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Shipwreck – Sativa Dominant Hybrid


(224 customer reviews)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Effects: Body High, Sociable, Uplifting
May Relieve: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Inflammation, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PMS, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury, Stress
Flavors: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
Aromas: Citrus, Dank, Diesel, Pungent, Sour, Spicy

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Shipwreck is known for its neon green and purple buds while being coated in sticky resin, it is guaranteed to provide a very strong high. This strain blends spice, citrus, and skunk to create a smoke that only true smokers would enjoy. Shipwreck’s is a very effective strain providing a high that lasts for hours and hours. Despite the fact that sativa is more prominent many experience a relaxing euphoria, with little to no issues getting a good night of sleep after a few hits. Shipwreck helps deal with headaches, inflammation, or sore muscles while  combating stress and depression.

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224 reviews for Shipwreck - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  1. rousseaucarolanne (verified owner)

    Nugs are a good size, solid choice !

  2. laiddragon (verified owner)

    Can’t complain, price is good and bud is decent!

  3. matt.cmo.31

    Very happy with the quality of weed for the price 😊

  4. keenankrysko (verified owner)


  5. keenankrysko (verified owner)


  6. atombomb7 (verified owner)

    Pretty scraggly but you can’t argue with the price and it gets the job done.

  7. snadjiwon (verified owner)

    Nice buzz!

  8. sean.labbe80 (verified owner)

    nOT BAD But not my best choice

  9. joelhoneyman

    Amazing deal for the price

  10. jaredbutt2642 (verified owner)

    Great weed highly recommended

  11. ccm77mon (verified owner)

    well worth $3, love it

  12. designcore54 (verified owner)

    really makes you feel ship wrecked, for the price this weed is amazing

  13. alphatheorik (verified owner)

    Nice compact nugs. Great for daytime use.

  14. 123stew (verified owner)

    wasnt that strong but once turned into canna butter, worked great !

  15. donmccallum (verified owner)

    good for the price

  16. archtop (verified owner)


  17. mboraas (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. I’ve tried a few different “wreck” strains and they wouldn’t be my first choices.

  18. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    decent for making edibles wasn’t the best quality for me

  19. gregory-allen09 (verified owner)

    Decent for price

  20. jeffreykeithsquire (verified owner)

    Wow A+++

  21. staylor2884 (verified owner)

    Please. Would get again

  22. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    Good for a daily beginner smoke…taste great

  23. miranda-caines (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  24. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    AMAZING !!!!

  25. jack___jeckel (verified owner)

    Definitely worth! especially on sale. As well of course, HH processes delivery prompt!

  26. thebboone (verified owner)

    better than you would expect, def worth the $1.50 a gram when it goes on sale

  27. lisa_rb_pierce (verified owner)

    Really nice, would buy again.

  28. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Good sativa

  29. zdiced (verified owner)

    Great stuff. One of the best cheap strains available.

  30. archtop (verified owner)

    good stuff good price

  31. jeffsquire35 (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet. Great Price

  32. jjpurwitsky (verified owner)

    This gets the job done. That’s about it though. It’s got an earthy smell and it gets you high but it won’t blow you away. Of course it’s well worth $3.00 a gram but if you are looking to knock your socks off then this isn’t the bud for you.

  33. jeffsquire35 (verified owner)

    Good Stuff really enjoyed

  34. tamarac27 (verified owner)

    Loved it. Nice high, taste is great!

  35. Lay_c420 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t to bad, the taste is a bit off for me, but was a good price 🙂

  36. cody.priest (verified owner)

    need bigger buds but my lawd good smoke

  37. rubbnuckjr (verified owner)

    Nice smooth calming smoke

  38. superroofer2448 (verified owner)

    Came so quick and tasted like a dream.. tonight I’ll fold the dishes !!

  39. henhawke (verified owner)

    it actually does smell fishy. good smoke

  40. chelseymcconnell (verified owner)

    The price was right for this one, it was a decent stoned I would recommend others before recommending this one again.

  41. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Really good for the daily deals!

  42. Reidco27 (verified owner)

    i walk 15-20km daily..smoke about 2-3 joints of this stuff and im golden 🙂

  43. art.reid (verified owner)

    Its cheap weed. Manage your expectations and you’ll enjoy it much better! I like this stuff for the days when I am sitting outside and just feel like smoking the day away.

  44. elmwooddrive398 (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable smoke and very enjoyable taste.

  45. aelechko (verified owner)

    Pretty nice smoke

  46. s.towsley (verified owner)

    Great buy!

