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There are an endless amount of tools out there used to consume cannabis. For a long time there were a group of standard tools that everyone used to consume their marijuana such as rolling papers and bongs. We are now seeing a complete transition to electrical run gadgets such as vaporizers, dab rigs and so much more. The last few years have seen a massive sweet of legalization across North America which has lead to the cannabis market being flooded with new gizmos and gadgets. With the cannabis industry catching up to the times it has lead many to crave a simpler time .Que the one hitter pipe, some of you youngins might be asking, what are one-hitter weed pipes? Simply, they were the discreet way to smoke marijuana before the vaporizer was introduced. Small, easily stored and quick to use, one hitter pipes are still one of the most used smoking mechanisms available. Here we’ll look at what are one-hitter weed pipes, how to use a one hitter and how to make a one hitter.

What are one hitter pipes & How to use it

What are One Hitter Weed Pipes

What are One Hitter Cannabis Pipes

So you’ve been asking yourself, what are one hitter weed pipes? It’s actually very straight forward. A one hitter pipe is exactly how it sounds. It’s a pipe that you hit one time, ash out, then start again. Made from either glass, wood, metal or ceramic a one hitter pipe has a small bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. Some range in appearance from sleek and modern to rudimentary designs that are created for discretion.  One of the most popular 1 hitter pipes is the disguised one hitter pipe that looks like a cigarette. One hitter pipes are designed for obviously one person, with each hit holding just enough for one individual, they aren’t a great option for a session with multiple people.

How to Use a One Hitter

How to Use a One Hitter

Smoking with a 1 hitter metal weed pipe is a perfect way to get a quick solo smoke, conserve cannabis and discreetly get stoned with no one noticing. Storing, packing and hitting a one hitter is easy when you have the appropriate tools available. Here we’ll lay out how to use a one hitter pipe.

Grind Your Cannabis

The first thing you want to do when learning how to use a one hitter is first take some of your cannabis and grind weed up in your grinder, you don’t need a lot for a 1 hitter, just enough for 3-4 small bowls. Bowls on a one hitter pipes are usually the size of a thumbtack, so minimal weed is required.

Pack Your One Hitter

Take your one hitter and simply dip it into the ground up mound of weed in your grinder (Some one hitter pipes come with a dugout or tester box where you can store weed both the one hitter and the ground up in one place) Dab the one hitter into the weed 2-3 times to make sure the bowl is completely full, but make sure not to pack it too full as it might restrict air flow.

Spark up and Inhale

Once you’ve packed your bowl, spark up your lighter, bring the flame to the bowl of the one hitter and inhale. Make sure not to leave the flame too long on the bowl as you will burn the cannabis too quickly. Light the cannabis and instantly pull the flame away and inhale, this will give you plenty of fire to smoke the entire bowl in one hit.

How to unclog one hitter

Once you’ve smoked the one hitter the bowl will be full of ash, you can either blow it out from the other end of the one hitter or gently tap against a hard surface to get the ash out. After a few hits it’s not uncommon for a one hitter to get clogged so it’s recommended that you use a poker of some sort to clear out the one hitter pipe. It can be anything like a paper clip, toothpick or a dedicated poker tool and we highly recommend having this handy when using a one hitter as once you clog up your pipe it is a real pain to unclog.

How to Make a One Hitter Weed Pipe

How to Make a One Hitter

Thinking of making your own one hitter DIY project? Every smoker has found themselves in need of a simple improvisational smoking device from time to time. Luckily there are a number of ways to make a DIY one hitter with items lying around your household. If you’d like to know how to make a one hitter at home, read on! You’d be surprised with how many random items in your house you can make a pipe from, though we recommend just going out to buy a one hitter, here are a few ideas you can use if you have nothing else to smoke out of and you need to know how to make one hitter quickly and easily.


Definitely the easiest way to make a one hitter, the pen has everything you need to emulate a store bough one hitter pipe. First you want to remove the ink and the internal parts within the pen, make sure no ink has spilled during removal as it could be harmful when smoking. The end of the pen where you click will be the end you inhale from and the part where you write is used as the bowl. Creating the bowl is the most technical part of this process. Taking the metal tip from the writing end of the pen, you flip it around where the tip is pointed into the body of the case, then slide the point of the tip into the opening of the pen’s case. Then on the other end insert either a filter from a cigarette or for a joint, this is to avoid the harshness of the hit you are about to take. Pack the upside down metal tip with cannabis, light it up and inhale from the other end. Not too complicated eh?


An apple can make a great DIY hitter in a pinch when you’re smoking weed. First you want to remove the apple stem which will expose the natural bowl on top of the apple. You then want to use something to poke a hole downward into the apple such as a knife or pen, make sure to only go halfway down the apple to keep it airtight. To make the mouthpiece you poke another hole on the face of the apple, connecting the chamber for the mouthpiece with the first hole you made that went halfway down the apple. All you need to do now is sprinkle some bud on top of the bowl area and light it up, inhaling through the mouthpiece you’ve created.  This is a great option if you have no other choice and also leaves a appley aftertaste after each hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a one hitter get you high?

Certainly; as long as you inhale!

How do you make a one hitter out of a socket?

This is not an advisable method – it’s very difficult to do without burning yourself!

What’s the best one hitter pipe?

Almost nothing beats a good apple pipe in a pinch. Anything you manage to fashion into a smoking device using stoner engineering is an accomplishment.

How do you make a glass one hitter?

A one hitter made of glass is something you should buy from your local headshop – they are very inexpensive!

How to use a one hitter chillum?

To use a chillum or one hitter pipe simply load the end with your herb, light, inhale and enjoy!

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