Pineapple Express Strain – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


(240 customer reviews)

60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 25%
CBN: 1%

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Nightmares
Flavors: Citrus, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical
Aromas: Earthy, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet

Made famous the Seth Rogen movie, Pineapple Express hybrid has been a timeless favorite in the Netherlands for years. Crossed between Trainwreck and Hawaiian some people might wonder – is Pineapple Express sativa or indica cannabis?  Pineapple express sativa strain – sometimes known as pineapple delight strain is a smooth and sweet sativa smoke that will have you coming back for more. With tones of both pineapple, mango, apple and pine this strain will have your senses salivating once you roll one up. Pineapple Express hyrbid provides a powerful buzz, numbing your body and providing a heady, happy high leaving you feeling creative and talkative. Great for being creative and in a social setting, this strain will keep your productivity on track while providing a strong energy throughout the day. When you are looking to buy pineapple express online Canada there is no better place than Haute Health!

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240 reviews for Pineapple Express Strain - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  1. dylandolha1 (verified owner)

    Nice, tasty. Don’t expect the movie shit – this is just an overall good ass strain. But don’t believe the hype over something Seth Rogan made up lol.

  2. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Best dope ever

  3. bigolnogginz (verified owner)

    It smells like a sad pineapple covered in gasoline in order to self immolate. Pineapple Depressed.

    Jokes aside this stuff is great and I wasm’t exaggerating on the smell. It’s almost sickly sweet. The exhale for me didn’t have much flavour but the high sure has. I’m high on that ish and watching the movie right now. I’m getting pulsing visuals and I feel almost staticy and light.

    I’d thoroughly reccommend a stoner movie night of the movie and strain. The buds are a delight to see as well. They’re almost velvety and soft, and when ground are feathery. The burn is so smooth and even you can easily ash the entire bowl.

    I’m going to enjoy the movie now and I hope you do too

  4. atombomb7 (verified owner)

    Nice dense buds, overall a good high from it.

  5. smile-4-me (verified owner)

    The strain is nice and smooth with a great taste. A nice pick me up if you want to get up and go. Not too harsh good burn will definitely buy again.

  6. shirleymorgan751 (verified owner)

    Awesome will order again!!!

  7. derek B (verified owner)

    Not bad product quite nice taste to it tad sweet , not over powering with Chem taste like gov dispen weed

  8. Buffaloman42 (verified owner)

    Really good stuff wow

  9. sudipshah007 (verified owner)

    All time favourite.. got it in a great deal..

  10. eagleman181 (verified owner)

    Got some great smoke in this strain. Didn’t cough as much and got a good buzz. Will get more

  11. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    Always a #1 smoke and taste

  12. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    really good product

  13. chris.stone760 (verified owner)

    this is the perfect product!

  14. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Fav bud

  15. owengoerk98 (verified owner)

    Love this strain

  16. b_marty (verified owner)

    The famous Pineapple express, holds up to its name. Amazing bud.

  17. kirkfbennett (verified owner)

    Yummy love it

  18. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Très beau au visuel et vraiment pas déçu

  19. vrichard_86 (verified owner)

    Très belle découverte

  20. shelleyandscott (verified owner)

    Heard about this product and had to try. Was not disappointed! Will order again. A wonderful sativa. Got the giggles on this one!!

  21. posum70 (verified owner)

    Good strain. but so are all the others in this price range

  22. kabellin (verified owner)

    Good high, sweet taste

  23. annieduplain (verified owner)

    One of my favorite! Super taste and buzz!

  24. NL52 (verified owner)

    Small but dense. Packs a lot of flavours, very sweet smell and taste.

  25. shawnm1981 (verified owner)

    Decent smoke. Not as good as the movies

  26. amandaverge (verified owner)

    Such an amazing high🍍

  27. hockeykev43 (verified owner)

    Good one

  28. Perry (verified owner)

    Very nice well rounded strain. Enjoyable high.

