What’s in a Pre-Roll?

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Is there anything more iconic in all of cannabis culture over time than a perfectly crafted pre-rolled joint? No symbol of weed smoking culture is more immediately recognizable to everyone both smoker and non smoker alike. From the age of Reefer Madness to the modern era of freely available recreational craft bud pre rolled joints have had an unmistakable impact on pop culture of all kinds and almost everyone is at least vaguely aware of what they are.

But what’s in a cannabis pre roll exactly? Do dispensaries and distributors make them out of the worst schwag and shake they have available leftover from trimming or load them up with all kinds of unnecessary filler? How likely is it that your pre rolled joints from a dispensary are perfectly safe and free of any unnecessary additives, chemicals or other unwanted substances?

What's in a Pre-Roll?

What Are Pre-Rolls?

A prerolled joint is sort of a misnomer if you consider that nobody in their right mind would ever want to buy or seek out post-rolled ones – whatever that means? When people talk about pre rolled joints they simply mean what most stoners have always simply called “a joint”. It’s simply a cannabis cigarette (to use a boring technical term) that has been rolled in advance. If you roll a joint at home and put it away for later use then congratulations – you’ve made yourself a prerolled joint.

It is kind of a silly term that was born out of necessity once dispensaries started to pop up all over Canada and online. Before legalization you would almost never hear the term “pre roll” or cannabis pre roll or pre rolled joints. It would just sound very awkward when you could just ask instead for “a joint” or more likely, for someone to please roll you a joint because you yourself are not so great at it.

But with the dawn of legal cannabis in Canada for recreational use a new term was coined sort of unnecessarily and for old heads I think it will always sound a little goofy. After all what is a “post-rolled” joint; a roach? A joint is simply a joint no matter how long ago you rolled it!

But the age of the pre roll has comed with many benefits for those of us who were never that great at rolling ourselves and not much inclined to practice. Gone are the days of begging your friends or family members to please roll you a few good ones or the struggle of trying to use a rolling machine yourself. Now you can just pop on downtown to grab some pre rolled joints from the dispensary!

What Are Pre-Rolls?

What’s In My Pre-Roll?

If you buy your joints from a trusted distributor or licensed retailer you will have access to plenty of information about what exactly is the content of the best pre rolls on offer. There should be clearly printed information about the cannabis content, the strain and sometimes even the expected effects available.

But what do distributors and growers actually use when they make the best pre rolls? Are they filling up a bunch of paper tubes with the worst reggie weed they can find and slapping a higher quality label on to fool the consumer? This idea is patently false. Although buds selected for use in pre-rolls might be smaller or less attractive looking than the ones from the batch selected to be sold in small quantities of raw flower they are of no lower quality than advertised as they are still the same strain and potency.

Also the urban myth that additional additives are added to pre rolls must stop. This is of course a concept held over from the dying tobacco industry who are famous for stuffing their products with uncountable numbers of fillers, chemicals and other substances harmful for human consumption.

When it comes to cannabis this simply is not done especially in the highly regulated and legal Canadian marketplace.

What’s In My Pre-Roll?

Urban Myths

Let’s take the time to dispel some other urban legends here while we are at it! No your pre-roll is not coated in fentanyl, opiates, meth, lsd or anything else. This is simply not done by anyone. Smoking cannabis generally isn’t condusive to having other chemicals or substances added into it and also it makes no sense to add extra more expensive and rare drugs to a much more common one. This is an urban legend mostly spread by anti-drug coalitions and church groups with creative imaginations and no idea what they are talking about.

Nobody is giving away cannabis edibles at Halloween. They are not cheap and it would be a completely pointless waste of money. People do not buy recreational drugs with the intent of dosing random strangers for the most part (unless they are awful and thankfully it is extremely rare when it comes to cannabis). Nobody is trying to dose random children with cannabis of any kind. Weed is widely available but it is still expensive and a precious resource to those who enjoy it.

The best pre rolls will of course contain only high quality craft grown cannabis and nothing more. If you get a bad batch of rolls from a supplier it is better to assume the person rolling them did a poor job or used poor quality cannabis then it is to consider all pre rolls of low quality and unworthy of your time.

For the most part someone who sells you cannabis is hoping for repeat business and the best way to encourage repeat buying is to supply your customers with good, clean burning, high quality additive free cannabis that is craft grown and produced with love and care. Anyone adding dangerous chemicals, unnecessary extra drugs, or giving their supply away randomly to schoolchildren isn’t going to remain in business for long enough to cause anyone any serious concern.

Urban Myths

Here’s Some Extra Filler For You

Because this is a bit of a brief topic and I’m sure nobody is reading these to the end I’m going to pad this article out a little bit now by discussing some totally unrelated things that I enjoy that might also be of interest to other cannabis smokers with a curious and open mindset. If you make it this far in the article consider this a little reward and please accept my thanks and appreciation!

We enjoy writing these pieces each week and we hope they are fun to read and informative for somebody out there!

If you are stoner in need of a new show to binge watch during this winter lockdown season I have a few great recommendations for you. Currently I’m enjoying a rewatch of the classic Gainax anime Gurren Lagan on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it yourself I highly recommend it to you now. Give yourself a shot in the arm full of positive outlook and giant fighting robots.

If anime isn’t your thing and you’d rather see something intense, honest and slow burning by a visionary Italian director who was responsible for the moving and beautiful Call Me By Your Name and the bone chilling remake of the horror classic Suspiria check out his new miniseries We Are Who We Are on HBO/Crave. This one is really pulling at the heartstrings lately.

If you’d like a movie recommendation I would love to recommend the new Miranda July film Kajillionaire to you and I dare you not to cry at least once during the duration. I have watched it a few times over now – I’ve been a huge fan of the director’s work for decades now – and I can’t make it through without breaking down from a mix of exhilaration, joy and sadness every time I try.

For something more interactive I recommend everyone who enjoys a good smoke session check out the free to play mobile and PC game Genshin Impact. Do you like anime? Did you enjoy Breath of the Wild? Do you want to play an MMO anime game that basically riffs off of the best concepts in Breath of the Wild? Do you want to play seamlessly on both your phone and computer? You want this game.

I’m also really enjoying the Google Stadia and I boost it to just about everyone I can. If you aren’t aware the Stadia is a cloud gaming service that lets you play video games in 4k using almost any computer or Chromecast right in a browser window. Best of all it is completely free. A console without a console – cloud based gaming is definitely the future. Forget the PS5! If you pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 (and let’s face it you know you are gonna) on Stadia they will send you a free Premiere Edition of the system which is essentially just a wireless controller and a fully functional Chromecast – a useful tool all on it’s own as well!

Looking for high quality cannabis products instead of media recommendations? Don’t worry we’ve got that for you too! Here at Haute Health we are proud to only offer the finest cannabis products found in Canada and that includes our selection of pre-rolls! If you’d like something else we also have some great and exciting items in the shop including THC distillate, CBD gummy bears, Fuzzy Peach THC gummies and Grandaddy Purple Shatter!


What's In A Pre-Roll?

Does pre-rolls get you high?

A pre-roll will be as potent as the cannabis used to roll it!

Are pre-rolls made from shake?

They can be but this is not always the case!

What is a house pre-roll?

This is typically a special blend of cannabis from leftovers and may be lower quality but still should do the trick!

How do dispensaries make pre-rolls?

Often a rolling machine is used but some places may also roll them by hand!

Is it bad to pre-roll joints?

If you don’t roll it I don’t know how else you can smoke it!

What are pre-rolled joints called?

Most people simply call them joints. I like to say “Jazz Cigarettes” but that’s just me.

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