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Did you know that there are more than one hundred known cannabinoids? The ones most people are most familiar with are THC and CBD but they are far from the only cannabinoids present in cannabis! Most strains are bred specifically for their tendency towards one or more cannabinoids above all others because humans enjoy or benefit from their effects.

CBGA is another much lesser known cannabinoid present in larger quantities in some strains of cannabis and it has come under some scrutiny lately as a candidate for potential study. What does CBGA mean? CBGA stands for the cannabinoid Cannabigerolic Acid. Does this cannabinoid also have benefits for humans who enjoy cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes?

What is CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) -  Effects & Benefits

Cannabigerolic Acid

Now that cannabis has been widely available to Canadians for both recreational and medicinal use more and more study is being done with the intention of unlocking every possible mystery and benefit that can be gleaned from the cannabis flower. After the floodgates opened and the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of regular cannabis use became widely known and accepted by the general public scientists moved quickly to work to understand what exactly was so beneficial about this wonderful and mysterious plant.

Almost everyone has heard of CBD and THC but soon people will also know about the CBGA cannabinoid as well. CBGA or Cannabigerolic Acid is the newest element of the cannabis flower to come onder positive scrutiny by the cannabis and scientific community. But what is CBGA and is it really beneficial? Is it worth cultivating cannabis with this specific cannabinoid in mind so that people can also enjoy the full spectrum of its potential benefits?

CBGA is a relatively rare cannabinoid that typically only makes up 1% or less of the cannabinoid content of the vast majority of popular cannabis strains. Because of this it has so far been considered a minor player in the myriad of potentially beneficial cannabinoids marijunana can provide the human body.

Craft and expert growers have begun breeding and isolating new strains with a higher quantity of CBGA present and have been decarboxylating it into CBG which may lead to a rise of CBG focused strains much in the same way CBD has risen to prominence in the wake of widespread legalization and medical use, But much like CBD there are strong arguments for the benefits of what is known as The Entourage Effect.

Cannabigerolic Acid

The Entourage Effect

Because there are so many different beneficial compounds in the cannabis flower it is no surprise to routine smokers and users of all kinds that the beneficial effects of cannabis are improved upon if not maximized when they are taken in concert with one another.

That is to say that isolating the individual beneficial cannabinoids and making new compounds out of them in an effort to increase their effectiveness or remove the effects of intoxication actually serve to reduce the effectiveness of the medication!

There are some extreme circumstances where isolated cannabinoids provide the best or most effective treatment option such as when treating extremely young children. These cases are rare however and in almost all other circumstances a user stands to gain much more from cannabis when they use it in a traditional method and fully utilize all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids included in it.

Because of this even strains focusing on cbga cannabinoids – much like the cbd focused strains which have become increasingly popular with consumers – work best when they also contain a substantial amount of the other naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis flower. Even if you are looking for a strain with lower psychoactive properties it is likely better to have at least some THC mixed in with your CBD or CBGA cannabinoid focused strains of cannabis.

The Entourage Effect

CBG Benefits

CBG is currently making waves in medical research communities due to its naturally occurring potential as an inhibitor and as an expediter of early cell death. This is because CBGA governs over the process of necrosis that culls unnecessary and unhealthy plant matter from the growing cannabis plant.

This is particularly exciting in the field of cancer research and studies have shown much promise in regards to CBG benefits when it comes to fighting colon cancer in particular. Much more research is necessary of course but so far the results have been very promising! In some cases the presence of enough CBGA was enough to totally suspend cancer cell growth!

Other studies have pointed to the fact that CBG effects on the human body also include benefits to the cardiovascular system and its overall functioning and good health. CBG has also been celebrated for its dramatic anti-inflammatory properties in studies involving laboratory mice.

Metabolic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides are also subjects being studied in conjunction with the benefits of CBG use and so far the research there has also been producing promising and exciting results worth knowing about!

Huntington’s Disease is another severe illness which affects cognition, control over movements and the ability for emotional thinking and those who suffer from it will be glad to learn that studies involving CBG effects on the disease are underway with positive headway being made.

Colorectal cancer is the big one however and it can’t be stressed enough how huge the potential for treatments involving CBG weed could be. In one study CBG weed was shown to completely block the reproduction of cancer cells in laboratory mice. Human trials and more experimentation is certainly necessary before a breakthrough can be declared but it is clear that the list of CBG benefits will only get longer as more study is devoted to this exciting cannabinoid!

CBG Benefits

CBG Weed

CBG focused strains of cannabis are still relatively rare as this exciting cannabinoid is still being fully explored by the scientific cannabis community. While it is still being understood you can still reap the benefits of it and likely already are! Much as we discussed earlier in the section about the entourage effect all of the cannabinoids found in your favourite strain of cannabis work better when they are used in conjunction with one another!

That is to say that you are likely already benefiting from regular use of CBG if you smoke or otherwise enjoy cannabis products on a regular basis. Until strains and extractions become more commonplace with rare cannabinoids as their focus those of us interested in them will have to enjoy them in the small doses that are already included in the cannabis we are routinely enjoying.

Lucky for us as time marches on and science continues to explore the subject we only stand to learn and gain more knowledge and understanding about CBGA and all the other myriad cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds included in the wonderful and miraculous marijuana plant!

In the meantime you can enjoy CBG effects yourself at home coupled with the effects of CBD and THC in all of our top quality strains available in the Haute Health shop. Looking for something totally different? Why not pick up some of our THC distillate, CBD Gummy Bears, THC infused Fuzzy Peaches or some fantastic Granddaddy Purple Shatter – highly recommended this one is out of this world!


What does CBGA mean?

CBGA stands for Cannabigerolic Acid and it is one of the many naturally ocurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

What is CBGA good for?

CBGA is still not fully understood but research suggests it may be an effective treatment against colon cancer among other things.

What is the difference between CBD & CBG?

CBD & CBG are both naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis but they serve different functions. CBD is best known for a wide range of potential medical applications and CBG is being studied to discover all of its potential uses as well.

Does CBG get you high?

No, CBG alone is a non-psychoactive compound.

Will CBG show up in a drug test?

Not unless it is specifically being tested for.

Is CBG good for anxiety?

No study on CBG and anxiety was found at the time of this writing – try CBD instead.

How much is CBG worth?

As much as someone will pay for it. The market value is still undetermined.

What are the effects of CBG?

The full range of effects are still under review.

Does CBG make you tired?

No studies were found about insomnia or drowsiness and CBG – try CBD instead.

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