  29. Bigsmoke (verified owner)

    One of the best

  30. mboraas (verified owner)

    Mellow high from this guy, and for sure makes you want to eat.

  31. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    pretty decent

  32. cbd (verified owner)

    Bon goût , super odeur good bozz

  33. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    on my top five list!

  34. jafowler (verified owner)

    I like Pineapple Express in the morning. Smells and Tastes like “VICTORY”

  35. salem_p123 (verified owner)

    Very high quality buds. Extremely citrus and worked for my sleep isonmia

  36. snowmann111 (verified owner)

    Great buy when on sale

  37. mfj (verified owner)

    evreyone know this is a must

  38. windekate1 (verified owner)

    Good !!better than I had a few years ago,
    Will get again on a sale ,never saw movie ,but must

  39. cody.priest (verified owner)

    Some of the dopest dope I ever smoked lol, good high and a sweet smell.

  40. travis.shaw1 (verified owner)

    Super impressed with this weed! Lived up to the hype

  41. caya116 (verified owner)

    love it instant highhhhh

  42. eric1998daniel (verified owner)

    thats tastyy

  43. Cindy (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express Strain ~ what a great time we had; laughed our asses off! Love my Sativa!

  44. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Good taste, high, flavour and smoke. enjoyed the quality of bud, and the high this provided me. defs would buy again!

  45. zakbabson0 (verified owner)

    Turned me into Seth Rogen

  46. dave470 (verified owner)

    Great medication, verry enjoyable😎

  47. jafowler (verified owner)

    Great bud,thanks

  48. jafowler (verified owner)

    Very nice bud, thanks

  49. aelechko (verified owner)

    Really like this one

  50. c_kinney10 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites. It all starts with the amazing aroma right to the high. Doesn’t leave me feeling spaced out just relaxed and happy

  51. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Just like the movie said!

  52. ketdzybrouillette1 (verified owner)

    Your review *seulement quand il est en spécial si non trops chère pour la qualité reçu ils ont

  53. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    The express bus to high street

  54. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    Nice Buds

  55. munchkyk1nz (verified owner)

    My favorite

  56. lobsterman217 (verified owner)

    nice high !

  57. lobsterman217 (verified owner)

    not bad

  58. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Instant high, good day time high that leaves you the ability to function and get tasks done still or give you some major munchies while lounging around.

  59. romansgirl (verified owner)

    Great daytime buzz. Will order again & again!

  60. lzoppa (verified owner)

    It never disappoints and on sale is a great deal!

  61. mrsarpyalcin (verified owner)

    very distinct smell, nice buds! 10/10

  62. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    Will order again

  63. AlliesMLMH (verified owner)

    Buds looked amazing and smelled earthy with a hint of sweet citrus! Very easily grinded and had a very smooth hit. Pretty strong buzz, found it took more of the Trainwreck’s side on the effects but overall a great strain. Great for a wake and bake!

  64. joaniewon (verified owner)

    Great high!

  65. alyssamtomblin (verified owner)

    Great smoke

  66. bearbownes (verified owner)

    One of the best I have ever smoked. Very good stuff

  67. bpabla6 (verified owner)

    Loved it, packed a punch!

  68. qrepresentc (verified owner)

    Good bud, watched the movie named after the strain. Both together were EPIC.

  69. morganaspirit (verified owner)

    Tasty with a lovely mellow high.

  70. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    love it

  71. adam_feltham (verified owner)

    2nd time having this strain, excellent once again and would recommend to anyone. The only sativa I really love.

  72. adam_feltham (verified owner)

    Favourite strain I tried on this site so far. 10/10

  73. kcaccamo85 (verified owner)

    Good buzz

  74. Meven (verified owner)

    By far my favorite, excited to use on nice summer days 🙂

  75. matthewjoyal03 (verified owner)

    will buy again. smoked good and lived up to expectations

  76. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Always a winner

  77. ncusson97 (verified owner)

    Sweet pot, feels like some outdoor kush.

