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Do-Si-Dos – Premium Grade Shake


(18 customer reviews)

Do-Si-Dos, also known as “Dosi,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with qualities similar to its parent, OGKB, a GSC-phenotype. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics. Enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz off the start that melts down over the body, prettifying the consumer with relaxation that emanates outward.


Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy
May Relieve: Stress, Anxiety, Pain
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Pungent

Our Premium Grade Shake is perfect for those looking to make edibles, hash, tinctures and much more.

Our Premium Shake consists of small pieces of cannabis flower that break off of our larger buds, generally as the result of regular handling. Perfect for creating THC edibles.

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18 reviews for Do-Si-Dos - Premium Grade Shake

  1. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Makes great edibles

  2. laiddragon (verified owner)

    Always check to see when this strain of Shake is on sale. When it is, it’s a steal.

  3. thehypnotistlondon (verified owner)

    Great product

  4. Erichaid420 (verified owner)

    Great for e Great price when on sale.

  5. rokusan.sangen (verified owner)

    Really good, def premium shake, it almost looks like small bud. Last one we got was also super crytal-y.

  6. csleeva (verified owner)

    Nice and potent! Has a nice lemony taste and smell. Great texture for a bag of shake! Definitely good enough to smoke,!

  7. caya116 (verified owner)

    How can I say anything wrong with that price!

  8. WonderWeaver (verified owner)

    Pretty good, enjoyed

  9. thehypnotistlondon (verified owner)

    Great for edibles. Great price when on sale.

  10. Pooh (verified owner)

    Again Haute, excellent shake for baking!

  11. chrissyu1975

    K am an equal fan of every strain of shake I’ve ordered up to day. I use it to make cannaoil and never any complaints

  12. smalebrun (verified owner)

    All the shakes on this site are equally as good on this site in their own respective way. This one has the best Euphoria and recreational benefits of all the shakes on this site. I’ve tried them all my ACDC

  13. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    It is quite fine but is a fairly smooth smoke!

  14. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    It’s not a bad purchase for the price. Great for making edibles but can smoke it too.

  15. channybeans (verified owner)

    Great price decent quality. I prefer to use it in edibles versus smoking it but a friend loves it in joints. Worth the price

  16. s.lavender (verified owner)

    it was great it made amazing oil

  17. alson.richards (verified owner)

    I use this product for Baking and but does this get me baked!
    Love it

    Thank you hh

  18. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    Smokes really nicely but a v v fine powdery cut! But great for the sale price!

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