  47. cgodin299 (verified owner)


  48. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price

  49. 1flinteastwood (verified owner)

    super bon gout

  50. philipmerritt76 (verified owner)

    good bud, nice mellow smoke

  51. tessab.b (verified owner)

    Not bad

  52. E.L. (verified owner)

    Great for the price

  53. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)


  54. lisamarie071988 (verified owner)

    Great value for you money, always one of my go to buds.

  55. eyman (verified owner)

    It was ok

  56. bpabla6 (verified owner)

    ok, on sale, prob will not buy again!

  57. MaryJane (verified owner)

    Decent for the price.

  58. espino_arvee (verified owner)

    Good bud! Nice high, didn’t lock me on my couch!

  59. cody.priest (verified owner)

    This stuff was beyond amazing!!

  60. Mirandaborialis (verified owner)

    Small buds, great price, really good budget high

  61. AJ (verified owner)

    Great budget bud

  62. kailey.kristina.burden (verified owner)

    Perfect blend of relaxing and motivating I love this stuff

  63. nojohns47 (verified owner)

    Insane value

  64. xboxinfected09 (verified owner)

    It’s really good for price

  65. chrisboussey (verified owner)

    Nice buds and really nice sativa body high. Didnt couch lock me like other body highs

  66. melissacrandall0201 (verified owner)

    Great smoke!!

  67. davieputnam2019 (verified owner)

    Good smoke

  68. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    amazballs !!!! loved it

  69. mrutahh06 (verified owner)

    nice buds ,good smell,will buy again

  70. bbqgirl1 (verified owner)

    Vraiment bon pour prix

  71. JackFrost (verified owner)

    Great Bud!!

  72. john-sm (verified owner)

    helps me out when I’m not having a great pain day.

  73. mathieu.boisvert (verified owner)

    Not my favourite but really good tho

  74. rosecan (verified owner)

    Just o.k. small buds but good smoke for the price.

  75. mbgstorage01 (verified owner)

    Nice nugs with a great aroma

  76. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Cheap price but excellent bud

  77. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Was a hit in our group of friends , Will buy again

  78. jacobmallett1 (verified owner)

    Stuff is good

  79. john-sm (verified owner)

    worked well for my pain

  80. (verified owner)

    Low quality weed but good for the price

  81. jesse.tilbury (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke. Good for gaming too.
    Packaging is simple

  82. crcharrington (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck

  83. you8myshorts (verified owner)

    Good bang for buck, will order again.

  84. endoyyc (verified owner)

    Good for price

  85. endoyyc (verified owner)

    Great taste

  86. johnbreau987 (verified owner)


  87. nrikdl (verified owner)

    Moyen apparence goût et effet

  88. numberf0utopicfuture (verified owner)

    Not a bad money savers.

  89. kajal_singh93 (verified owner)

    Great bud for its value one of my favs

  90. john-sm (verified owner)

    I enjoy this

  91. john-sm (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this stuff

  92. mikeflood123 (verified owner)

    great for the price 🙂

  93. rsindia73 (verified owner)

    Excellent value

  94. 4therine14 (verified owner)

    If u like small buds it’s perfect

  95. jesse.tilbury (verified owner)

    Little leafy . But it’s a nice high. Recommend forsure

  96. jesse.tilbury (verified owner)

    Buds are awesome. Full of crystal. Perfect for early morning before work.
    First time order 👌

  97. sarahlynnhancock95 (verified owner)

    Little steamy but great for the price

  98. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Not the best, but it does the trick

  99. ghrobar (verified owner)

    nice small nugs..pretty clean taste great

  100. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    A lot of stalk and small buds. But decent puff.

  101. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    A lot of stalk and small buds. But decent puff

  102. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oi

  103. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil!.

  104. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil.!

  105. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil!

  106. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil.

  107. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil

  108. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good pri

  109. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good pric

  110. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good price!.

  111. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good price.!

  112. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good price!

  113. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good price.

  114. sk8ervolcom11 (verified owner)

    Small buds but good price

  115. esamgauthier (verified owner)


  116. hawk3878 (verified owner)

    5 star price, indica dominant but i found the sative type effect to over power the indica. nice early evening smoke .

  117. mcfarland.jf (verified owner)

    Nice buzz good taste
    Good buy for the price

  118. tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner)

    A lot of stalk and small buds. But decent puff

  119. Kbomb (verified owner)

    Nice small Bud’s and makes awesome oil

  120. july (verified owner)

    Great weed as described and pictured ! Great buy!

  121. henhawke (verified owner)

    amazing smell, nice and mild high

  122. beatrice.sabourin (verified owner)

    very good

  123. singoutloud4u (verified owner)

    This is a very nice ..creative energy!