  78. suz.mcguire22 (verified owner)

    Haven’t had Pineapple Express in a long time and this was exactly as I remember, if not better than before! Such a nice relaxed high that makes me want to chat with buddies and hangout. All body pain is gone and I just get so smiley. Definitely worth it and then some.

  79. chrisnikole162009 (verified owner)

    This is definitely everything the movie makes it to be! It was worth the wait to find this strain.

  80. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Great strain!

  81. proudestmikey (verified owner)

    Really nice buds with a good kick.

  82. mike3richard (verified owner)

    Made me feel like a slice of butter… melting on top of a big-ol’ pile of flapjacks… yeah.

  83. Sunflower1234 (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  84. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Would have liked it for fruity but an otherwise great smoke

  85. youngkingkwan (verified owner)

    top notch, you won’t be disappointed (there’s a reason there’s a movie named after it)

  86. TheNewfieNut (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express is my all-time favorite strain. And this purchase was definitely the best pineapple Express I’ve ever had. Happy buzz

  87. genaille_27 (verified owner)

    Very good bud, hits hard after one or two puffs. Definitely buying again!

  88. genaille_27 (verified owner)

    Very nice bud, Hits hard and leaves a good buzz after one or two hits. Would buy again for sure!

  89. daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner)

    Bon goût

  90. you8myshorts (verified owner)

    Some of the dopest dope I ever smoked. defiantly will order again

  91. criminalserena1 (verified owner)

    potent af and great strain for going on hikes in the summertime

  92. Sofa_Divan (verified owner)

    A classic, always nice!

  93. zachalmeida (verified owner)

    Not overpowering, great citrus taste

  94. jesse.tilbury (verified owner)

    Was awesome tight buds full of orange hairs. And beautiful crystal all over the bud. Smokes nice and knocked the pain in the hands.slept good highly recommend

  95. samromaniuk (verified owner)

    Totally lives up to its name

  96. samantha-proulx (verified owner)

    Amazing high. Smooth toke. Would recommend 100%

  97. VK (verified owner)

    This is quite nice…Has a good taste to it..and it gives a pretty decent hit…will order again..

  98. 100varga001 (verified owner)

    All small buds, but very good sweet kushy taste great up high well balanced hybrid.

  99. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    daytime nighttime anytime lol

  100. nealnearing (verified owner)

    Love the strain. Great deal and good quality

  101. joeybeth (verified owner)

    Jumps you right up!

  102. genailleluke10 (verified owner)

    Bought this on sale and got pineapple cookies! Weed was still good just wish I got too try Pineapple Express

  103. genailleluke10 (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet but the pineapple cookies that they sent was good weed. I ordered this and got pineapple cookies.

  104. kevenmaltaiscaron (verified owner)

    Great taste and color

  105. jessicah22446 (verified owner)

    Omg I love this weed has the best taste ever

  106. Jill Sharp (verified owner)


  107. Jill Sharp (verified owner)

    HUGE buds. like, I got a 5 gram BUD with my order. Like, one nug alone bro was 5g. Get this.

  108. boulisa179 (verified owner)

    I loved it, very good taste!

  109. criminalserena1 (verified owner)

    one bowl of this knocks me on my butt! powerful stuff.

  110. kkiefyyyy (verified owner)

    Gotta love Pineapple Express. Amazing smell taste and high. You really can’t say no to this strain

  111. dannybono911 (verified owner)

    energized and uplifting

  112. tenaciouscreations (verified owner)

    This has a fantastic smell. I have never seen the movie but I really like this strain. Nice even energizing high.

  113. AG (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express I received was top quality. Well dried and well trimmed. Nice looking and smokes smooth.

  114. rborder9 (verified owner)

    not bad, get it on sale

  115. punk0804 (verified owner)

    Very great product.

  116. zgoldfield (verified owner)

    I bought this for the novelty but ending up enjoying it alot. It packs alot of kick one of the more potent strains I’ve ordered from here. 10/10 would buy again.

