3.5 Gram Psilocybin Chocolate Mushroom


Have you ever been hiking and came across some delicious mushrooms? It’s awesome when it happens, but we’ll bet that you’ll never cross paths with tasty shrooms like these out in the wild. Haute Health is proud to provide 3.5 g Psilocybin Chocolate Mushrooms… that’s right, CHOCOLATE covered! Each scrumptious shroom contains a measured dose of psilocybin, drenched in creamy, dreamy chocolate to help the “medicine” go down.

Why forage for your own mushrooms when you can click, buy and receive these tasty fungi right to your door?! Haute Health offers a variety of psychedelic shrooms, and these chocolate shroom edibles are definitely some of the most popular. Did you know that chocolate has been considered to be “the food of the Gods” across many cultures? Well you can commune with the Gods after 30-60 minutes of gulping down one of these. 3.5 g Psilocybin Chocolate Mushrooms hide the pungent flavors of shrooms that many first-timers aren’t fond of, so we’d definitely recommend these for any of your friends/family that are keen to get started on their psychedelic journeys.

Next time you’re going camping, partying or just want to explore the facets of your own consciousness, stick to the yummiest way to get psychedelic 3.5 g Psilocybin Chocolate Mushrooms from Haute Health.