Which Foods to Avoid When You’re Smoking or Eating Cannabis

What do you crave whenever you're riding high after a good toke/bake/vape/dab? We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but some of the most common munchies foods might not be helping you maintain a steady high. Don't stress though, we've whipped up a list of ways to optimize your high without sacrificing on the sweet, salty, sour, gooey, chewy, crispy goodness we all crave when we're stoned.
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There’s something supremely satisfying about mowing down on delicious foods and drinks whenever you get high on cannabis. The munchies are at times undeniable, overwhelming, fun, funny or frustrating. Some of us stoners get powerful hankerings for really weird food combinations while others could care less about stuffing their faces when they get high.

Can You Overdose On Marijuana?

What kind of munchies do you get? Are there foods that enhance your high? Do you know the best food combinations when high? Everybody’s tastes are different, as are their cannabis experiences, so there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to the munchies.What kind of munchies do you get? Are there foods that enhance your high? Do you know the best food combinations when high? Everybody’s tastes are different, as are their cannabis experiences, so there’s a lot of diversity when it comes to the munchies. Whether it’s avoiding drinking milk with edibles or foods not to eat when you get high, we all have tricks of the toking trade that we’ve developed from our experiences. For some, dairy or other rich foods might upset their stomachs especially when they’re feeling the effects of an edible. For others, sweets might be okay but anything salty can really agitate their dry-mouth symptoms from weed.

here aren’t any food combinations that are expressly dangerous for you when you’re high, but obviously you should avoid mixing certain drinks like anything alcoholic when you consume cannabis. In simple terms, the only dangers you might face from the munchies has to do with choking – an overzealous snacker might forget to chew-and-swallow properly when they’re flying high as a kite. Still, this doesn’t represent the most common issues many stoners have with food and cannabis.

What are some of the best food combinations when high? How about the worst? What kinds of foods enhance your high vs some foods not to eat when you get high? Does eating make you less high, or more high? Let’s answer these questions and mow down on some tips & tricks about managing your munchies.

Can Marijuana Kill You?


The first thing most cannaseurs worry about when it comes to eating while stoned is whether eating makes them less high or not. You might have heard urban legends about certain foods or drinks lower the potency of the THC you’re consuming, but we’re here to shed some light on such myths. No, drinking milk doesn’t get rid of your high… No, sipping on coffee doesn’t make you feel less high… No, bread won’t soak up all the cannabinoids and dull your dope experience.

Yes, it is safe to eat almost anything while you’re high – as long as you aren’t allergic to it, of course. All that being said, there definitely are some foods and beverages that might not sit well in your stomach, especially when you’re high on cannabis. We’ll touch on some food combinations you might want to avoid later on, so for now just keep in mind that just because you’ve got a craving for spaghetti and peanut butter M&M’s doesn’t mean that they should go together.

As we stated earlier, not everybody gets the munchies to the same degree. Some people can ingest or inhale cannabis without any cravings for sweet or salty snacks, while others immediately start ripping open cupboards after they get high. How can you predict whether or not you’ll get the munchies? There isn’t a foolproof system for determining whether you’ll be mad hungry while you’re high, but there are several factors that can have major impacts on your munchies:

How Recently You Ate Before Smoking Cannabis/Eating Edibles

What you ate doesn’t matter as much as how much you’ve eaten recently when it comes to maintaining a certain high. If you just chowed down on a huge dinner and drinks, and then you decide to cap the night off with some edibles for dessert, you might have to wait a bit longer than usual for the weed to kick in. When you have a full stomach and you ingest cannabis in edibles, oils or beverages you’re putting your cannabinoids in a que – waiting for the previously consumed food to be digested before the cannabis has a chance to be fully processed and absorbed.

This can be avoided with simple timing & organization: if you’re planning on dropping edibles, try to separate the edibles from any other meals, appetizers or snacks by 2-3 hours. This will allow your body to digest any food/beverages before you ingest the cannabis, creating a more direct route from the first bite to the first signs of getting high.

