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VIP Shatter – Atomic – Hybrid


(28 customer reviews)

Atomic is a deep blend of potent genetics. OG Kush was crossed with Chemdawg, which was then crossed with THC Bomb to create Atomic. This blend of THC-dominant genetics lends Atomic potency that isn’t meant for everyone. Be warned that this intense high hits with a rush to the head and settles into a long-lasting body stone that evaporates stress and worries. Atomic has a fair yield and a Kushy flavor that is thick with gas and forest aromas. Enjoy Atomic after you clear your schedule as its effects may change your plans.


Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed
May Relieve: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Stress
Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Dank

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

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28 reviews for VIP Shatter - Atomic - Hybrid

  1. thomasrhodge (verified owner)

    Very happy for the price.

  2. dylandolha1 (verified owner)

    Great shit

  3. keenankrysko (verified owner)


  4. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    Little on the darker side but taste is good and fairly potent

  5. ilovedogs (verified owner)

    this shatter was crazy, it tasted really good!

  6. Doobmasta420 (verified owner)

    Beautiful shatter ! great to use, not a sticky mess more like glass and an awesome taste to it .

  7. holesmasher13 (verified owner)

    Has a good flavour, hits smooth

  8. Fooxxy (verified owner)

    Very potent

  9. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    I loved this stuff

  10. stefan_kolesnikoff (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product phenomenal price! Boom

  11. brandonhoskins1993 (verified owner)

    Fruity and tangy with earth undertones realy nice smoke

  12. zaynesmom04 (verified owner)

    Live laugh love you will do it all with this one! Great upping effects wish I bought more

  13. Dani (verified owner)

    Really good high hard hitting like a strong Indica light taste and good texture

  14. chrisleeder_ (verified owner)

    nice clean buzz and taste , 5 stars

  15. reredrum666 (verified owner)

    Did not disappoint, very nice

  16. evelynjess (verified owner)

    Says it’s a hybrid but I find it hits more like a heavy indica. Mine was a waxy consistancy as well, but I prefer it that way honestly. Nice earthy aromas. Would buy again.

  17. fortierfranco9 (verified owner)

    It was great taisting.

  18. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    Very light and potent

  19. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    This stuff is great for calm me down before I go to sleep and it helps me sleep even better and it tastes great

  20. guillaume.gagnon666 (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing and gets you super baked.

  21. pascalpelletier1594 (verified owner)

    I love this shatter thx.

  22. alexissparvier1419 (verified owner)

    This batch of Atomic shatter was good and snap-able, I hope it doesn’t turn to wax (sometimes the lighter strains turn to wax/surgar) but if you just keep it cool and smoke it fast enough you’ll be fine haha

  23. readyupyou1 (verified owner)

    2nd fav

  24. mac.breanne (verified owner)

    Kind of waxy

  25. burley710 (verified owner)

    Arrived more like sugar wax then shatter, but luckily I sometimes prefer it that way, very nice stuff

  26. royseanahouse1 (verified owner)

    Atomic shatter is really nice, not recommended for a first timer lol. Definitely recommended for the experienced smoker, great for dabs

  27. jacquienellis19 (verified owner)

    A little sticky to handle

  28. Buffaloman42 (verified owner)

    Tried this one right away and It tastes fruity, sort of smooth another favourite right here that’s for sure.

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