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The days of meeting up on an poorly lit corner or in the parking lot of big box store to secure your bag of weed are becoming less and less common, with the legalization of recreational cannabis and the influx of online marijuana retailers, meeting up with a dealer seems like an ancient art form. Today it is much easier and efficient to either drop into a licensed retail store or better yet, have your cannabis delivered to your doorstep without having to change out of your sweatpants. Mail order marijuana has become increasingly popular of late with Canadian smokers having the luxury of ordering all their cannabis needs online and having it shipped directly to your living quarters, it’s quick, easy and better yet avoids the awkward interaction of meeting up with your source.

Top benefits of mail order marijuana

When Canada legalized marijuana, most of the country had only one option to get their recreational licensed cannabis, online and through the mail. Many were skeptical at first, worrying about things like privacy, buying with a credit card and the possibility of their marijuana being lost or stolen through the mail. But what many don’t know is that marijuana has been moving through the mail long before recreational cannabis became legalized. Since 2013 Canada Post has been delivering medical cannabis to medically licensed patients and before that, mail order marijuana businesses have been sending discretely packaged cannabis through the mail for years.

Canadian cannabis consumers are legally allowed to have up to 30 grams of cannabis shipped to their residence without fear of the law getting involved, packages are shipped via a odor-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof inner and outer packaging. These packages also omit any mention or indication that it is a parcel that contains cannabis, all products shipped through a Canadian licensed retailer are anonymous and contain no personal information. When your mail order marijuana arrives at its destination the receiver is required to show a valid piece of government ID to prove the package is indeed intended for that person and they are of the legal age in that specific province.  Inside you’ll find your cannabis order in the exact form as if you bought it at the store. On average a delivery takes anywhere between 2-7 days depending on location, time of the year and what province you live in.

The same step process can be said when ordering cannabis online through non government mail order marijuana businesses. Packages are shipped in a similar style as the licensed producers with an odor proof parcel and discreet anonymous packaging. There is however some variants when ordering from a third party mail order marijuana business. Unlike shipping cannabis from a licensed retailer, many mail order marijuana businesses will use other shipping providers such as Purolator or UPS, which means many customers receive their packages within 1-2 days. You are also not required to show any ID or sign for the package as those steps have already been taken prior to your online order, which means if you’re at work all day you don’t need to hunt down a Canada Post outlet that is open after 5 p.m. to secure your package, like an Amazon order it will most likely be sitting at your doorstep once you get home. Last but certainly not least is that when ordering from mail order marijuana businesses you are guaranteed to have a much wider selection of goods to order from which means your package can contains items like cannabis concentrates, edibles and cannabis oils, unlike when you order from a licensed producer you are most likely only going to be able to order dried flower. You are also guaranteed to get very affordable prices when purchasing through a mail order marijuana business, with each product several dollars cheaper then that of the licensed retailers.

Mail Order Marijuana Over Licensed Retailers

Mail Order Marijuana Over Licensed Retailers

Many Canadians have been ordering their marijuana online through mail order marijuana businesses before licensed producers were offering their cannabis to be shipped in the mail, this has provided mail order marijuana businesses with a upper hand on the ins-and-outs of how to ship mail order marijuana successfully and efficiently. This has prompted Canadian cannabis users to ditch the days of buying random strains from your buddies, buddies, buddy and order through a mail order marijuana business where you can get the best bang for your buck anywhere in Canada. Licensed retailers quickly realized the potential of mail order marijuana directly from the grey market success with online cannabis delivery via the mail, let’s take a look at why ordering through a mail order marijuana business has been such a hit with Canadians for years and years and why licensed producers are losing to t he mail order marijuana businesses.