*If you’re smoking weed or inhaling any cannabis concentrates, this probably won’t be an issue for you. Still, it’s always good practice to try and free up your digestive system before you plan on getting high with cannabis.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

What Kinds of Cannabis, Cannabinoids, Terpenes You’re Smoking/Eating

The cannabis itself and its composition of cannabinoids like THC or CBD as well as the terpenes have much more of a profound impact on your experience than any ingredients in foods or beverages. Many newbie cannabis users will get way too high at first, or not nearly high enough and mistakenly blame either outcome on the method they chose to consume cannabis. Smoking can get you just as high as some edibles, and some concentrates will achieve the same levels of psychoactivity as certain topicals.

In this sense, it’s not how you consume cannabis that matters, but the substance of what you’re getting high on is paramount. It pays to know what kinds of strains, cannabinoids and terpenes will help you achieve a particular experience. This is a subject far too big to fit in the midst of this article, but thankfully we’ve already written a lot about finding the best kinds of cannabis that fits your needs.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

How You Tolerate Cannabis & Your Endocannabinoid System

Everybody has an ECS – Endocannabinoid System – that acts as the processing system for any/all cannabinoids introduced into your body. Everyone’s tolerance for cannabis is different. This leads us to surmise that just like we all have unique preferences and aversions to foods, cannabis is digested/absorbed differently by each and every one of us. Even though some cannabis experiences can be predicted somewhat, every time you light up a blunt or take a bit of a pot brownie there’s an untold number of possibilities affected by innumerable factors like genetics, blood sugar levels, metabolism, healthy & fitness and more.

Can Marijuana Kill You?


Sugars and carbohydrates are the most well known detractors from how high you might feel. When you smoke cannabis or ingest cannabis your blood sugar levels typically drop noticeably, which tricks your body into thinking that it is hungry and needs to be replenished. Foods with significant sugar contents can impact this biochemical reaction and throw off your THC experience in certain cases. This might seem counterintuitive as sugar and carbs both provide energy boosts when ingested, but this is exactly the problem.

Whenever you consume THC and start to feel high, any kind of sudden sensory changes like splashing cold water, stepping outside into fast winds or rain, or some mind-awakening aromas from incense can shake you out of your cannabis-induced stupor. This isn’t always the case, but some people can feel their buzz start to wear off after sudden temperature changes, strong odors or aromas in the air, or after eating/drinking high-energy foods and drinks.

Some examples of foods not to eat when you’re high:


Sugary Cereals

White Breads

Trans-fat snacks (chips, pretzels, etc)


Can Marijuana Kill You?
If sugar isn’t one of the foods that enhance your high, then why do most of our munchies foods contain both sugar and carbs?! When our blood sugar levels are low we crave high-energy food sources, so sugary or carb-laden foods are a default for most people whenever they feel like they’re running on empty. Obviously, these sugary foods are also tasty and fall into the ‘treats’ category. Whenever we get high, our inhibitions might be skewed towards maximizing enjoyment, so it’s natural that many of our chosen snacks are sweet, savory or rich in flavors.

We’ve covered sugary foods at length, but what about breads, trans-fatty snacks or dairy?! These kinds of foods can negatively impact your cannabis high in the opposite fashion to sugars or carbs – these are examples of foods that can jam up your digestive system or take a lot of your body’s energy/focus to process. Trans-fats are in so many foods that they’re very difficult to avoid, not to mention most of the top munchie foods like doritos, chips or crackers contain trans-fats and dairy.

Speaking of dairy, even if you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy additives or foods can take up a lot of time and energy being digested. Anything that clogs up your digestive system – such as breads or dairy foods – can potentially slow down your high or even snap you out of it in some rare cases.

Basically, the more unhealthy a food source is, the less ideal it might be for maintaining your high. This is completely against the grain for most stoners, so we understand if it comes as a shock. Still, if you’re looking to maximize your psychoactive experiences while under the influences of cannabis you might want to consider investing in healthier snacks.


Speaking of healthier options to optimize your THC high, there are a ton of delicious foods that enhance your high without sacrificing in the health department. Just like we need to avoid any foods or drinks that might drag us down and take up a lot of energy to process them, most of the foods that enhance your high do just the opposite: they synchronize with the cannabis experience.

