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Durban Poison – Sativa


(181 customer reviews)

This pure sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity.


Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Stress
Flavours: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Sweet
Aromas: Earthy, Pine, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet

Durban Poison is a South African sativa that provides a pure and focused high that takes immediate effect after your first hit. A classic sativa high, Durban Poison provides a cerebral focus with no risk of couchlock of laziness, a great strain for being creative and staying on task. This buzzy head high strain is often used for social situations and for those who are suffering from conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and PTSD. Better suited for daytime use, Durban Poison is often used as a great wake and bake strain for those looking for a productive day.

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181 reviews for Durban Poison - Sativa

  1. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Verry nice taste and price

  2. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Verry nice sativa

  3. fairygothmotherr (verified owner)

    Big fan of sativa this was a bag of rocket fuel. Highly recommended for getting high

  4. johndlane001 (verified owner)

    good daytime smoke

  5. gilslaroo (verified owner)

    Great for wake and bake

  6. kajjindal (verified owner)

    great wake & bake – nice crystals & bud. 10/10

  7. miranda-caines (verified owner)

    Very nice

  8. matt.cmo.31 (verified owner)

    Awesome bud worth the price

  9. russharvey.96 (verified owner)

    Nice hard hitting sativa with a nice taste and smell

  10. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    Always one of the best, perfect sativa buzz, peace love and weed.

  11. atombomb7 (verified owner)

    Nice sweet flavour, good sativa.

  12. mwn05tjn06 (verified owner)

    one of my favorite strains of all time and this is a nice example of a pure sativa.

  13. gabrielle-bouchard (verified owner)

    Just buy it

  14. sudipshah007 (verified owner)

    Makes you cough a lot and uplift the spirit right after few toke.. definitely order again soon..

  15. mrchippawa (verified owner)

    Great way to start the day. Helped with my anxiety.

  16. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Good sativa

  17. lzoppa (verified owner)

    My usual go to Sativa when on sale!

  18. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  19. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Not bad def good for day time

  20. posum70 (verified owner)

    Great wake and bake

  21. It’s me! (verified owner)

    Hey what can I say… it’s urban…. Great smoke !

  22. tesla (verified owner)

    Ok weed

  23. annieduplain (verified owner)

    Doux sur la gorge, puissant sur le buzz!

  24. 123stew (verified owner)

    really love this one!nice high and mellow taste!

  25. honeysethi_143 (verified owner)

    Amazing bud.. nice high🙂

  26. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    i enjoyed it

  27. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    It was ok, good when on sale

  28. ryan.lawrence0990 (verified owner)

    I very much enjoyed this, I very much needed this when my MS would flare up!

  29. bbqgirl1 (verified owner)

    Good for price

  30. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Perfect for a day time session, love to smoke this and get lost in my thoughts and activities. Always gives me a good high, and I enjoy the experience through this strain

  31. miranda-caines (verified owner)


  32. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    I was iffy about this one , It tossed me into a Panick attack but thats on me , love the price and the smells is great

  33. therealdavemoore (verified owner)

    Decent value when on sale

  34. snowmann111 (verified owner)

    Great product will order again

  35. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    Good Enough

  36. archtop (verified owner)


  37. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    My go-to smoke on weekend mornings, esp for tasks like dishes or vacuuming. Brings an elevated focus if you need to get things done!

  38. tamarac27 (verified owner)

    Big fan!

  39. johnbreau987 (verified owner)

    Loved it

  40. 757639814 (verified owner)

    tastes exactly like longan, smooth, great staff, but not so strong

  41. ashleydavidp (verified owner)

    Great smoke!!will buy again for sure

  42. (verified owner)

    This is the king of Wake and Bake strains . Period .

  43. cody.priest (verified owner)

    YUM! best one hands down

  44. jjpurwitsky (verified owner)

    First strain I’ve tried from Haute Health and it didn’t disappoint. I always loved this strain. Sometimes you get a bad batch but most times it is off the charts. This time out it blew me away. I smoked a small pinner (maybe .25 of a gram) and I was rocked for about 75 minutes plus I was up and about and not couch locked. I love me some Durban Poison!!!