  117. oreo31 (verified owner)

    Name a more iconic duo than this strain and a good day🔥

  118. robbydeneer (verified owner)


  119. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    Liked it

  120. thestanger (verified owner)

    Really nice high off this one. Keeps me energized and my mind buzzing.

  121. dh72177 (verified owner)

    its all that with a bag of chips.

  122. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Always a good one

  123. jhonnyt99 (verified owner)

    Great buzz !! Will buy more

  124. jhonnyt99 (verified owner)

    Great high, good price, will order again

  125. CumminsSmoke (verified owner)

    Not to bad I like others more on here

  126. s.lavender (verified owner)

    wonderful high

  127. Lane (verified owner)

    Of course I’m not the first to say it, nor will I be the last, but this is my favourite bud to date. Have re-ordered already.

  128. asiddall90 (verified owner)

    My favorite sativa

  129. sctdvs (verified owner)

    Love, love, love, one of my favourites. I use this all day long. It gets me moving.

  130. nikolatesla1982 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite go-to strains. Nothing wrong with it. Great all around smoke.

  131. potsmokersrock (verified owner)

    This strain has to be one of the best strains in existence. 😁

  132. starchild (verified owner)

    Super happy and relaxed! – Good times! – Powerful vibes!

  133. justinorr79 (verified owner)

    Perfect for relax time

  134. dru.matchett (verified owner)

    Love it

  135. dru.matchett (verified owner)

    some pretty dope dope.

  136. guidorm (verified owner)

    This one is one of thoses, i dont know what happen but it was good !

  137. cameronm1 (verified owner)

    So smooth

  138. riz.lbw (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strain and good quality product, good high and a sweet taste.

  139. kelvinmarley96 (verified owner)

    Favorite hybrid dominant sativa

  140. lzoppa (verified owner)

    Wow it’s pretty awesome and on sale a must!

  141. dryfly369 (verified owner)

    Nice big buds, hits fast and hard, left me pain free and energised, will buy again

  142. bluesmanslife (verified owner)

    My favourite so far from Haute Health. Taste, smell, and high are all aces.

  143. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Man this bud is really nice. Nice juicy buds covered in kief, great taste, smell and high. Definitely a re order

  144. davebike (verified owner)

    i love that movie!!!

  145. sethmcjarvis (verified owner)

    woohoo amazing!

  146. aliciascott65 (verified owner)

    Beautiful day smoke, my fave sativa!

  147. r.tuned (verified owner)

    Smoked some pineapple express, watched pineapple express again. laughed, ate pizza, felt happy. Wonderful 🙂

  148. ertroncoso (verified owner)

    Buds are suppplied properly cured. Potency is not high but enough to give you a good high…

  149. mfj (verified owner)

    Good strain for day time

  150. little_sisterburgs (verified owner)

    not to bad. like the taste, little head buzz

  151. Mr. Moe (verified owner)

    Awesome daytime bud. Definitely a favourite!

  152. One♥Love (verified owner)

    Not wicked bud but good bang for the buck on deal.

  153. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Love this for gettin things done

  154. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Live this for gettin things dobe

  155. alecleray (verified owner)

    Better than the movie 😉

  156. East Coast (verified owner)

    Nice smoke. I am still looking for stronger.

  157. jonah.pharand (verified owner)

    Loved it, bought an ounce and so far one of my favorites with the ghost train haze, nice strain for a good sesh.

  158. levidonley (verified owner)

    Great Sativa. Nice pick me up then slow burn down. Tastes great and feels better

  159. heute89 (verified owner)

    thumbs up

  160. A Happy Customer (verified owner)

    I was expecting a denser, more crystal-covered collection of nugs but instead they were quite dark and fluffy. The flavour was earthier than I would’ve liked or expected but still somewhat fruity. Ultimately, it was good, just not as expected.

  161. x.kristinarichard.x (verified owner)

    good but not as impressive as the movie portrays lol

  162. severight.mel (verified owner)

    Definitely a must try if you haven’t!! Smells delightful and smokes easy.

