buy again highly recommend

  5. 13teeder (verified owner)

    It’s a decent high but nothing special.

  6. cannabisheadquarters (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked alot of cindy99 in my life. This is very good.

  7. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Love it

  8. propellorheads (verified owner)

    Decent bud for the price. Hits a lot harder than I would have expected. It’s more of a lazy or evening weed, not very productive lol. O ly.gave it 4 stars as it seems to be short lasting – which can be good – like I can smoke one to facilitate an afternoon nap and feel fresh for the evening.

  9. Lay_c420 (verified owner)

    Real tasty, great high’ will re buy!

  10. lauriead48 (verified owner)

    nice buds great taste

  11. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  12. fprecourt (verified owner)

    its good

  13. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    Its okkay

  14. jafowler (verified owner)

    Me LIKE, You LIKE

  15. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    smooth, tastes fruity and delicious, super happy with this one!!

  16. (verified owner)

    Yummy and enjoyable. I got it for PTSD, but I think I prefer other strains for that

  17. (verified owner)

    Great Product!

  18. stevensmoves (verified owner)


  19. bjdobson (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Would buy again. Nice buzz

  20. E.L. (verified owner)

    One of the better$7 strains

  21. E.L. (verified owner)

    Decent day smoke

  22. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    One of my favorites

  23. ackroydh96 (verified owner)

    Favourite strain

  24. Fb13 (verified owner)

    Really mellow not the good one for a big smoker like me

  25. leannastewart (verified owner)

    Really nice high!

  26. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Taste wasn’t great. And okay smoke imo

  27. gwhite9934 (verified owner)

    Got smaller buds in this order but the taste was good

  28. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    good bud

  29. adam_feltham (verified owner)

    Nice strain for the price, didn’t pack much of a punch from
    An experienced smoker but could be enjoyable for a lighter smoker for sure .

  30. shanesaunders2 (verified owner)

    99 problems and Cinderella ain’t one!

  31. belangerjona8 (verified owner)


  32. cody.priest (verified owner)

    YUM YUM is all I cant say!

  33. stevensmoves (verified owner)


  34. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  35. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  36. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    Good taste, but looked good too

  37. cameron (verified owner)

    Nice peppy sativa

  38. rightandwrongproductions (verified owner)

    Very nice bud was quite happy with this

  39. Mirandaborialis (verified owner)

    Great for the price, nice buzz. Add a little kief!

  40. bearbownes (verified owner)

    Loved it!!! Went way too fast. Haha One of the best.

  41. duckie2199 (verified owner)

    Nice buds great high

  42. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    LOVED LOVED this !!!

  43. daveroy67 (verified owner)

    Great taste smoke well clean looking buds

  44. youngkingkwan (verified owner)

    Slightly above average sativa hybrid. Very enjoyable.

  45. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Crystaly nice buds
    My neighbor liked too! Haha

  46. n.locken (verified owner)

    She is one lovely lady, no complaints and she was amazing to me. Will order again

  47. philipmerritt76 (verified owner)

    Will definitely order again

  48. candace.hills (verified owner)

    this was a great purchase added a few grams to my usual order and was impressed

  49. justin_lk (verified owner)

    This is better than waking up from a kiss after a long nap

  50. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  51. brettabernethy (verified owner)

    Great value with this one.

  52. hawk3878 (verified owner)

    Buds were small this time so didn’t look so great but it has a nice taste and good buzz

  53. davieputnam2019 (verified owner)

    Wicked smoke

  54. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Good buzz !

  55. marychristakis (verified owner)

    Good buzz excellent price

  56. ellsworthnathan468 (verified owner)

    I don’t really like sativa but I love this stuff

  57. daveroy67 (verified owner)

    Nice mellow sweet tasting bud

  58. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    perfect for daytime smokin

  59. Smen50 (verified owner)

    I like the nice sativa buzz from this strain!

  60. joshstevens9817 (verified owner)

    Tastes awesome

  61. jennhubbs (verified owner)

    Nice buds and good high

  62. benjamin.limoges12 (verified owner)

    Nice Sativa head rush and buzz

  63. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    De loin mon préférée

  64. windekate1 (verified owner)

    Good buzz & not so harsh .
    this was 1st time trying it & won’t hesitate to get it again ,especially on a sale or if you have enough points.

  65. Erichaid420 (verified owner)

    this is one of my favs

  66. jasonmcdonald (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke and buzz

  67. bjdobson (verified owner)

    Great product, great buzz. Glad I chose it.

  68. leposuction (verified owner)

    Get it

  69. rab1 (verified owner)

    A good mid-level high. You could do worse and, if you’ve got the coin, better. Decent enough to give it a pass.

  70. kev8909 (verified owner)

    One of my Top 5 Strain and this was Solide as the other place iv took it !