  45. Reidco27 (verified owner)

    walk 20km daily and no problem ripping 2-3 joints of this during my walk 🙂

  46. lauriead48 (verified owner)

    nice smoke

  47. simonlehot597 (verified owner)

    Excellent nothing to say

  48. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Great wake and bake!

  49. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Was savouring the last few nugs that I have of this, love the strain, definitely one of my favourites from the site as it packs a punch, but it doesnt leave you immobilized, i was able to think, be active and get my work done and then relax when i finished. Definitely recommend!

  50. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)

    Great day smoke, little harsh but great buzz

  51. b_marty (verified owner)

    One of my favorite Sativa strains, great quality!

  52. jafowler (verified owner)

    Very nice high, taste and aroma. Top notch bud for daytime fun

  53. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Good bud

  54. nic.randell19 (verified owner)

    Little buds. But very nice still. Sticky and great smoke

  55. jafowler (verified owner)

    This is definitely my Poison for sure. Love the smell and flavor

  56. kriseastvan (verified owner)

    Really energizing and smooth! Perfect with a morning coffee!

  57. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    What a amazing bud. Really enjoyed this and didn’t really expect it to surprise me like it did but this is some freaking good weed LoL

  58. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    oh Yeah

  59. JaySeuss (verified owner)

    Really good sativa, couldn’t say no to the sale price 👌

  60. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Quite a deal on sale!

  61. ketdzybrouillette1 (verified owner)

    Your review *bon pour le prix

  62. jackey1611 (verified owner)

    Excellent for the not so heavy smoker. THC level seems decent but week for a heavier smoker. Lovely color and smell. The buzz makes you happy and quite chatty when in a social context but not so strong to cause you to space out 😁 or loose focus. I highly recommend 👍
    Highly recommend

  63. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    A classic strain

  64. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Had a nice smoke

  65. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Great weed highly recommend smooth taste

  66. simonlehot597 (verified owner)

    Bonne odeur bon gout !

  67. simonlehot597 (verified owner)

    Bonne odeur ,bon gout a bon prix!

  68. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    We love the durban poison

  69. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    Skunky and delicious

  70. stevensmoves (verified owner)

    Good weed

  71. jafowler (verified owner)

    Nice Golfing herb, keeps you focused and happy, even with miss hits, Cheers

  72. Smen50 (verified owner)

    Worth every penny for the sale price

  73. bin20 (verified owner)

    very good sativa for the day

  74. heidiann (verified owner)

    Great high but made me really sleepy

  75. laturne12 (verified owner)

    Amazing strain for the price ! That strain is for me to fight my anxiety . Really like the taste too and the buds were nice too.

  76. adyb (verified owner)

    Was t sure at first cus my first doob tasted horrible, waited a week and gave it a second chance…perfection! Great for daytime, FAB for wake and bake!

  77. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    great for the day and night

  78. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Great weed

  79. raj_swamy (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this one, especially as it was on sale. Good buzz, nice smoke.

  80. E.L. (verified owner)

    Not bad… you get what ya pay for

  81. maacodog (verified owner)

    Got it on sale, it still be very good at regular price. All my friends liked it very much!

  82. keyzaire (verified owner)

    Energetic daytime buzz. Not for people with anxiety. Had to mix in a CBD strain to balance effects

  83. Perry (verified owner)

    Old faithful! It doesn’t seem to matter the mood I am in or time of day, I am never let down by the wonderful happy high this brings. This has become a staple in my house.

  84. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Sticky, pretty big nugs that provides you with a nice head high, makes you think and enjoy. Really liked this! First time trying it, and will buy again when on sale.

  85. pfiddes (verified owner)

    tasty and hits just right ,greaytdaytime smoke

  86. jafowler (verified owner)

    Hits hard and very uplifting happy high.

  87. Brandie (verified owner)

    Great sativa. Helped me medicate and not be couch locked … good price

  88. Simon154 (verified owner)

    Wow, this is an amazing strain and an Awesome price.

  89. lzoppa (verified owner)

    nice dense lil nugs can’t wait to try!