  163. Randy Lahey (verified owner)

    Some of the dopest dope you’ll ever smoke

  164. aliciascott65 (verified owner)

    This weed is in my top ten now love it..

  165. kasragh68 (verified owner)

    great flavor and nice intensity, I highly recommend this bud.

  166. eliot.w.poire (verified owner)

    Great flower

  167. shmeep (verified owner)

    Great strain, good bud

  168. budlaylajohnson (verified owner)

    Fire weed as always

  169. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    beauty, cant go wrong with this one

  170. stephs_hot69 (verified owner)

    Loved loved loved this,happy i bought so much cause it was a fantastic buy. Will be purchasing more in the near future

  171. stephs_hot69 (verified owner)

    This was my favorite stuff that ive gotten from haute,its for sure going to be on my next order

  172. LuckyPete (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the Pineapple Express!! I have tried the lower end stuff ($4/g.. $7/g) which is great if you’re on a budget, but wanted to try the high grade so I went for one of my all time favorites and haute health measures up!! Just enough Hawaiian and not too much Trainwreck, tastes and smells great! Good size nugs and good quality bud , breaks down and rolls up nice, fantastic smoke the way Pineapple Express should be… thanks haute health well done

  173. tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner)

    friggin deliciousness!! Top 3 on this site for sure!! Darn good stuff 😉

  174. bellemoren (verified owner)

    Great buds tatse good but wish it just better

  175. iverson.t (verified owner)

    This is a really great strain and very fairly priced. this is a pretty good bud. I would recommend.

  176. Bigsmoke (verified owner)

    New favorite strain

  177. MaryJane (verified owner)

    I ran out of coffee this morning and thought I’d try smoking a bowl of this and WOW! I had motivation and energy, got so much done, improved my mood..not to mention a nice smoke as well! Definitely need to get more!

  178. Fb13 (verified owner)

    Best sativa on site with ghost train haze amazing smell and taste

  179. Cyn27 (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with Pineapple express !!!!!!!
    It’s one of my favorites as it procures an awesome buzz, taste is amazing, so smooth to smoke and can be used anytime of day !
    I def recommend 🙂

  180. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express from Hautehealth does not disappoint. You can legit smell the pineapple and the buds look so good you (almost) don’t want to smoke it. Tastes great when you smoke it, fruity and smooth. Energizing yet relaxing high, great for daytime tings.

  181. don.trudel (verified owner)

    First time ordering this strain, I’d recommend it and I will reorder this one. Good taste, smell and buzz. Good price and service!!

  182. alf16 (verified owner)

    Great flavour. Instant high. Will definitely order again

  183. nugebird.nottv (verified owner)

    True classic. Can’t go wrong with this one. Add it to your cart, NOW. This smoke gives you a happy and giggly high and will make you squint your eyes. You’re about to get STONED!
    Got some big bugs and it smelled amazing. Love the smell and taste!

  184. bcmw90 (verified owner)

    Decent buzz for the price when on sale

  185. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    Always a classic!

  186. domi7799 (verified owner)

    Sweet taste. Nice smoke. Good high

  187. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Definitely a good bud to have around, not too much couch lock so the chores still get done.

  188. henhawke (verified owner)

    great stuff keeps you awake and active

  189. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    must admit this one as a unique taste….and great couch smoking

  190. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    had high hopes for this bud but it let me down on the taste but still got me ripped

  191. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    the best sativa to my opinion….great for daytime and focus on the job to do….always a nice smoke

  192. angie_i-love-music (verified owner)

    Very crystaly. Amazing high

  193. (verified owner)

    Very good stuff

  194. aknee277 (verified owner)

    Always wanted to try Pineapple Express. And just like the movie, it was amazing!

  195. brandon.ccdboll (verified owner)

    one of the best so far

  196. zephen7 (verified owner)


  197. jasonmuise70 (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  198. dakoma420 (verified owner)

    Another top pick. The buds were huge, dense and caked!