  71. michelle_mm02 (verified owner)

    Really liked this strain. Starting to go for the higher priced but in the daily deals. Love being able 5o try so many strains 😊

  72. mayur7853 (verified owner)

    Nice buds

  73. Prince of Dankness (verified owner)

    Good sized buds, smokes well. Nice day time smoke.

  74. pl.girouardbergeron (verified owner)

    un vrai bon pot de jour qui se fume bien …le seul hic ilétait trop sec a la livraison

  75. gac420247 (verified owner)

    Danced with her at the ball and b4 i knew it my foot was in the slipper!! Nice taste

  76. bellemoren (verified owner)

    Nice buds taste very good

  77. nikolatesla1982 (verified owner)

    Decent buds. Tasted good, middle shelf.

  78. MaryJane (verified owner)

    Nice fluffy buds, very smooth smoke, which I love. I found that my mood was instantly lifted and any anxiety I had just melted away. Was hoping for a more energizing and motivating effect, just mellowed out but still able to ‘function’ haha.

  79. Yoko (verified owner)

    Great working weed, not that I would 😉

  80. guidorm (verified owner)

    this one was difficult for me to tame, a hard hitting sativa with a strong taste. good product tho !

  81. Gabriel A. (verified owner)

    My favourite weed for the price ! Holy mother of Jesus it’s a beauty and gets me Super High.

  82. paulstribe (verified owner)

    Quite enjoyed it.

  83. wertz21 (verified owner)

    Good sweet taste

  84. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Good bud for the price will re order

  85. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    One of our New Fav’s

  86. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    first time trying this strain and definitely not disappointed

  87. dark_men11 (verified owner)

    belle cocottes, mais fais la job rien de plus rien de moins

  88. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Good looking strain, enjoyed the light buzz.

  89. jaymewismer (verified owner)

    Great high

  90. kid_classy (verified owner)

    Great high!

  91. michelle_mm02 (verified owner)

    Love it

  92. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Not a big fan but a good one ! Nice buds

  93. Fb13 (verified owner)

    Good day time weed light high

  94. Cyn27 (verified owner)

    This strain is a good smoke for the price. It does procure nice effects if you are looking for a light buzz. Can be used day or night time and it does taste good

  95. joelsinkins (verified owner)

    Nice daytime smoke that isn’t too heavy or intoxicating. Price was right, and high doesn’t trap you in your thoughts.

  96. kajjindal (verified owner)

    I have a higher tolerance so was a bit disappointed at how the hit wasn’t strong/potent, was a nice chill high however didn’t see the effects lasting too long and ended up using it more quickly since the high would die out. Would be good for anyone not wanting strong strain, or want a calm, relaxing and smooth mellow high.

  97. naomi_indelicato (verified owner)

    If you need something potent- this is not for you.

  98. tygardiner4 (verified owner)

    Smooth, nice taste, high energy. Good lasting effects!

  99. tygardiner4 (verified owner)

    nice smell and taste. High energy. Good lasting high

  100. emmalujean98 (verified owner)

    Awesome if you are wanting to almost “hyper focus” – I have ADHD and find this helps me get things done way better than prescribed medication

  101. pat_vienneau (verified owner)

    If your looking for high energizing weed, YOU GOT IT! 🙂 But not enough of a head high for me, this justify the 4 stars rating.

  102. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Pretty good bud. Would recommend for the price. Nice looking kiefy bud. Nice taste and a smooth smoke. Didn’t pack as big of a punch for me because I’ve gained a higher tolerance. Would still recommend though especially for the price. You won’t get better customer service anywhere else.

  103. wildboyz_690 (verified owner)

    Not a big buzz. But Nice flavor

  104. pennylee7701 (verified owner)

    Great product

  105. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  106. mikiestone (verified owner)

    Awesome! Highly recommended

  107. chad_linton (verified owner)

    Smooth, yet more heavy than most sativa.

  108. brittanys2714 (verified owner)

    good bud

  109. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    Smooth. Worth the price Everytime

  110. germs_2 (verified owner)

    Tastes good but was very mild.

  111. chad_linton (verified owner)

    The smoothest smoke ever! Easy to smoke 4 times as much as usual. Which means 4 times the amount of thc for pain….VERY IMPORTANT! VERY GOOD!

  112. selinadrake (verified owner)

    When I need to clean house but have fun doing it. Cinderella 99 get things done for me.

  113. tynew240 (verified owner)

    This stuff is a great value, tastes great looks great, high is decent.

  114. emilygoss (verified owner)

    By far my favorite strain. Smooth smoke, lasting buzz. All around happiness.

  115. LuckyPete (verified owner)

    Good size nugs and good quality bud! At $7/gram plus discounts, this weed is a great deal! It delivers a very nice sativa high, with a very pleasant shiva aftertaste and on the exhale, all around good smoke for any time of the day

  116. offgrider75 (verified owner)

    Extremely GREAT smoke, takes care of my pains and makes, helps me sleep, great taste, this is REAL BANG for YOUR BUCK, will be buying more, I highly recommend!