  90. Count Zacula (verified owner)

    Nice dense little nugs with an amazing fruity smell. Nice daytime doing stuff high too

  91. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Very good Sativa. Had a great taste and pretty good daytime buzz. The buds were almost white. Great Buy!

  92. buds7328 (verified owner)


  93. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  94. Unkhole (verified owner)

    Decent….for the price.

  95. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Super product for the price!

  96. Budfan (verified owner)

    Great price, good smoke, I need more, Good job Haute

  97. E.L. (verified owner)

    Be careful or it’ll make you crash

  98. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)

    I have raging PTSD from a dog attack and gosh this sure takes the edge off daytime and gives me such a burst of energy to fight my constant fatigue and get shit done son! Try it out kids it’s on super sale now so order a BALE!!!!

  99. lorenzo.florenty (verified owner)

    Very good and big High ! Excellent if you want a lil kick of energy.
    Nice smell, and very good taste.

  100. pancakehead666 (verified owner)

    Amazing Bud! Love the bonus item(s) included in your order 🙂

  101. john-sm (verified owner)

    Not bad , pretty decent stuff , good price!

  102. bpabla6 (verified owner)

    Not as good as I was expecting!

  103. hawk3878 (verified owner)

    i love this strain great taste and uplifting buzz

  104. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)

    Great wake n bake grass man!

  105. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    love it

  106. JackFrost (verified owner)

    Amazing Bud. Great High

  107. tessab.b (verified owner)


  108. alyssamtomblin (verified owner)

    One of my current fav’s for daytime smoke

  109. mina111 (verified owner)

    Potent energetic high. Fantastic.

  110. dave11976 (verified owner)


  111. rosecan (verified owner)

    O.k. this is awesome! I purchased more after trying it. It was a perfect morning pick me up and gave me the focus and energy i needed to work through the day and stay motivated. This is my new coffee in the morning!

  112. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Durban Poison is a special one.

  113. supindahood (verified owner)

    Good looking bud and nice buzz

  114. supindahood (verified owner)

    good looking bud, great for daytime nice and buzzy.

  115. kreese134 (verified owner)

    I thought this was a solid 4.5 good sativa all around, happy with it and the potency.

  116. youngkingkwan (verified owner)

    of the 4 sativa’s I received it was my least favourite, may or may not order again based on pricing.

  117. leposuction (verified owner)

    Its good

  118. Prince of Dankness (verified owner)

    Great daytime smoke. burns well.

  119. drakerage15 (verified owner)

    Nice high, good price !!

  120. dis_mantis (verified owner)

    Earthy flavor and medium range high. I have a high tolerance so high doesn’t last.

  121. alexandrusiek (verified owner)

    Nice and refreshing not too strong but still good.

  122. syliboyjoey (verified owner)

    Good buzz for hours, relaxing

  123. anavu (verified owner)

    I wanted more from this

  124. leposuction (verified owner)

    Great day time smoke

  125. windekate1 (verified owner)

    Good daytime high Makes you want to do something
    Glad I tried this

  126. andreanne.brillant (verified owner)

    The smell and taste was great

  127. dannybono911 (verified owner)

    daytime delight ! good size buds and burns well

  128. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Not a bad buzz

  129. saint_red2005 (verified owner)

    Smells good looks good but to smoke it is quite harsh it just made me cough

  130. jhonnyt99 (verified owner)

    Good high

  131. Jay (verified owner)

    Does not make you hungry.

  132. viper2000_69 (verified owner)

    Classic Sativa high fairly potent. Good day starter high.

  133. Prince of Dankness (verified owner)

    Good day time smoke. Mild buzz that isn’t overpowering. No burntness after smoking all day either.

  134. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Better than sqdc for sure

  135. jbuck85 (verified owner)

    Best tasting strain

  136. osisiemeka (verified owner)

    Straight up OG

  137. jbuck85 (verified owner)

    Keeps me focused and productive

  138. 780skippy (verified owner)

    Good smoke for the price

  139. ashley_581 (verified owner)

    Love love love me some Durban poison

  140. sschreyer89 (verified owner)

    kept me energized and relaxed! perfect for daytime!