  124. zahra1010 (verified owner)

    Definitely enjoyed this, and it’s really cheap too.

  125. zahra1010 (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the smell of this, smaller buds but at that price who’s complaining.

  126. candace.hills (verified owner)

    serious bang for your buck here. Pretty underrated strain

  127. jasonmcdonald (verified owner)

    Great buzz for the price

  128. jasonmcdonald (verified owner)

    Hard to beat that buzz for the price

  129. evanchecker17 (verified owner)

    Once again great bud and great service.. this give a good stone and doesnt make you sleepy.. order half pound and asked for it to be scaled into individual oz and they done that no problem.

  130. BurstingSun13 (verified owner)

    Stones but buds are machine trimmed and a little dry

  131. N.Robertson (verified owner)

    Cheap bud low price. Nothing special

  132. laceyguiboche (verified owner)

    Great price n great smoke

  133. leposuction (verified owner)

    Real nice

  134. stephs_hot69 (verified owner)

    The price was cheap i got it on sale and it smelt really good,quite fluffy,ill try it again

  135. emmajrboivin (verified owner)

    Worth buying when on sale, don’t think I would purchase any other time. Smokes okay, talked up to seem to be stronger though

  136. boulisa179 (verified owner)

    I have to roll little bit bigger joint but it cost nothing. Great buzz, will probably buy again!

  137. dark7shadow7 (verified owner)

    Not the most crystal covered looking bud, but very nice pungent sour smell. And nice energetic high for me

  138. kimmyfenton86 (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Would buy again.

  139. justin_lk (verified owner)

    Great bud for the price, well trimmed, smokes great, nice relaxing high follows!

  140. singoutloud4u (verified owner)

    This is a nice sativa for creativity..the taste is a little harsh though

  141. aalex.parise (verified owner)

    Common strain but good quality, lots of crystals and worth the price.

  142. davebike (verified owner)

    tasty and smooth, mellow high

  143. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    GreAt weed

  144. chrismorico (verified owner)

    Not that strong, but still worth buying when it’s on sale

  145. las7676 (verified owner)

    Good choice day or night very powerfull for 3$ ive notting to said about it well smokable and a bite resin over easy to fell for 0.5 gram your high for 2 hours easy

  146. tinysalad (verified owner)

    wow its has become my go to!

  147. thierrylecompte26 (verified owner)

    Good stuff frl !!

  148. pnadmbrunet3 (verified owner)

    worth the price

  149. endoyyc (verified owner)

    Very good!!

  150. jazzy_peach19 (verified owner)

    Great value and smells great!

  151. raj_swamy (verified owner)

    Not the prettiest buds, but does the job. I have already ordered it again, great deal at the sale price.

  152. don_mcenery (verified owner)

    Mild head buzz, but I also got a nice body buzz from this. No fatigue effects, it’s nice for social smoking.

  153. tsmith12541 (verified owner)

    Great smoke and high! Worth the price!

  154. bakerp2017 (verified owner)

    Not to bad for some cheap weed you get what you pay for

  155. saint_red2005 (verified owner)

    Love that I got this on sale it smokes good bust good taste good will buy again as long as it’s on sale

  156. gurdeepahuja (verified owner)

    Great daytime bud

  157. MaryJane (verified owner)

    Great for daytime, no burn out, and great quality for the price!

  158. g.w.mcqueen (verified owner)

    Nugs are light and airy but absolutely covered in trichomes. Well worth the price

  159. Kbomb (verified owner)

    Awesome price and makes great oil.

  160. zander84 (verified owner)

    It is good for the price it just took over 2 weeks to get

  161. johnsmelt (verified owner)

    On sale is a must buy. Gets ya wrecked, smells and tastes great. Will buy again at this price point

  162. eyman (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong with the price

  163. viper2000_69 (verified owner)

    Good for the price decent day time buzz. Great for adding concentrates.

  164. mikeflood123 (verified owner)

    Great for the price will be getting more

  165. Simo (verified owner)

    Verry good deal for dayly smoke

  166. Marc Ginale (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price!

  167. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Great bud for great price

  168. biffedit (verified owner)

    nice looking buds, bought it on sale, was a great deal.

  169. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    bought because of the price. Personally I hate sativa but the shipwreck caused me to wreck

  170. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    If I could give 6 stars, I would. So much crystal on these buds. Would order again, no questions asked.

  171. ashley_581 (verified owner)

    Pretty bud. Good high. Priced right

  172. Dr Raczka (verified owner)

    godd and potent for the price

  173. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    Pretty good day time buzz

  174. dark_men11 (verified owner)

    bon gout ce fume bien agréable pour le prix

  175. s.shelemey (verified owner)

    Great Price!

