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In the wide world of cannabis concentrates, there’s really only one rule that has to be followed: it has to be potent. Potency of cannabinoids like THC or CBD, a strong & variable terpene profile, or a powerful combination of flavors and aromas are what the most savvy stoners are after. When smoking buds just doesn’t scratch your itch anymore, you upgrade to dabs.
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If you’re not big on waiting for edibles to kick in hours later, you reach for the convenience and customization that a vape offers. Wherever, whenever and however you need your weed, concentrates are one of the most potent, efficient and consistent cannabis experiences you can have.

Most cannasseurs will try every kind of cannabis product at least once. For some, extremely potent extracts like phoenix tears aren’t necessary unless they’re suffering from some serious ailment, so in some cases they shy away from the higher potency products. Have you ever tried a very potent concentrate like wax, resin, rosin, shatter or oil tinctures? They’re certainly not for the faint of heart or low of tolerance.

However, we believe that these kinds of high potency extracts & concentrates are a worthy investment over time for your health. Concentrates can open up a whole new world of possibilities with cannabis. Higher potencies, robust flavors, mind-melting highs, intense experiences and relief from many of life’s ailments. If these kinds of things sound good to you, it’s about time you tried one of the most flavorful, aromatic and powerful cannabis products that has quickly become a modern favorite: terp sauce.

What is terp sauce? How is terpene sauce made? Can you get terpene sauce in Canada? Let’s get into the sauce and stir up some information on one of the best cannabis concentrates and talk about terp sauce.

What Are Terpenes Anyway?

Before we get to the sauce, you may or may not know much about these mysterious compounds we call “terpenes”. Terpenes have gained prominence in recent years as we begin to unlock their secrets as cannabis research continues. Terpenes are generally defined as the aromatic oils that lend cannabis their unique scents, aromas and flavors. Also known as “HTFSE” (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts), terpenes are rewriting everything we know about cannabis and how it influences our minds & bodies.

Terpenes are primarily thought of as “enhancers” to your cannabis experience. Terpenes like linalool, limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene and hundreds of others can combine to create a multitude of unique tastes and smells. Sweet, earthy, musky, floral, skunky, herbal, citrus, and hints of fuel are just a handful of the known aromatics that certain combinations of terpenes can bring about.

Terpenes don’t just add to the flavor or aroma profile of your favorite strain; they are in fact responsible for many of the effects you experience when you consume cannabis. Of the currently known 150 terpenes, various combinations of these phytocompounds are believed to influence how cannabinoids like THC or CBD impact you.

Have you ever felt uplifted by a particular strain of cannabis? Maybe you feel a sudden surge in focus & energy after toking one? Isn’t it great to feel free of stress and anxiety after consuming cannabis? These feelings, effects and characteristics of cannabis are linked to the terpene profiles inherent within our cannabis. We’re still in the early stages of our understanding of just how integral terpenes are to our cannabis experiences, but the more we learn the more essential these aromatic enhancers seem to be.

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What Is Terpene Sauce?

Terp sauce in Canada is one of the more popular concentrates today because it isn’t just a potent extract with intense psychoactive effects – it’s the most delicious, full-spectrum concentrate there is. Terp sauce is extracted from cannabis flowers as a highly concentrated terpene syrup. This saucy extracted substance is typically dabbed or vaped, but for some cannabis connoisseurs the full-spectrum of flavors of this concentrate makes for an incredibly intense aromatic & flavorful experience through ingestion.

There are different grades of terp sauce, so answering the question “what is terp?” might change according to the type you’re used to. All terpene sauces are liquid extracts that are combined with CBDA, CBD, THCA and/or THC isolate solids. Sometimes other cannabinoids are mixed in like CBG, CBN or THCV, but it all depends on the extractors’ preference. Terpenes are typically extracted using CO2, butane or other solvents. What makes terp sauce so highly sought after is that the extraction contains such high concentrations of a wide array of terpenes, in addition to potent levels of CBD, THC or other cannabinoids.

Once the terpene extraction and distillate have been combined, the terp sauce forms a kind of soft, waxy, sugar-like mixture. This makes terp sauce a chunky, runny almost soupy like concentrate; some terpene sauces are more on the viscous side too.
Terpene sauce is often confused with live resin because they both contain full-spectrum concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Live resin is more of a wax-like substance that involves sub-critical freezing during extraction. Live resin also contains a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes, but when compared to terp sauce it’s no contest. Terpene sauce has the highest terpene potencies of all the concentrates, whereas an extract like live resin will typically be higher in THC contents overall.

Why do people rave so much about terp sauce in Canada? Both live resin and terp sauce get a lot of praise amongst experienced cannabis lovers. Where terpene sauce really stands out is the amount of terpenes and the complexity of flavors, aromas and sensory experiences you can have when you consume this delicious sauce. Terp sauce is sticky, saucy, sweet, sour, sharp, subtle, piney, fruity and skunky all at different times, or sometimes all at once. What is terp sauce? It’s the ultimate cannabis experience, that’s what!

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Terp Sauce Canada

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Does terp get you high?

Terpenes, otherwise known as “terps”, do not get you high like THC does on its own. Some terpenes have psychoactive properties to be sure, but their intoxicating effects are more along the lines of affecting how cannabinoids influence your brain & body.

Is terp sauce the same as diamonds?

Terp sauce is indeed the same thing as “diamonds”, but “crystalline” or “rocks” are different kinds of concentrates altogether.

How is terpene sauce made?

Terpene sauce is produced by extraction (ethanol, CO2, etc) whereby the potent terpenes are removed from the plant and added to a carrying agent that can be consumed or added to other mixtures for increased potency and/or flavors.

Which terpenes are good for anxiety?

Linalool, a distinctly floral terpene associated with lavender, is known for its calming effects and sedative qualities. Limonene has also been used for stress disorders and mood swings as an effective remedy.
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