  141. tbeerworth (verified owner)

    Very good

  142. stretten.ash (verified owner)

    It was an ok high with an alright taste.

  143. tyronechamps (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed taste, decent buzz

  144. jworme (verified owner)

    Wow. So great. Awesome off the bong and also in a joint

  145. louis.favreau (verified owner)

    This weed is sooo loud and tastes good Also!

  146. chantelle_js (verified owner)

    I’d order it again.

  147. csw_axel (verified owner)

    I think this was good.

  148. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    Got this on the daily deals section and have been in love with it ever since! One of my favourites

  149. rachelmnutford (verified owner)

    great smoke definitely recommend. nugs are beautiful.

  150. lonechef (verified owner)

    loved it!

  151. dylan.walls (verified owner)

    This got me intimidatingly stoned 🙂 pleasant as always!

  152. barthur (verified owner)

    This for sure will knock you on your ass if you have too much. Yes, it’s a sativa, but its potent man! Too much of it and you’ll get indica couch-lock effects. Don’t let that scare you off though, just take a bit less than usual and you’ll be flying with great sativa active feelings. Very potent stuff for 7$ a gram, wow!

  153. richardtta (verified owner)

    Really good day smoke! Beautiful buds, average taste. I will order it again for sure

  154. kylemiller_16 (verified owner)

    Great bud, smokes good joint and bong really high skunky smell

  155. E.L. (verified owner)

    Nice nugs. Funky smell. Great smoke.

  156. Dani33 (verified owner)

    Definitely a new favourite. Will be buying more.

  157. thandrahan_6 (verified owner)

    Got a free sample and the Smell alone blew me away. Taste amazing and gives a great buzz. Already ordered some!

  158. dennis_elmer_jr (verified owner)

    Very POISONESS!!!😎😎😎

  159. Cochrane tokes (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with the smoke on this strain so smooth

  160. mjp_jahlives (verified owner)

    Wonderful for wake and bake

  161. The Doctor (verified owner)

    Full sativa! A classic through time. A staple for any self respecting sativa lover. Sometimes a small burnout but it’s dependent on how much you smoke. Love it.

  162. joelledaigneault (verified owner)

    Beautiful weed with orange-brown hairs, smell is strong and pungent but the taste turns out much smoother than expected. Great daytime weed, gets me motivated for all sorts of projects.

  163. ciennacasavantt (verified owner)

    Such amazing nugs!! They are so dense and huge, love the feel. They are so fresh. Love this weed

  164. michael.prince (verified owner)

    Great weed, excellent for daytime!

  165. michael.prince (verified owner)

    Great weed, excellent for daytime

  166. francis.106 (verified owner)

    De très belle fleurs de qualité, un super buzz et un prix incroyable !

  167. c_halo1997 (verified owner)

    Amazing smoke for getting things done, definitely recommend for the price!

  168. las7676 (verified owner)

    excellent taste smell load and pungent great buds for sativa hybrid smell all over room and even you still keep haze in tha nose.

  169. tyronechamps (verified owner)

    Got a good buzz for hours

  170. pdcall69 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth smoke, clean day time high…will definitely purchase again 👍🏽 Thanx again to the team for the extra 😉

  171. zillahwells (verified owner)

    I live in Ontario and my order arrived within a couple of days. The price is amazing and the weed is top quality. This is where I’ll be shopping from now on.

  172. Stoney McBaked (verified owner)

    Really nice daytime weed to get you up and off your ass..

  173. angie_i-love-music (verified owner)

    One of my favorites going to buy again

  174. muzicb66 (verified owner)

    Very buzzy, daytime smoke

  175. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Vraiment super beau ! 😍

  176. daunais (verified owner)

    One of the best so far !!

  177. larissameunier (verified owner)

    Trigger my anxiety and paranoia…. but taste and smell were very nice. Just not the strain for me

  178. wkm001596 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites so far!

  179. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    Amazing high i will order again for sure :p

  180. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    Nice bud, pretty big nugs

  181. (verified owner)

    Excellent daytime smoke ☺

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