  199. criminalserena1 (verified owner)

    definitely see why this is a classic! gives me lots of energy and is so good when smoking on a nice nature walk

  200. breannapeebles (verified owner)

    One of my favourites

  201. patrickbenoit5555 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite

  202. vibrantsole (verified owner)

    Lived up to the hype, its how being high should feel… .it’s got layers.

  203. shane2293 (verified owner)

    great product. would order again

  204. shane2293 (verified owner)

    just like the movie

  205. mmackenzie421 (verified owner)

    Loved the feeling of energy this bud gave me. One of my favs.
    2 thumbs up

  206. chantelle_js (verified owner)

    I recalled liked this one

  207. hmark207 (verified owner)

    It’s awesome

  208. hmark207 (verified owner)


  209. patricia.smiles22 (verified owner)

    Can’t even begin to explain how awesome this was (maybe because I just had some). Great high, feeling awesome, would recommend for anyone wanting a good high.

  210. tlbsales2009 (verified owner)

    This was a freebie and didnt dissapoint.

  211. lonechef (verified owner)

    liked this one a lot. will definitely try again

  212. criminalserena1 (verified owner)

    smells wonderful! nice daytime high with no hard crash

  213. saint_red2005 (verified owner)

    Looked good tasted good

  214. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    It has a Fruity smell and taste to it, hits very hard

  215. mattiathomsen (verified owner)

    Really great Quality! Smells amazing.

  216. oldboarder61 (verified owner)

    Wow first time trying this strain and just amazed. All I can say is try it you will like it!!

  217. Tammy (verified owner)

    Nice taste, nice buzz, big buds, definitely order again

  218. muzicb66 (verified owner)

    Disappointing, nothing like the real stuff

  219. saad.elm (verified owner)

    Personnal best, #1 with Bruce 😉 enjoy mates

  220. eli.desbiens (verified owner)

    Best ever !

  221. steph89desj (verified owner)

    One of my top strain! Love the smell, taste and buzz of it. A must try!!!!

  222. (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains now, pretty good taste to it an nice high.

  223. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    One of the best strain that I have tried @ Haute and you can not go wrong with this beauty 🙂

  224. elizabethbalan1234 (verified owner)

    Definately one of my favorite strains for green. No hard burn out and the high creeps up real nice.

  225. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Fantastic Strain !!! Loved it like the movie !

  226. ilovemypittybull3 (verified owner)

    Best ever

  227. alex.qlassic (verified owner)

    It’s a soft sweet taste of apple and mango !

  228. junior.clement (verified owner)

    Définitivement mon préféré. Gout très doux et un peu sucré. Buzz très fort

  229. mimics (verified owner)

    Smells amazing, hits you in the face

  230. herrelldanielle33 (verified owner)

    Love it!

  231. pierluc338 (verified owner)

    Good smell mais fais tousser un peu

  232. lacelle-inc (verified owner)

    good for day ! good high

  233. chandlertibbits8 (verified owner)

    Good smoke, big buds. Loved the smell and taste. I highly recommend this strain

  234. sweety_saarah (verified owner)

    Love the taste!!! Love the smell!!! Love the high!!!! Love love love!!!!

  235. lacelle-inc (verified owner)

    perfect sativa stain love the smell

  236. offgrider75 (verified owner)

    Dry Big Buds, amazing smoke, I highly recommend and will be ordering again, good for day time work.

  237. War73 (verified owner)

    Ordered it a few times now , good taste, wicked buzz and will order again

  238. wickedbud (verified owner)

    Love it. Second time ordering. It’s my new fav. Instant high, and able to smoke it anytime of the day and still function.

  239. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    Miam just my favorite strain whit the bruce banner 🙂 just so good and the high be prepare to laugh for no reason ;p

  240. Danred (verified owner)

    Some of the dopest dope I ever smoked lol, good high and a sweet smell.

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