  176. ashley-mair (verified owner)

    Great buy, good quality! great for the price, can’t beat it, Definitely will be buying again

  177. ashley-mair (verified owner)

    Such good bud for the price

  178. ashley-mair (verified owner)

    Great buy, good quality! Definitely will be buying again

  179. jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price. Good smoke.

  180. rachelmnutford (verified owner)


  181. shane.b.kelsey (verified owner)

    Decent cant complain price is good and bud is decent!

  182. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    Great for stress relief and I was happy that it didn’t make me fall asleep

  183. War73 (verified owner)

    Good quality for the price, nice taste , decent buzz

  184. maximebriere1669 (verified owner)

    great deal love the taste will buy again

  185. pamjkeith27 (verified owner)

    Give it a try

  186. kieytrist (verified owner)

    Great for the price! I like a variety

  187. revitalizerenovations (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the prices! Was sent a better strain, as this one was out… Great company in my opinion!

  188. marioricher1967 (verified owner)

    Petit popcorn mais très bon au goût . J’aime bien sont effets

  189. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste

  190. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    Will be getting this kind again would recommend

  191. Count Zacula (verified owner)

    Delicious smell with a smooth smoke

  192. candace.hills (verified owner)

    Not bad for a smoking daily deal, one of the better cheap picks on the site. would reccomend for a good day time smoke

  193. rte66 (verified owner)

    Excellent value , at the end of the day I put in a pinch of shatter for extra buzz

  194. Hotwired (verified owner)

    high buzz and potent tumbs up

  195. debra27manning (verified owner)

    Defenitly a daytime smoke for me nice mild buzz!!!

  196. mcfarland.jf (verified owner)

    Very nice buzz for the price

  197. brendalcapes (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price

  198. hanstheviking (verified owner)

    Great Value! Nice Flavour!

  199. kayemelindy (verified owner)

    Ohhhh now this was quite a treat! Really nice smoke while at a great price too

  200. tarynlcassel (verified owner)

    not bad for the price

  201. rogerclout (verified owner)

    100% recommend

  202. braydenlambe69 (verified owner)

    Very nice pungent aroma and the nugs are very beautiful to look at and soft to the touch, Flavour is there and the buzz is on point!

  203. mr.valladares (verified owner)

    Was okay nothing crazy good buzz

  204. jacob_may (verified owner)

    Very nice buds, and just can’t match that price point !

  205. (verified owner)

    Strong sativaa!

  206. gee_willier (verified owner)

    Again awesome for the price, but to be “Baked Baked” had to have at least 3 plus rips other than that it was alright

  207. kevenmaltaiscaron (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet

  208. omiroya (verified owner)

    Excellent price point.

  209. alishia19801 (verified owner)

    I really liked this strain. I helps with my depression and gives me some get up and go! Definetly a customer for life never disappointed.

  210. melissacrandall0201 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price

  211. tlbsales2009 (verified owner)

    Nice big buds, but it’s a cheap weed.

  212. shaelafosse (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with this strain. Nice size buds, smells great, and you get a nice energetic high

  213. julie.deko157 (verified owner)

    Great way to relax during daytime 🙂

  214. vitevegan (verified owner)

    a good alternative not too expensive!

  215. bighaze9 (verified owner)

    Great price great count pretty good high. Worth it for sure.

  216. arne (verified owner)

    Nice easy day or night smoke that won’t hold you down. Love the pricing!! Can not beat it!!

  217. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Amazed at the quality for this price

  218. tdmprodz (verified owner)

    I loved this. Will order again. Better than 5$g i’ve ordered here.

  219. (verified owner)

    I love the Shipwreck! It looks like a shipwreck but does the trick it’s suppose to… get you shipwrecked! haha

  220. vanroonk (verified owner)

    if you are looking for a daytime weed this is the one. it is amazing

  221. jaymz88 (verified owner)

    Great bud for the pricing, was nice smoking it and going to the gym or for playing video games with the boys. Definitely nice for still being active and going about your day. Even smoked some before work one day and was still good to go

  222. kubota_kid_98 (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price it is. Very upset that it’s out of stock. Cant wait to get it again

  223. azmarc123 (verified owner)

    My buds were very small. Decent quality. May try again and hope for bigger buds

  224. vremlinger (verified owner)

    Wow ! Wow ! Wow! This stuff is beyond amazing the nugs are compact medium sized perfectly trimmed buds full of Crystals nice little orange hairs through out! I’m so pleased with this 3 dollar gram I’m a seasonal smoker and it does me wonders !

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