Before ordering cannabis online became a reality, Canadians had to find their cannabis from a local Joe selling dime bags with inflated prices. Most marijuana bought before online availability was usually a strain with a made up name where you might get lucky and have the selection between indica and sativa  How many times have you showed up to buy your typical $30 eighth to be told it’s now $40 because it’s a bomb new strain (when it’s really the exact same strain you bought last week), lack of selection and prices is what lead so many Canadians to the mail order marijuana business. When ordering through a mail order marijuana business the prices are the lowest available in Canada, prices are very competitively priced due to the plethora of online retailers and competition throughout the country. Most mail order marijuana businesses usually have a wide selection of product and plenty of product on hand which allows for them to competitively price their cannabis, unlike the licensed retailers who are consistently short on product and can influx prices due to scarce availability. A perfect example of mail order marijuana businesses offering cost effective prices is Haute Health, with a huge selection of cannabis products from $3 per gram of dried cannabis, $15 a gram of concentrate, and $5 packs of candy edibles.Comparing this to online licensed retailers where the average price per gram of dried flower is around $8-$10 in Canada, it’s not hard to see why Canadians are largely gravitating towards mail order marijuana businesses to get the best prices on cannabis online in Canada. Another major factor for those ordering through mail order marijuana businesses is the absence of extra fees you get with licensed retailers, when ordering through a mail order marijuana business prices do not include the 10% cannabis excise tax, or provincial sales taxes ranging from 5% to 15%. These additional tax costs can be the difference between an extra eighth or getting that ounce vs a half ounce. Shipping fees are also a major factor when ordering through a mail order marijuana business, with most provincial licensed retailers requiring a flat shipping fee or around $5-$8 depending on the province, where as the mail order marijuana business offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.


When cannabis was legalized on October 17, 2018 licensed retailers were only offering dried cannabis flower was the only option for Canadian cannabis consumers, this left a not so sour diesel taste in the mouths of Canadians. This is why experts are saying the mail order marijuana businesses will flourish under the new legalization rules. Canada as a whole has restricted the sale of things like cannabis edibles and concentrates citing more clinical research being needed along with better public education, but this has hurt the government attempt to transition over grey market consumers to licensed retailers. You don’t have to look far to see what cannabis consumers are demanding. In Colorado edibles account for around 15% of their legal cannabis market and concentrates account for around 29%. Since legalization both edibles and concentrates have skyrocketed in demand in Colorado, while the dried flower demand fell from 70% to 47%. Having a wide selection of cannabis products is clearly a winning recipe for winning over cannabis consumers. Most mail order marijuana businesses offer a lot… and we mean a lot of cannabis choices, items such as:

Canadians want variety in their cannabis diet and the mail order marijuana businesses are offering that variety. Licensed retailers are having to play catch up on the mail order marijuana businesses and need to establish trust with Canadian cannabis culture. The cannabis industry is evolving and their are always new ways to consume cannabis. Cannabis users can purchase things like concentrates from mail order marijuana, concentrates offer around 30% more THC then traditional dried flower which has made it one of the most desirable cannabis options on the market. Edibles have also become increasingly popular with cannabis users, not having to smoke cannabis directly is a desirable option with the emphasis on the negative effects smoking can cause. Many are also switching from smoking pipes, joints and bong to smoking vapes, many vapes are smoked with cannabis oil which isn’t available through licensed retailers. Things like concentrates, edibles and oils are what the current market want and without those being offered the mail order marijuana businesses will continue to out match the licensed retailers.

Cannabis Post

Cannabis Post

Canada Post has was given full authority when cannabis was legalized to deliver Canadians their licensed retailer cannabis, apart from Prince Edward Island who has their cannabis delivered through Purolator. On the Canada post website they lay have a complete guideline on Canadians can receive their cannabis from a licenses retailer and how they can ship cannabis from a licensed retailer themselves. Here we lay out the rules and regulations to how Canadians can ship cannabis throughout Canada directly from the Canada Post website.


Canadians Shipping Cannabis in Canada


How do I ship cannabis?

Canadians can share a maximum of 30 grams of dried, recreational cannabis with other adults (age varies by province). Send recreational cannabis within Canada using one of our shipping services that includes tracking.

Packaging requirements

  • Odour-proof, tamper-proof and leak-proof inner and outer packaging
  • Anonymous outer packaging without any marking or advertising that indicates what’s in the package

Consider purchasing our self-sealing and scent-blocking mailer for your outer packaging.

How do I receive a cannabis shipment?

There are a few requirements the receiver must follow. We offer delivery options right to your home or to any post office for pickup with FlexDeliveryTM.