This means that any foods that might contain terpenes or complimentary compounds that can enhance how your body absorbs cannabinoids are what make them popular pot-enhancers. A lot of citrus fruits can contain certain terpenes, such as myrcene in mangoes, that provide a balance of nutrition to your body but also support your ECS’ efficiency. Similarly, chocolate and cocoa beans contain several beneficial compounds, anandamide chief among them.

Many herbal teas or incense also offer some terpinoid or cannabinoid enhancement. Black teas, Green teas and other herbal concoctions provide a variety of antioxidants and some terpenes. These compounds can bind to your CB1 or CB2 receptors, or help your ECS to more efficiently process cannabinoids like THC, therefore making your high last longer or become more intense.

As stated earlier, certain potent aromas can increase the likelihood of having a powerful cannabis trip. Numerous cultures throughout human history have combined psychedelics with incense or strong herbal aromas, both for medicinal and spiritual reasons. Many incense can help your mind & body to ease into a state that is conducive to psychoactivity from cannabis, and it’s easy to incorporate into any routine with the scents wafting through the air.

Now let’s go over some of the best food combinations when you’re high. Not all food pairings are created equal, nor are all cannabis strains grown under equal measures. Cannabis, like food, is about variety and nuance – these are just suggestions, and if you like to mow down on something not on this list then all the power to you. Cannabis is customizable and personal for many of us, so take these recommendations with a teaspoon of salt, but maybe you’ll discover something new and delicious that you never thought to try before.

Can Marijuana Kill You?


What makes some of these the best food combinations when you’re high? Personal preference certainly matters – you have to enjoy the food itself otherwise it will only serve to take away from your psychoactive experience. In the end, the best food combinations for when you’re high will depend on your diet, your mood, the kind of cannabis you’re consuming, how you’re consuming it, when you’re consuming, and a multitude of other factors.

With all this talk of foods, munchies, snacks and treats we know you’re probably salivating at the mouth right now, waiting for the best food combos to enhance your high. Without further ado here are some of the weirdest, some wacky, some healthy, some not-so-healthy food combinations to try next time you’re high:

Can Marijuana Kill You?
Peanut Butter & Pickles: Try on a sandwich, crackers or just dip a pickle in the PB jar… trust us, it’s weird but friggen delicious!

French Fries & Ice Cream: We recommend dairy-alternative ice cream, but whatever flavor or kind you choose this is a truly unique sweet & salty, hot & cold dish to have when high

Salt & Peppered Fruit: Mangoes, apples, oranges or pineapple are favorites with this weird fruit & spice snack

Apples & Cheese Sandwich/Grilled Cheese: This isn’t too weird – some of us have dabbled with apples in sandwiches, but there’s something weirdly satisfying about hot apples in a melty grilled cheese sandwich

Popcorn & Condiments: We’ve all been there… you’re eating popcorn high, watching a funny movie, but the kernels aren’t cutting it this time… Just go in your fridge and whip out the ketchup, mayo or even jams and smother your popcorn in them!

Buttered French Fries & Honey: Just the name of this one makes us drool… Slather french fries in melted butter, then dip or drizzle with honey (seriously, whoever came up with this should run for Prime Minister)

Fruit Salad & Soy Sauce: Sweet, salty, sour and savory all mixed in one bowl – and it’s not half bad for you!

Cookies or Cereal & OJ: Another sweet + sour combo that seems to keep coming up in people’s high journals

Pizza Salad: If you’re one of those freaks who DON’T like pineapple, then just click away… We love pineapple on pizza, and one of the best things we ever made at a staff party was pizza salad – croutons, tons of cheese, peppers, mushrooms, proteins of choice, pineapple and some spicy banana peppers. Use queso dip for dressing or mayo and you’ve got an incredible high-creation that your stoner friends will surely be gushing over for years to come.

What are some of your favorite stoner food combos? Any strange ones that we should know about? Post some of your favorites on our Haute Health social media channels and let’s share the wealth of munch!

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