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100mg Psilocybin/25mg Pure CBD Isolate/100mg Cordyceps Capsules


(4 customer reviews)

Containing 100mg of our full-spectrum, high absorption, water soluble CBD extract. Blended with high strength Organic Cordyceps mushroom extract (100mg per capsule). Providing a synergy of health benefits unmatched in today’s market including nerve regeneration, improved brain health and protection, relief from mild anxiety and depression, boosting of the immune system and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Unlock your total potential with this powerful mixture of CBD and psilocybin ideal for microdosing!

4 reviews for 100mg Psilocybin/25mg Pure CBD Isolate/100mg Cordyceps Capsules

  1. owengoerk98 (verified owner)

    Awesome for body pains

  2. hugogravel (verified owner)

    Buzz parfait

  3. john-sm (verified owner)

    works well for pain , I find it needs to last longer

  4. a.mackenzie0225 (verified owner)

    These were absolutely amazing! I highly recommend the blend of these mushrooms, gave a very light feeling that was super enjoyable

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