Receiving from a licensed seller

Proof of Age, an age verification process, and a signature are required upon delivery. The recipient may also be asked to provide government-issued photo ID if they appear to be less than 25 years of age. Provinces set the minimum age to purchase cannabis.

Receiving from an individual

A signature may be required upon delivery if the sender opted for this feature.


Licensed Sellers Shipping Cannabis in Canada


For licensed cannabis sellers in Canada, Canada Post outlines a list of rules and regulations needed to successfully ship cannabis to Canadians throughout Canada. Here we lay out the rules and regulations to how Licensed sellers can ship cannabis throughout Canada directly from the Canada Post website.

How to package cannabis for shipping as a licensed seller

Here are guidelines for businesses that need to properly package medical and recreational cannabis shipments for delivery. It’s important to follow the guidelines for both the inner and outer packaging. It’s the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that shipments containing any regulated product comply with all applicable legislation. The weight of the final package (including inner and outer packaging) must be a minimum of 50 grams to be processed as a licensed seller’s shipment in the Canada Post delivery network.


Guidelines for inner packaging:


Use a small plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag. Most zip-top or zipper bags are not odour-resistant even if multiple bags are used.

Tamper proof
Include a seal to indicate if the container has been tampered with.

Leak proof
For cannabis oil, use a leak proof container and a sealed bag before placing it in the outer package.


Guidelines for outer packaging:


Unmarked cardboard box
Whether you’re using an odour-resistant plastic container or a vacuum-sealed bag for the inner packaging, place it in a cardboard box for shipping. Outer packaging must be anonymous (no indication that the contents are cannabis). For tips on secure packaging, read the ABCs of Mailing.

Prevent odour
Keep outer packaging in a separate room. If packaging is kept near your cannabis product, there is a risk that the outer packaging will absorb the odour.

Comply with shipping regulations
Individuals and licensed sellers must comply with all government legislation and Canada Post requirements (Proof of Age, Signature and tracking).

How to ship cannabis

It’s your responsibility as a licensed seller to ensure shipments, including packaging and labelling, follow the governing laws and regulations. A trackable delivery service must be used, choose from PriorityTM or XpresspostTM for time-sensitive shipments or Expedited ParcelTM for a more economical option.

Mandatory shipping requirements

Licensed sellers must adhere to the following delivery features when shipping cannabis.


Packages must meet the federal government guidelines and Canada Post requirements by remaining secure and tamper resistant, anonymous, odour proof and meet the weight requirement. To ensure that your shipment remains in the delivery network, it must not be identifiable as cannabis, emit a strong odour due to improper packaging or have branding on the outer packaging.


Both you and your customer can track a shipment using the package tracking number. Get email notifications or use our mobile app to get updates.

Proof of age

Proof of Age is verified by the delivery agent for every shipment we deliver. If the receiver appears to be 25 years of age or less, government issued identification will be requested to verify age. A signature and name will be recorded at delivery with every shipment.

Shipping with mail order marijuana businesses


Most mail order marijuana businesses offering faster and more efficient shipping then those of licensed producers. When ordering with a mail order marijuana business they offer same day shipping with either Purolator or UPS, offering express shipping. Delivery will usually arrive in 1-3 days at the most and typically offering free shipping on top of that. Packages are however not guaranteed and could be inspected, which would result in a non delivery. The odds however are very low and delivery is almost guaranteed every time.

Haute Health offers 1-3 day shipping anywhere in Canada with free shipping with orders over $200.


Go With Mail Order Marijuana

Go With Mail Order Marijuana

The selection of Cannabis in Canada is bar none one of the best selections in the world, their are multiple options and sources Canadians can use to acquire theif cannabis. Currently the mail order marijuana businesses are the leader in providing Canadians with their cannabis needs. They provide such a large selection that it is hard to match what they are currently offering, from vaporizers to edibles mail order marijuana businesses are miles ahead of the licensed producers in every element.

Haute Health is the perfect example of a mail order marijuana business that offers a massive selection to meet Canadian’s cannabis needs. Haute offers $15 concentrate, $3 grams, $5 packs of THC edibles, CBD and so much more. All Haute products are cultivated from the highest grade cannabis in Canada and offers the best prices anywhere in Canada.

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