  117. supa_gurl_3621 (verified owner)

    Pretty strong . Buds looked a tad small but was fairly good smoke, honestly just got it for the name

  118. bcmw90 (verified owner)

    Good tasting sativa

  119. kcaccamo85 (verified owner)

    A bit seedy

  120. stinger-96 (verified owner)

    Smooth taste, no coughing. Nice size buds…will order again…

  121. chantelle_js (verified owner)

    For sure I’d order again.

  122. stinger-96 (verified owner)

    Good stuff, taste a little too earthy for me, and had a lot of seeds. Really helped with my back pain.

  123. kristineriley (verified owner)

    Nice looking buds.. enjoyed this one

  124. ashley.hudon00 (verified owner)

    Takes really earthy, and overall a decent strain. Gets you very high.

  125. kittymonster (verified owner)

    nice bright green in color not a ton of smell to it but it was a nice earthy flavor. It did have a few seeds but nothing major (honestly some of the biggest cannabis seeds i have ever seen, they are huge beautiful healthy seeds) i added these to the growing list of genetics i have

  126. Hotwired (verified owner)

    pretty good buzz and potent tumbs up

  127. E.L. (verified owner)

    Excellent buds, dense, frosty, powerful

  128. sekel2fast (verified owner)

    Really great weed! Taste good, and the buzz is amazing!

  129. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)

    99 problems but this weed aint one

  130. timmytimlegrand (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  131. mel_wilson66 (verified owner)

    Think I found my new fav…nice high and very smooth…def buy again

  132. jschiile (verified owner)

    Loved it! Just enough to give the relaxed headspace but still ambitious to get things done!

  133. rlaronde (verified owner)

    Loved it. Great tasting daytime bud

  134. tbeerworth (verified owner)

    Threat daytime buzz

  135. yannicbedard0 (verified owner)

    Good weed

  136. melissa.lemennais (verified owner)

    Perfect for day use !! Add your fav music and you’re in business ! 🤘🏽

  137. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    Beautiful i like

  138. portjoe22 (verified owner)

    Great tasting smoke. Buzz is alright. Should be priced lower.

  139. dave.martin2929 (verified owner)

    Great buy , especially when it’s on sale ! Try this out !

  140. alex-haigh (verified owner)

    Quality smoke smells nice tastes great

  141. hploszay93 (verified owner)

    Ive always wanted to try this strain. Was very pleased, and to get it on sale!

  142. duckie2199 (verified owner)

    Good high. Got me moving and motivated. No hard crash.

  143. heather.wozniak (verified owner)

    Smells SO GOOD!!
    Ordered an 8th on sale and immediately ordered a half at full price! Low key, ‘daytime’ weed.

  144. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    pretty good. made most of it into rosin. has a nice sweet flavour

  145. lonechef (verified owner)

    a little light weight for me, but good flavor

  146. mikegarycole (verified owner)

    Smaller buds in my bag, but a great smoke for the price! Mellow.

  147. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    Just bought a gram to try it out, it did not disappoint, I would buy it again.

  148. bsirovey (verified owner)

    Nice sweet smelling buds, cured perfectly. Long lasting high. Will definitely buy again.

  149. elizabethbalan1234 (verified owner)

    One of my favs thus far… 🙌 gave me energy and not anxiety lol

  150. jonathanrideout1727 (verified owner)

    Great bud . Pungent flavour , kicks me pretty hard for a daily smoke. High in thc content. Good morning smoke would buy again!

  151. yannicbedard0 (verified owner)


  152. kristykoeneman (verified owner)

    Good daytime strain

  153. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    Good stuff 👍

  154. irislancaster (verified owner)

    Great morning bud. I’ve found a lot of baby seeds in this batch…. but for the price….. it’s great medication

  155. chicocornejo (verified owner)

    This small bud got amazing tasty (citrus and little bit of fuel )
    I will buy again for sure

  156. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Great taste, great high

  157. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Look a like diesel but not really. But nice nugg 🙂

  158. Erichaid420 (verified owner)

    Yet to try this.

  159. janicewellon83 (verified owner)

    Lovely, smooth, wonderful taste and great head high

  160. mhawk1548 (verified owner)

    My new favourite strain!!!

  161. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    J’adore, vraiment bonne qualité… et très bonnes soirées 🙂

  162. mccue247 (verified owner)

    Really mellow and awesome taste

  163. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Really Nice!! Great day weed!! Cant beat the Price!!

  164. angie_i-love-music (verified owner)

    Nice day time high

  165. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Great bud. Excellent deal when its part of daily smokin deal.

  166. War73 (verified owner)

    Not a big sativa fan but this surprised me, good long lasting buzz , will buy again

  167. pennyblogs (verified owner)

    Amazing bud for amazing price! Will absolutely order again!

  168. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    Miami love this cinderella :p

  169. archi-cat (verified owner)

    Nice buds taste greats

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